Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Ride

enjoy the ride

Success, in its many forms, is something we all aim for… but in our rush, have we started to forget about the journey?

Recently, I couldn’t help but notice many of the talented babes I know (through both internet and face-to-face friendship) express that they were feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and a little frustrated, because in aspects of their lives, things are still a work in progress.

It feels like there’s less talk about the exciting period of trial and error, of experimenting and getting a real sense of what feels ‘right’ and much more pressure to have ready-made success.

Not only have we given up on embracing the journey, but it almost has a stigma attached to it. We want our new ventures to be kicking butt (and so we should!), but we want it immediately – if not sooner!

Celebrating milestones – that first piece of glowing feedback that you feel like framing, exceeding small goals and seeing your seed of an idea grow into something amazing. It feels so rewarding when all the pieces start to fall into place and yet the process seems to have been left in the dust. Can we still enjoy the ride?

It makes me wonder where this intense feeling of urgency originates from: is it worrying about what others might think? Or does it come from comparing ourselves to people and the highlight reels we see on our social media feeds? Sure, putting in the hours doesn’t always look glamorous (even with a filter on it), but it’s surely something to be proud of?

It’s OKAY not to have it all figured out just yet, and it’s OKAY to have a work in progress. If we knew all the answers right away, life would be a heck of a lot less interesting. It’s kind of like picking up a book and skipping to the last page to see how it ends! Where’s the fun in that?!

I love a success story, and to see other people live their dreams, but I also really enjoy seeing HOW it happened. Like when you read about companies that started off in someone’s kitchen and went on to become household names – I can’t help but feel inspired by those kind of stories!

So here’s the thing: don’t forget to enjoy the ride. You’re on the road to something great, which is so exciting, but if you don’t soak up the little moments too, you’re missing out on what makes it so great in the first place.

Here’s to finding joy in the journey…


The £1.50 Interiors Hack to Update Your Space

interiors hack

There’s nothing like making a small change that results in a big impact, especially when it comes to home decor! Over the last week, we’ve been making a few updates around the flat – restyling rooms, adding some new plants, moving furniture around, that sort of thing – before Project Bathroom gets underway.

interiors hack

We’ve seen first hand how big a difference these little updates can have, but there’s been one in particular that I just LOVE –  and apparently, so do you guys (after I posted a photo on Instagram last week, quite a few of you got in touch with questions and comments!). I thought it might be handy to talk about it in more detail today, so you can see just how inexpensive and simple it really is! How inexpensive? Um, how does £1.50 sound?

This is an easy interiors hack that can truly breathe new life into a room, and the best part is that you can switch it up as often as you like!

interiors hack

Some of you might remember that the bookcase was previously lined with mint paper, making it stand out against our living room walls (previously grey, now peach!). Over the last month or two, we decided that we wanted to change the paper to something new, and hopefully bolder.

interiors hack

After failing to find any wallpaper that was a good fit for our home style, we started looking at wrapping paper! I know it sounds crazy, and you certainly couldn’t do a whole room using it, but for the small space involved, it actually made a lot of sense.

Once we started looking at wrapping paper to line the bookcase, we suddenly had a lot more choice! It introduced more options in terms of patterns and colour palettes, and of course, the prices were much lower.

interiors hack

I was in IKEA last week when I happened to spot this leopard patterned paper. As well as the colours being a perfect match for our home, I just loved the eye-catching print! It seemed too good to pass up, so I picked up two rolls at just £1.50 each and added them to my trolley. I couldn’t wait to let these leopards loose in the flat…

interiors hack

So, here’s how we did it: 

1. We measured each space in between the shelves and cut the paper to fit (so much easier than taking the shelves out!).  As we were removing the old paper, we actually had some good templates to work from this time around!

2. After emptying the shelves, we fixed the paper to the walls using a non-permenant adhesive (blu-tack, pins or double-sided sticky tape work best). Like I said before, the beauty of this interiors hack is that you can change out the paper again and again, so there’s no point messing around with wallpaper paste unless you have to. Plus the paper is so light that it will stay up easily.

3. With the paper firmly in place, we re-arranged our shelves and admired our new backing paper!

interiors hack

It really was as easy as that, and we ended up only needing one roll of paper to do the whole area.

Cheap, cheerful and bursting with colour, there’s nothing about this update I don’t love! Every time I walk into the living room it immediately catches my eye and seeing the jolly little leopards leaping around makes me grin. I’m already planning a few more upcoming projects in the flat, so be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see what I’m using as inspiration.

interiors hack

Do you have an interiors hack to share? If you could let an animal loose in YOUR living room, which would you choose?



Valentines Day, You’re Tacky and I Love You

Valentines Day

Ah, Valentines Day – queen of the kitsch, silly holidays! Arriving into town with a flurry of candy hearts, clumsy poetry and this year, Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentines Day Special on Netflix (yes, it’s A Thing and yes, I am so watching it this week), it all sounds too corny to be true. And yet it is, which is why I kind of love it.

I’ve never been a believer in spending a ton of money on Valentines Day – though the amount of emails I get advertising the ‘perfect’ gift would have you think otherwise! That being said, I do like to mark the occasion by dressing in theme (too easy!), eating chocolate and enjoying it as the harmless fun I’m sure it is intended to be.

I also think it’s a good excuse to celebrate LOVE, because it sure feels like the one thing we could all do with a bit more of nowadays. Whether it’s loving a partner, your posse or yourself – taking the time to appreciate each other is so important, on February 14th and every other day.

Last year, I threw a Galentines Day get-together for some of my best girls and had an awesome time. And on Saturday, Gary and I had our portraits drawn by the lovely Claire Barclay as part of her Valentines pop-up! We’ve always wanted a cheesy, family portrait-style picture so we jumped at the chance of having Claire illustrate us. It was great to do something a little bit different and we now have a cute keepsake to put up in the flat.

The truth is, there are no strict rules about what you SHOULD do. Everyone has their own take on Valentines Day and that’s what makes it so great! If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are a few of my favourite ways to celebrate love – no matter who your Valentine may be…

...if your Valentine is your partner: Cook a meal at home together (and if you cheat and buy an M&S ready meal, then you can always just put it in the oven together!). If the meal turns out amazing then you’ll feel so smug as you settle down to watch Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentines Day Special later. And, if it doesn’t work out so well, then you’ll have something to laugh about as you decide which takeaway to call (though if your M&S ready meal turns into a disaster that’s  kind of disturbing…). Trust me, the sweet potato pancake fiasco of 2015 is still a running joke in our flat!

…if your Valentine is your best friend: Make a scrapbook of your favourite memories together. Better yet, go to brunch and talk about your favourite moments over eggs and coffee and put together your shortlist from there. From holidays, to song lyrics, secret nicknames and beyond. What’s included in yours?

…if your Valentine is yourself: Plan a day that is just for you and do whatever makes you happy. Book a manicure, take a nap, watch your favourite movie or get dressed up in your most fabulous outfit. You might do all of the above or none of the above! Like I said before, there aren’t any rules, so be kind to yourself and have fun.

I hope that you set aside some time to feel the love this week and enjoy Valentines Day in all its glitter-covered, tacky glory. Oh, and if you happen to see Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentines Day Special, let me know what you think!

Who is your Valentine this year? Tell me some of your favourite ways to spread the love!

With sequinned hearts and cupid-shaped cookies…