A Colourful Tattoo Tour

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A while back (and it feels like forever ago when I think about it), I posted about being tattooed – and more specifically, my thoughts on being a tattooed female. Since that post, I’ve had quite a few requests for more details on the tattoos themselves, since they have become a recognisable part of my own personal style. I realised that even though I have done a handful of interviews for other blogs and sites about my colourful collection of tattoos, and mentioned them here very briefly (and that was EVEN LONGER ago), I haven’t really taken the opportunity to show them off properly.

I thought that there was no time like the present, so today I’d love to share a little tattoo tour with you guys! I hope that whether you’re looking to get tattooed yourself, or are just curious about other people’s work, you enjoy it…

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So, the first thing I normally get asked by strangers is: did your tattoos hurt? And I can honestly say that yes, they did! Some of them of course were more painful than others – for example, getting my elbow tattooed was not my favourite way to spend a day! And the back of my knees? OUCH! However, the pain is not unbearable, and I obviously adore the end result so it’s a small price to pay for getting something I am thrilled with afterwards.

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I have 14 tattoos in total, and they range in size from being very small (like my candy hearts, which are about he size of a coin) to very large (like my stocking seams, which are the length of my legs!).

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My first ever tattoo was my stocking seams, which I got over 10 years ago. Go big or go home, right? They reflect my love of vintage glamour and pin-up culture, and to this day I’m still crazy about them. Right after getting these bad boys , I headed out to a Nine Inch Nails concert, with my legs stinging and wrapped in cling film like leftovers (I still danced my butt off though…). Oh, and I never need to worry about having straight seams any more!

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After my seams, I realised that I much preferred colourful work, and started getting tattooed fairly regularly. The majority of my tattoos can be found on my arms – I have an old fashioned perfume bottle, a spider web (bright pink, of course!), a Russian doll, a sugar skull, love heart candies, a cupcake, and a lipstick.

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I like to think of them as an expression of my style and personality, as they are very bright and cheerful. They are feminine, but with a little bit of a rock n’ roll twist – kind of like wearing a prom dress with a biker jacket!

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On my other arm, I have a strip of pink leopard print, a swallow and a lucky cat. My lucky cat tattoo grew out of an obsession with maneki neko, and we have several ceramic ones dotted around the flat.

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I don’t have a deep, meaningful explanation behind most of my tattoos – they are simply because I like the way that they look. Only two of them have meaning, and they are matching ones that i have with Gary. We got matching swallows on our five-year anniversary, and on our tenth year together we celebrated with love lockets – mine is on my foot.

Sometimes I get asked if I have a favourite tattoo, and the answer is, I really can’t choose! I have lots of happy memories of when I decided to get my tattoos, and I couldn’t be more pleased with each of them. To me, they are all special and as they have been custom designed in collaboration with the artist, I have had the final say over every detail. No chance of tattoo regret over here!

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Getting tattooed is such a personal thing, and not a decision to be taken lightly. I often sit on an idea for months before going ahead with it, and I think that it is truly important to work with an artist that you admire to get just what you’re looking for.

I’m looking forward to getting tattooed again in the future and enhancing my collection! And with so many awesome artists to choose from, I don’t think I’ll be stuck.

If you have any specific questions that you’d like me to answer, feel free to leave me a comment below or tweet me! I’m always happy to chat about tattoos and share my experiences.

I hope you guys enjoyed my tattoo tour – it was fun for me to do this and I will be sure to keep you updated with my new additions!

With buzzing needles and colourful designs,



All photography by Gary at Trouble With Film


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