A Day In Dundee with The Daydreamer

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One of my favourite things about blogging is that is gives me the opportunity to meet so many awesome people. Being able to connect with like-minded ladies (and gents!) and get to know each other is really special. It has a real community feel, no matter where we all live.

Last week, I took a trip up to Dundee after being invited by Christina, AKA The Daydreamer, to an event she had organised in her home town of Dundee. Living a little further away, Christina doesn’t let a few miles get in the way of her fun and organises her own stylish events, collaborating with Debenhams in different cities. Go girl!

In her invitation, Christina described a super relaxed, girly afternoon tea in Dundee’s Malmaison Hotel. The girls from Debenhams and Urban Decay would join us for demonstrations and lots of fashion chatter, and we’d also be treated to a talk from V&A Dundee’s Tara Wainwright about the museum’s exciting vision. Well, who could say no to that?

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Soon, I was on the train to Dundee and looking forward to catching up with everyone. The hotel was stunning, and felt both old and new at the same time! We met in the cocktail bar, and moved through to a suite that had been set up for Christina’s #DaydreamerTea event decorated with gorgeous flowers by Acanthus, a few key pieces from Debenhams, and lots of yummy teatime treats!

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We talked about the holidays, cake and trying to achieve the perfect eyebrows (amongst other things!). Christina also shared the details on a few of her must-see local businesses – I’ll be checking them out on my next visit to the city for sure.

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Heather from Urban Decay in Dundee talked me through their brand new products, and even demonstrated a few of them on me by creating gold glittery eyes and raspberry lips that I couldn’t stop looking at afterwards! I could certainly get used to having someone do my makeup for me…

Afterwards, Tara from V&A Dundee took us through her presentation, detailing what the V&A’s plans are for its opening in 2017. As the first design museum outside of London, and with an enthusiasm for showcasing Scottish creativity, I can’t wait to see the end result – and let’s just say that the artist’s sketches so far make it look VERY inviting!

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Maxin’ and relaxin’ in the beautiful surroundings of Malmaison Dundee was a great remedy for the mid-week blues (what hump day?!) and it was made even better by spending some uber-girly time with some blogging megababes.

I have a feeling it won’t be too long until I’m back in Dundee again! If you’ve been to Dundee, or are from the city yourself – share your must-visit list with me!

With tea, cake and glitter,


A huge thank you to Christina and everyone involved in The Daydreamer Tea for showing me a good time on a rainy day!


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  1. I studied in Dundee and do still really miss the place (I actually did get invited but, alas, couldn’t make it up that day).

    Some of my favourite places are Maggie’s Farm, Avery & Co, the CCA and Dr Noodles!

    Morag x

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