Sweater Weather: Caring for Knitwear

Caring for Knitwear

It’s officially September, which means three key things are bound to happen: 1) I’ll be singing September by Earth, Wind & Fire pretty constantly, 2) a trip to Starbucks is on the cards because giving in to Pumpkin Spice fever is inevitable and 3) I’ll start layering up because it’s sweater weather! I don’t know about you, but I have some special knitted pieces that I go back to each season, and looking after them properly means they are ready wear again and again.

So dig out your cosiest cardigan, grab a hot mug of PSL (singing 70s soul music isn’t mandatory but IS actively encouraged!) and join me today as I share a few of my top tips for caring for knitwear…

Caring for Knitwear

1. It’s all in the storage

Before packing away your beloved sweaters for next season, be sure that they are absolutely bone dry. If you don’t, you can risk damp and mould spreading from even the tiniest sweat patch (eww!). Storing your knits with cedar balls will also minimise pesky moth attacks.

2. Shave those bobbles

When two pieces of fabric rub together, the result is the dreaded bobbling effect and your favourite piece looking like you’ve slept in it about a million times. Who doesn’t like a good comeback story though? To bring these pieces back to life, you can either invest in a fancypants bobble remover OR a careful once-over with a disposable razor oughta do the trick too!

3. Fold, don’t hang

Sweaters have a horrible tendency to lose their shape if you keep them on clothes hangers, so folding them neatly and storing them in a drawer or on a shelf will help them to stay in better condition and avoid over-stretching.

Caring for Knitwear

4. Ice, ice, baby 

So disaster strikes and you’ve got yourself a moth infestation – eek! If you find moth holes in your knitwear, and want to try to salvage it, make some room in your freezer! The offending item will need to be kept in the freezer for two days to kill the moth eggs. Afterwards, wash it and then you’ll be good to go again.

If you’re thinking of digging your Autumn wardrobe out of storage, or fancy treating yourself to some new pieces to layer up with, I hope these tips help you enjoy your knits for seasons to come! You can also find me and a whole range of blogger babes doing some more jabbering about jumpers over on the George Life & Style page – read more here.

What are your favourite things about September? Do you have any advice on caring for knitwear? And (be honest!), have you had anything Pumpkin Spiced yet?




Post created in collaboration with George, though all advice, opinions and taste in music are my own! 

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