Minnie Style at The Magic Kingdom


As someone that loves to dress in theme wherever possible, going to Walt Disney World is the ultimate opportunity to go into outfit-matching hyperdrive. And I’m not the only one, with DisneyBounding and themed dates (like Dapper Day, for example) becoming more frequent or even just adding a pair of mouse ears to an everyday outfit, giving your ensemble a little extra pizazz for a trip to Disney is something lots of people can’t wait to get involved in.

I’m no stranger to dressing up for Disney, but in the Florida heat, it’s important to strike a balance between comfort and style. As soon as we’d booked our holiday, I was already thinking up themed outfits for each park visit. Four Disney days meant four fun looks to plan, but one thing was certain: I was going to show off some Minnie style on one of the days!

IMG_2324When the lovely team at Vivien of Holloway heard that I was going to be visiting Walt Disney World, they had just the skirt to start off my Minnie Mouse-inspired look. Bright, swishy and patterned in Minnie’s signature red with white polka dots, their circle skirt was crying out for a trip to The Magic Kingdom. It fit like a dream and was the first thing I packed when I opened my suitcase.


Oh, and it’s perfect for twirling in. Just so you know…

With this bold beauty at the centre of my outfit, I wanted to keep the rest of my pieces fairly light and comfy – after all, spending 12 hours (if you stay for the fireworks, which of course we DO!) at a theme park in hot weather is only going to work if you feel good, right?


Any sort of sneaker or cushioned shoe is going to serve you well during a day at The Magic Kingdom (see my other tips in this post!) and these Minnie Mouse patterned slip-ons kept my feet happy until hometime. A large tote bag is ideal for keeping sunscreen, snacks and other bits and pieces in – and it looks cute too, bonus!


I’ve been obsessing over Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani’s collaboration lately (who hasn’t?) and I wore lipstick and liner in 714 for the ultimate crimson pout (though I must admit, I’m more of a manic grinner than pouter!).


A cotton tee with a simple Minnie Mouse embroidered logo in a light off-white colour kept me cool all day and a pair of red heart-shaped sunglasses were too good to pass up.


My exclusive Disney-inspired manicure was created by the fabulous Swoon Nails – who again and again makes sure my paws are pampered with something extraordinary and long-lasting. We picked out a mixture of themed decals and glitter Calgel to give my nails some Disney magic for my entire trip!


Feeling like a real-life cartoon character, I twirled, skipped and laughed my way through my best visit to The Magic Kingdom yet. I loved putting this outfit together and being able to wear some Minnie style in a way that balanced theme with comfort. Don’t forget to stop by my Instagram to see what other ensembles I’ve dreamed up for my Florida adventures!

How would you wear a Disney-inspired look? And are you a pouter or a grinner?

With love, red lips and polka dots,



A big thank you to the babes at Vivien of Holloway for getting my holiday wardrobe off to a wonderful start! 


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