Essentials for Every Beach Bombshell

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Summer is here… sort of! I don’t know about you, but all of this Glasgow rain is making me want to plot a tropical getaway. At this time of year, many of us are getting ready to scoot off somewhere gorgeous and making sure we have everything we need to have fun in the sun. While some of us are at home dreaming about the ultimate trip! Either way, everyone has a few go-to items to throw in their bags, right? I know I do!

With this in mind, I wanted to share a list of the things that to me, are beach bombshell essentials. I’ve picked them out because they are perfect for helping us feel confident, comfortable AND cute while frolicking in the sand.

Grab your bucket and spade and let’s go…

A bright bathing suit – if that old swimsuit isn’t cutting it any more, it’s time to invest in something that looks good and (most importantly!) fits well. I love this lobster print one-piece from Modcloth – just look at that vivid print! 

A jelly bag – nothing says retro cool like a jelly bag, plus you’ll be able to tote around all of your other essentials inside it. Sun Jellies do the best bags around in a range of colours, and the best part? They won’t be ruined by the sea or sand!

Heart-shaped sunglasses – did someone say Lolita? I’m a huge fan of heart-shaped shades and, now that most high-street stores have them at this time of year, you don’t need to break the bank to get that True Romance look. My absolute favourite frame shape for a beach adventure.

Super-smooth skin – Hair-removal is a big part of my routine when getting ready for summer, because it really helps me feel more comfortable. And when I feel comfortable, I feel confident! Nair’s Argan Oil range is ideal for any bombshell’s beach beauty routine – you can hop over to their website, or use the hashtag #skinbynair to find out more.

Kitsch earrings – I love to accessorise but a lot of jewellery, mixed with sand and SPF can be a bad combination (especially for the jewellery!). At the beach, I like to keep it simple with an eye-catching pair of earrings and nothing else. These flamingo ones from Now Or Never are my current favourites.

A fly pedicure – I don’t always have the most well-groomed hooves, but you can bet that I treat myself to a fun pedicure before splashing around in the sea! Or at least enjoy one myself at home – in which case I’d reach for a bottle of Nails Inc’s polish enriched with kale.

SPF – OK, it’s lecture time (but hear me out!). Having a day at the beach is a fantastic way to spend the summer, but it’s important that we protect our skin too! I have very pale and sensitive skin, but it doesn’t matter what kind of skin you have – wearing sunscreen is super important. I never go below SPF 50!

A towel for lounging on – this is the item I am always likely to forget until I’m almost at the beach. To try and prevent this from happening (again), I’m going to make sure my towel is so pretty I will be packing it FIRST! This ice lolly-print one from George ought to do the trick!

A fabulous hat – a win-win piece if you ask me. You’ll feel like a Hollywood legend (bonus points if you can swim while wearing it!) plus it’ll keep the sun off your face!

All we need now is the beach, right? I hope this little list helps inspire your next getaway – and if you have essentials on your list that I’ve missed out, don’t forget to share them with me!

With love and seaside dreams,


[Post sponsored by Nair – as always, all opinions shared are honest views]


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