3 Glasgow Museums to Visit When the Weather Outside is Frightful

Glasgow Museums

At this time of year, one of the things most people (myself included!) look forward to most is having a bit of downtime. Whether it’s a few days, a week or even a fortnight to recharge, having  some time off to enjoy ourselves is a very welcome treat!

As much as I love to hibernate (and work my way through as many holiday films as I can), I also try to balance that with getting out and about – though, when the weather is less than inviting, it can be hard to figure out what to do, right?

Glasgow Museums

Recently, I’ve been spending some time at my favourite Glasgow Museums, which make an ideal activity when you don’t want to be outside much. I’d love to share some highlights with you guys today, in case you haven’t been before or fancy re-visiting this season.

Here are 3 Glasgow Museums to visit when the weather outside is frightful…

Glasgow Museums

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove and I go way back – heck, we even used to be neighbours! I’ve featured the museum  here many times before, sometimes due to an awesome exhibition we’ve popped along to and other times the building itself has been a dramatic backdrop to style shoots.

It has a solid place in my heart and I really enjoyed seeing it again this month. Kelvingrove consists of three stunning floors with several galleries and exhibition spaces, each with fascinating collections to take in. From the artifacts of Ancient Egypt, to the immersive Life in the Rainforest object cinema and stories of Scotland old and new, there’s something for everyone to discover.

Glasgow Museums

It’s hard to pick a favourite in such a historic, vast and varied space, but Sophie Cave’s Floating Heads are a must-see and don’t forget to say hello to Sir Roger before you leave (he’s one of Kelvingrove’s most popular residents…).

Glasgow Museums

Gallery of Modern Art

Of all the Glasgow Museums, GoMA is the most-visited and easiest to access given its place in the middle of the city centre just a hop, skip and jump from George Square and the Style Mile. This contemporary art gallery showcases the work of artists from around the globe and its exhibitions are refreshed regularly.

Glasgow Museums

At the moment, you can catch Aaron Angell’s exhibition in Gallery One on the ground floor of GoMA. I loved checking it out last week and taking in the eclectic range of pieces which included inflatables, ceramic sculpture, a giant cabbage (!) and a fully conserved Victorian fern case to name a few.

Every time I visit GoMA, I leave feeling inspired and looking at the world a little differently than when I walked in – whether it’s a quick lunchtime trip or a few hours spent wandering the floors.

Glasgow Museums

The Riverside Museum

As Scotland’s museum of transport and travel, Riverside certainly has a more consistent theme than some of its counterparts, but you better believe that there is just as much to see!

Glasgow Museums

The Riverside Museum boasts over 150 separate displays and over 3000 objects, telling the story of how our transport and technology has developed over the years.

Glasgow Museums

One of the most memorable parts of our recent trip to Riverside was taking a stroll down the cobbled streets of  ‘old Glasgow’ and seeing how our city’s iconic Subway system was first created.

The museum also holds regular events and at the moment it’s celebrating comic book culture with movie showings, collectibles and even the 1960s Batmobile!

Glasgow Museums

In Glasgow we are really lucky to have so many free museums and galleries on our doorstep (though donations are gratefully received to help support them). Whether you’ve lived in the city your whole life, or are just visiting during the Christmas break, wandering around these Glasgow Museums is one of my favourite ways to spend a cold, wet day.

Will you be visiting (or re-visiting) any of these museums soon? What are some of your favourite ways to spend time off at this time of year?

Dinner, a Movie and an Avenger: Date Night at Cineworld VIP

cineworld vip

Earlier this year, Gary and I seen the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok and it got us REALLY excited. That soundtrack! Those snappy one-liners! JEFF GOLDBLUM IN BLUE EYELINER! What’s not to love?

We decided to start this week off with a little date night to see the latest instalment from the Marvel universe in style in the Cineworld VIP experience at Glasgow Renfield Street. If you follow my Instagram Stories, you’ll probably know by now that Gary and I go to the cinema a lot – at least once a week – and watch everything from the latest Disney releases, to horror films, foreign features and much more.

cineworld vip

For something we’re really looking forward to, or a fun date night, Cineworld VIP is perfect for kicking things up a notch and making it feel like more of an occasion! And does it get more special than a date with an Avenger (or at least, a date while watching an Avenger)?!

cineworld vip

In honour of Thor: Ragnarok‘s neon branding, I decided to wear my brightest tights and a sparkly jumper dress. I like to think of it as something Lisa Turtle might wear on a date at The Max…

cineworld vip

cineworld vip

Once we got to the cinema, we picked up our tickets and zipped up to the sixth floor to find the private lounge area and buffet. We had about 45 minutes before heading into the screen, so we had some dinner and a few obligatory goes on the Coca-cola freestyle machine. I swear we’re like a pair of big kids – raspberry peach Sprite Zero, anyone?

cineworld vip

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my favourite part of the Cineworld VIP experience has to be the comfy surroundings inside the screen itself! The reclining Lazy Boy-style seats and plenty of space means that you can really relax and feel immersed in the film. Sometimes I forgot that there were other people there (sorry, Gary!) and if I could have taken one of those seats home with me, I would have given it my best shot!

cineworld vip

Before the trailers started, we picked up some popcorn and drinks and settled into our seats. If you’re anything like me and manage to finish your snacks before the movie starts, you can pop back out to the stand and replenish your stash – did I mention that unlimited treats are my second favourite part of going VIP? Halfway through the movie we decided to get some nachos – no lines meant we were back in a flash, too.

And the movie itself? Well, I don’t want to give too many spoilers but what I CAN say is that it’s one of the best Marvel movies to date! You know this gal is all about Iron Man (and Ant Man, of course!) and, even though there was no Tony Stark appearance this time around, the story, script and striking visuals more than make up for that. Also, Thor gets a haircut! I’m still shook, you guys!

cineworld vip

If you grew up watching movies like Masters of the Universe, then I think Thor: Ragnarok will hit you in all the right nostalgic places. Also, Goldblum rocks blue eyeliner better than I ever could (and I’m totally OK with that!).

The action scenes and swooping shots of Asgard were stunning and this is where seeing it on the big screen really makes a difference!

cineworld vip

We can’t wait to plan our next trip to Cineworld VIP, and there are a ton of films that we want to see this Autumn like Star Wars, Murder on the Orient Express and Justice League, so I’m sure we will be back really soon. You can book tickets to see Thor, with his fancy new haircut, AND see what else is showing in VIP here!

Have you seen Thor: Ragnarok yet? And who’s YOUR favourite Avenger?




This post was created in collaboration with Cineworld, though all experiences, thoughts and Tony Stark crushes are my own.

Glasgow Halloween Events to Check Out

Glasgow Halloween Events

With this weekend’s weather feeling like the perfect setting for a Stephen King tale, I thought it would be a good time to give you guys a little round-up of some Glasgow Halloween events happening around town!

Here’s what you should check out during the spooky season this year…

Halloween Fright Night at Glasgow Science Centre

On Friday 27th October, Glasgow Science Centre will be hosting an evening of Frankenstein autopsies, potion making, monster moulding and much more! This interactive family party invites guests to get involved in Halloween-themed experiments at one of Glasgow’s leading venues. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a mad scientist, this is the shindig for you!

Night Terror at M&D’s

Scotland’s theme park is asking you just one question this season: What are you afraid of? If you’re brave enough to find out, you might want to immerse yourself in the live Night Terror walk-through experience, which is running every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 31st October. And, if that isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush, you can also ride some of the park’s top thrill rides in the dark! Find out more and catch booking details here.

Halloween Special Editions at Tantrum Doughnuts

Trick or treat? Most definitely a treat! OK, so this isn’t an event as such – BUT it’s at the top of my Halloween to-do list this week so it definitely counts, right? In honour of the witching hour, Tantrum Doughnuts have released five special edition flavours, delighting foodies all over Glasgow. I really want to try them ALL, but I’m especially excited to taste the charcoal chocolate brownie flavour – possibly while settling down to binge-watch Stranger Things 2

Drive-in Movies at Glasgow Riverside Museum

After hosting a Halloween spooktacular on Saturday night, it doesn’t get better than kicking back with some movies and tasty treats on a Sunday, does it? After last year’s sell-out success, the Riverside Museum is hosting its drive-in movie night once again, showing Ghostbusters and Scream on Sunday 29th October. There’ll also be pop-up refreshments from Thorntonhall Ice Cream and the Street Food Putter Club on the night. See you there?

You don’t HAVE to be in costume to enjoy these activities (though any efforts to dress up will obviously earn you a hi-five from me!) and, with such a wide range, there really is something to suit most people!

Will you be going along to any of these Glasgow Halloween events over the next week or two? And are you planning on watching Stranger Things 2 when it drops on Netflix?