20 Fun Facts About Lush Cosmetics

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Did you know that Lush Cosmetics turned 20 years old recently? It’s true! Since opening their first store on Poole High Street in 1995,  the beauty company have gone from strength to strength – winning awards and becoming as well-known for their campaigns and spas as they are for their innovative beauty products. It’s safe to say they are a HUGE favourite of mine, and I always love hearing about their exciting journey.

This year alone has already been a pretty exciting one for Lush, with their biggest-ever store opening on Oxford Street, and over 200 brand new products to keep even the die-hard fans in suspense.

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Recently I went to celebrate their 20th birthday with the team at their Sauchiehall Street store – and boy, do they know how to throw a party! We had a wicked evening talking all things Lush, playing with some of their best-selling products and even learning how to make Big Blue bath bombs using their fresh ingredients. We also had a fun styling contest with their Knot Wrap scarves – now that’s my kind of party game!

One of the things I love about Lush is the interesting and unique stories behind their ideas, products and activities. So, to mark 20 years of their work, I’d like to share 20 fun facts about Lush that you might not know! Let’s lather up and take a look…

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1. One of Lush’s 6 co-founders, Mo Constantine, invented the world’s first bath bomb in 1989

2. Karma fragrance was inspired by the sight and smell of Carnaby Street in the 1960s – groovy, baby!

3. Hsuan Wen Hua hair treatment translates to ‘God Of Hair’

4. The glitter used in Lush products are PET free – they use food grade lustres and seaweed-based glitters

5. All of Lush’s products are still handmade in Poole, Dorset

6. Lush use the world’s first certified fair trade vanilla absolute from the Ndali Estate, Western Uganda. You can find it in some of their best-loved products like Rock Star, Vanillary and Oatifix

7. Lush’s first international store opened in 1996 in Canada

8. Their super fruity Miranda soap was named after Carmen Miranda

9. ALL of Lush’s products are cruelty free

10. Co-founder Mark Constantine is a hair trichologist with over 40 years experience in natural hair care

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11. You won’t find any microbeads in Lush’s products – all exfoliates are naturals, such as ground almonds, sugar, sea salt and polenta (to name a few!)

12. Tisty Tosty bath ballistic’s ingredients are taken from a medieval love spell! The seven rose buds float alongside you in the bath

13. Each Lush Spa treatment has its own unique soundtrack written by Grammy award-winner Simon Emmerson

14. 10p from every bar of FUN goes to FunD, helping children affected by the 2011 Japanese Tsunami

15. Last year, Lush sold 3.4 million solid shampoo bars globally – and for each one sold, 2-3 500ml bottles avoid being sent to landfill

16. All of Lush’s soaps have a palm oil free soap base

17. Fizzbanger is inspired by Roald Dahl’s The BFG 

18. Lush’s D’Fluff shaving soap is inspired by marshmallow fluff and full of whipped egg whites to achieve its light, fluffy texture

19. In 2013, Lush set a new Guinness World Record title for the most lipstick prints collected in 12 hours!

20. Every product made by Lush is vegetarian, and 81% are vegan

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Phew! I guess the last 20 years have been busy, right? It goes without saying that I recommend you treat yourself to something handmade and sweet-smelling from Lush, if you’ve never tried them before! And if you’re a massive Lush fan, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s post and maybe even discovered something about them you didn’t already know.

Happy birthday, Lush! Here’s to 20 more amazing years!

With love, fizzing bath bombs and confetti,


A big thank you to the team at Lush Sauchiehall Street for having me and for sharing their rad stories!


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