Get Ready to (Swoop, Glide and) Rumble with Cineworld 4DX


Like many people, I am a huge film fan – and even though I spent a few years watching feature after feature daily as part of my University degree, I never tire of being swept away for a couple of hours at the cinema. To me, going to see a movie is more than just something to do on a Saturday afternoon to pass the time, it’s a deep-rooted passion that brings me a lot of joy.

So when I was recently invited along to the Scottish premiere of Cineworld 4DX in Glasgow, I couldn’t wait to sit among the first audience to try out the 4DX experience. With IMAX, Cineworld’s Superscreen (which is now open in the city centre as well as Silverburn) and 3D already available, I was keen to try out Cineworld 4DX and see if it was worth the hype.

But what IS 4DX, exactly? Well, as well as all of the visual effects of a 3D film, watching something in 4DX stimulates your other senses too. This is done through a clever combination of high-tech motion seats, wind, fog, water, lighting, bubbles (yep!) and even scents! All of these work together to totally immerse the audience in the movie as it unfolds.

On the day of the premiere, we started the night at Citizen M hotel, where Gary and I caught up with Mike Wiles and Justin Skinner from Cineworld, who were excited to bring the 4DX experience to Scotland in the newly-refurbished Cineworld Renfrew Street. We chatted dream film line-ups, dissertation topics and of course, 4DX, which is currently considered the most innovative piece of cinema technology going (fun fact: did you know that 4DX actually originates from South Korea?).


We then moved away from the party and over to Cineworld Renfrew Street which since its makeover now has its lobby, screens and other public areas refurbished, as well as a stylish bar, a 669-seater Superscreen (!) and a Starbucks.

I couldn’t wait to find out which movie we’d be seeing in 4DX! We knew that it was likely to be a blockbuster, to really get the full impact of the special effects, but we didn’t find out which until the night (despite my best attempts to find out beforehand!).

The first thing I noticed in the screen were the seats, which were ENORMOUS and I had to practically clamber up into mine. I discovered soon after that it was just as well that the seats were so big (and comfy!) as they actually do most of the work when the film starts rolling (or whatever the digital equivalent is!).

For the premiere, we were lucky enough to see Suicide Squad before its actual release date, and it honestly seemed like it was just the type of movie that was made for 4DX (or is it the other way around?).


We swooped, ducked, rumbled (watch out for helicopters!) and glided our way through the film, and there were so many amazing uses of 4D effects that it’s difficult to pick a favourite. I think for me the most memorable part of the event was seeing everyone react to when the seats first raised up and started tilting from side to side in synchronisation with the camera. Surprise, laughter and a lot of smiles, and if you ask me, that’s what a good night at the cinema is all about – don’t you think?

I’m not going to give you guys a review of Suicide Squad itself, but Gary has a write up over on his blog if you’re curious! What I will say is that seeing it in Cineworld 4DX was a really exciting and unique experience and I really want to go and see something else soon. It takes viewing to a whole new level, and we agreed afterwards that it was a lot of fun.

You can find out more, and book your Cineworld 4DX tickets here!

See you at the snack bar…


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