Blogcadettes Do Brunch

A…Or should that be #blogcadettesdobrunch ?! It’s safe to say that once a group of bloggers have been rounded up there is sure to be a hashtag in place for the occasion! You may already be aware that I spent a few days down in London recently, and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might know about the brunch that I organised with my beloved London blogcadettes while I was in town.

Brought together at Blogcademy last year, bonds were well and truly built and I was very excited to spend a few hours with a little slice of my tribe again. I couldn’t think of a better way to catch up with these babes, and hear all about what they’d been up to in the last six months (my, how time flies!), than by having a delicious brunch at one of my favourite London haunts – The Breakfast Club on Rufus Street.

A few emails later, an A-Team style plan was in place and, before I knew it, it was time to go and meet my girls. As well as Kylie, Fifi and Che from my own class, I was over the moon that Sarah and Holly (who had attended the other London class but had been keeping in touch online) could also join us.


On a sunny Saturday morning, the six of us (seven including our faithful photographer for the day, Gary) met at The Breakfast Club and it was as if we’d never left each other. Squeals, hugs and excited chatter ensued and we drooled over the extensive menu.

I had the Eggs Royale and they were perfect. I could eat them all over again! I need Eggs Royale like this in Glasgow, stat!



While we tucked into our hearty brunches, we shared stories and of course, couldn’t resist some blogging chat (and the mandatory exchange of new business cards! Ooh, ahh…pretty font…just call me Patricia Bateman)! It’s wonderful to have the support, honesty and positivity of these babes (whether in their company or through the wonders of Twitter) and be able to spend time with a group of ladies that are all completely unique – yet all united through blogging. Hearing about how far everyone had come with their blogs was really inspiring.


We also discussed everything from books and meditating, to fashion and movies. All set to a perfect old-school mixtape courtesy of The Breakfast Club – Gangsta’s Paradise, anyone?



After lunch, we walked around the corner to the square to get a few more group photos and enjoy the sunshine. We discovered quickly (with much hilarity) that we did NOT have the co-ordination to take a decent group ‘jumping’ shot. Oh dear, It looks so simple, but in practice…not so much! Never mind, we still had a lot of fun trying! It was clear that we were much more successful in the less exciting (but let’s say, classic) ‘standing still’ shot.


Far too soon, it was time to head our separate ways. Aww! With promises to come and see ME next time (did someone say #blogcadettesdoglasgow ?!) that I will certainly be holding them to, we knew that, in the meantime, we are all just a tweet / email / text away.

Our brunch was a reminder that it really doesn’t matter how far-flung you are from the people you connect with. When you get the chance to spend time together the energy is still there and you feel unstoppable. I had an awesome time brunching with my blogcadettes and I’m so glad that we made this meet-up happen.


How often do you meet with your long-distance friends? Have you ever been to The Breakfast Club?

With eggs, energy and inspiration,

Miss West End Girl x


All photos courtesy of Gary at Trouble With Film

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  1. This is soooo fantastic!! I’m glad you got to meet up with fellow blogcadettes!! This is inspiring, and is the kick in the pants I needed to perhaps get a Los Angeles chapter together. *MUAH!*

  2. This is what I love the most about the Blogcademy – all the friendships you make along the way! I live in Melbourne and the blogcadettes down here are a pretty tight group too. We’re celebrating my B’day together this Saturday and I can’t wait!

    ps. Lovvvvvvvve your glasses!!!!!

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