Snow Queen Style with Hollyhood Lynsay

Endless Winter  3Last weekend, our annual trip to Aviemore was by far the snowiest we could remember for a VERY long time. With thick flurries, forests looked doused in icing sugar and there were rabbit tracks in the snow (aww!). Our surroundings seemed to just scream Winter Wonderland!

Endless Winter  4

Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to get outside and explore, and I was beyond happy that I had brought my Chouchou Hollyhood along to keep me warm!

If you’ve been reading here for a little while, you’ll no doubt be familiar with Chouchou and their collection of Hollyhoods, capes and other awesome pieces – all made by hand with bucket-loads of love and the very best materials. Over the last year, I’ve excitedly watched Chouchou evolve from a local favourite to a truly international brand – with adoring fashionistas snapping up the unique designs the world over.

Endless Winter 7

You can imagine my utter surprise when Miss Chouchou herself, Silvia Pellegrino, told me that she had named one of the pieces in her latest collection after ME! WHAT?! Shut the front door! Yep, the hood that you see before you is the Hollyhood Lynsay, part of the Pheonix collection by Chouchou. I can’t quite believe it myself!

Endless Winter 6

Having this beautiful hood named after little ol’ me feels really special and a true honour. I’ve never experienced having anything named after me before – unless you count having the guy at Starbucks misspell my name on a to-go coffee. Which I don’t (well, not anymore…).

The hood is incredibly soft and made from a striking oversized hounds check fabric and trimmed with a plush caramel coloured faux fur.

Endless Winter 5

I love the way this hood looks but also the way that it feels. Snuggling into it its folds with a textured knit and silver skirt made me feel like a regular snow queen as we walked through the woods!

Endless Winter 2

And of course, no royalty is quite complete without her crown jewels! I’ve been wearing this shiny snowflake necklace from Bonnie Bling a lot lately and it felt especially appropriate during our Aviemore adventure.

Endless Winter 1

For stomping around in the snowdrifts, sometimes you can’t go wrong with the old classics! I wore my patent grape-coloured Dr Martens on our entire trip and my feet stayed toasty and dry!

I might be a tad biased, but the Hollyhood Lynsay is my favourite piece from Chouchou to date (it’s just SO DAMN SOFT!). I’m also very excited to let you in on a little somethin’ somethin’ from the Chouchou camp! Next weekend marks the brand’s 5th birthday, and to celebrate there will be an exclusive design launched on February 5th – so keep your eyes (and EARS!) on Chouchou this week…

Endless Winter  8

Spending a few days in our Winter Wonderland was nothing short of magical! Even though we’re home now, I have a feeling I’ll be rocking this snow queen-inspired ensemble back in the city.

What are your winter style essentials?

With snowflakes, snuggly layers and the sound of the forest,

Miss West End Girl x

All photography by Gary at Trouble With Film 

With love and thanks to Chouchou and Bonnie Bling (via Betty & Bee PR)

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  1. I keep coming back to these photos Lyns, your skin looks flawless and the top photo in particular looks like it should be in a magazine. It might be the lipstick, or the excellent hair, or the background but DEAR GOD WOMAN. <3 <3 <3

    I suspect I may invest in one of those hoods next winter, they look wonderful.


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