Minty Fresh: Balmain x Specsavers

Balmain x specsavers

There’s nothing like going along to a press day filled with beautiful eyewear to give you that little kick in the pants to go and get your eyes tested! After spending way too much time swooning over the new Balmain x Specsavers collection in December, I made a mental note to self to book into my local Specsavers opticians to check up on my peepers.

It turned out, according to the team at my appointment, that it had been about three years (whoops!) since I had a proper eye test so it was definitely a welcome reminder! My appointment was super thorough – checking my overall eye health as well as my vision.

Balmain x specsavers

My eyesight is pretty good (I mean, I CAN spot a Paul Rudd movie when Gary is trying to discreetly switch channels in the next room before I notice – it’s a skill, you guys!), but like anyone using a computer for hours at a time, my eyes can get tired so it’s good to have glasses that I can reach for when I need them. Having an up-to-date prescription is even nicer!

When it came to picking out a new pair from the Balmain x Specsavers range, it was like a scene from¬†Sophie’s Choice. There are 13 very unique frames in the collection and they are all so stylish – I loved trying them on (twice!).

Balmain x specsavers

Eventually, I settled on these minty green ones – the pastel shade is perfect for Spring and the chunky acetate gives them a bit of an exaggerated feel. When it comes to accessories, I can’t get enough of fun, statement pieces and these glasses are no exception! Balmain are known for bold, modern designs and it’s awesome to see the French fashion house inject some of their signature style into our high street.

Whether I’m sitting working on something new, having a movie marathon, or face-deep in a book for a few hours, I’m keeping these bad boys handy from now on.

Have you seen the Balmain x Specsavers collection yet? Any pairs caught your eye (HA!)?

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