Friday Hi-Fives: Life Is Sweet

Life Is Sweet

Hola, amigos! It’s Friday, and not just any Friday – did you know that today has been scientifically calculated as being the happiest day of the year? It’s true, and it even made the front page (now THAT’s the kind of headline I’d like to see more often!). And science, I must say I think you’ve nailed it – I haven’t seen one crabby person all day. There’s nothing like sunshine and a weekend full of possibilities ahead to light up people’s faces and give ’em that life is sweet spring in their step!

This week I’ve been lucky enough to spend lots of time with friends. We celebrated a double-whammy of birthdays with our besties last weekend and I’ve enjoyed a few evenings out catching up over bubble tea (Tuesday) and churros (Wednesday). Yum! Tonight we’re having some more friends over for dinner, a pretty fantastic way to start the weekend if you ask me! But, before I get busy in the kitchen, let’s have a hi-five party…

Link Love

As you might remember, I had a lovely house guest recently – Emily has blogged all about her visit to Glasgow and it’s ADORABLE!

Did you know you can sing for your supper at Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow? Find out more here! 

Stay for the credits – just one of the reasons why you should go see 22 Jump Street this weekend

Persephone – check out this cute and colourful styled post by Kailey

I always love seeing Mangomini’s illustrated how-to’s, and this high tea themed one is awesome!

Also making me smile…

Singing along to Cher (oh, so badly!) in the wee hours of the morning

Freshly whizzed juice every day – I can’t believe I didn’t make it part of my daily routine sooner

Elvis Monopoly (AKA the best game EVER)

Cute reminders to always STAY WEIRD

The possibility of a Rocky Horror Picture Show collection for MAC (someone’s been reading my letters…)


I hope you’ve had a day (and week!) of happiness. Let’s keep those good vibes going, tell me who gets a big, fat hi-five from you?

With sunshine and sundaes,

Miss West End Girl x

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