What can I expect to see at Lynsay Loves? What DO you love, Lynsay?!

In a nutshell, I write about things that make me happy, make me excited and make me want to share my thoughts with you. This includes all manner of things, such as style, food, local happenings, beauty, travel, DIY & interiors, things to do and how I try to live a full and happy life. I strive to make this blog a go-to guide to anyone looking to add a little technicolour to their world!

I’m new to Glasgow, where should I go?

You’ve come to the right gal! I love to share local guides to shopping, dining out, culture and more. My Glasgow Veggie Diaries series focuses on where you can grab amazing meat-free meals around town, but you’ll also find me sharing tips on things to do, concert reviews and where to sniff out the best vintage clothes.

A reader once described my blog as their “Glasgow survival guide” – and even though I may not be able to help you survive a Glaswegian zombie apocalypse, I’ll always be able to point you in the right direction of the best brunch in town…

Who takes your photos?

Between me and Gary, we work as a team to get the pictures that I can’t wait to share. Photos of me, such as those featured in styled outfit shoots, tend to be handled by Gary, whereas other photos such as product/ food shots or buildings are usually taken by me. I always aim to use original photos but on the very rare occasion that I use someone else’s images, I will always give full credit. If you see a photo on this site that you have taken (or own the credit to) and are unhappy that I am using it, let me know right away and I will make sure it is removed.

How can I find you on social media?

I’m on Twitter and Instagram (@lynsayloves) and you can also find me pinning whatever catches my beady eye over on Pinterest. Collectively I have over 500,000 followers across all of these platforms and I’m always looking to connect with you guys so be sure to come say hello!

I’m thinking of starting a blog, what advice can you share? 

Write about what you love. It might be knitting, hillwalking, bubble baths…whatever ignites your passion! If you don’t care about your writing, it will show! Also, building a genuine readership takes time, consistency and hard work. I can’t offer you any short cuts – but anything worth doing is worth doing right and you will have a lot of fun along the journey!

I love that post that you did recently, how can I share it?

If you’ve enjoyed something I’ve published, that makes me really happy. If you’d like to share it somewhere, that’s also great – and please drop me a quick email or tweet so that I know you’ve enjoyed it enough to tell your friends! Sharing is caring but please make sure you let people know where you got the post / picture from. Thanks!

Do you have a disclaimer/ disclosure policy?

All views expressed in this blog are mine and do not represent the opinions of any other parties. If any goods or services that I blog about have not been purchased with my own pennies this will be made clear in the relevant blog post, but my words will always be honest regardless.

What happened to Miss West End Girl?

You’re in the right place, but I changed my name in 2017 and now all of my writing is under Lynsay Loves. I hope that clears things up, but you can find out more details about my rebrand here.