Guest Post: 5 Movies to Watch on Christmas Eve

Five Movies to Watch on Christmas Eve

YOU GUYS! It’s almost Christmas Day, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be ready to snuggle up under the fairy lights to watch your favourite festive films. This plays a huge part in holiday traditions around our house, and I couldn’t think of a better post to sign off with before the big day than this one!

I’m going to ask Gary take the lead on this post, and he has promised to take us on a journey through his ultimate seasonal must-watch list, with 5 movies to watch on Christmas Eve…

Christmas always delivers the gift of new movies – this year seeing Krampus and The Night Before amongst others – and the time off to enjoy your old favourites. Personally, I always set aside a day for a Godfather double-bill. It’s something I have done for a good few years now. A latecomer to the Godfather trilogy, I bought VHS copies of the films from Oxfam for the combined total of £3. Shortly after which I caught serious man-flu, rendering me unable to work. I was confined to the couch with the likely source of disease – the ancient video tapes – as company the week before Christmas and ever since, I have associated the Godfather films with blocked noses and my favourite time of year.

So, now that we are fast approaching Christmas Eve, it is time to get A Christmas Gift For You blasting, the Christmas jumper on and festive classics screening day and night.

Lynsay asked me to pick five and I’ve struggled managed to narrow it down to:

Home Alone
‘I made my family disappear’ isn’t exactly the ideal ingredient to kick-off a feel-good Christmas experience but then Kevin McCallister isn’t your average eight-year-old. Fuelled with rage following the devouring of the families sole cheese pizza, and faced with the prospect of spending the night with Pepsi guzzling, bed-wetter Fuller, Kevin’s wish for a lonely Christmas and to live alone following marriage, seems absolutely reasonable. Armed with a grocery list, specific toothbrush standards, and enough tricks and traps to befuddle the Wet Bandits, Kevin proves himself to be the ultimate Christmas hero as he protects his home from the sticky-fingered criminals.

Walking from the North Pole to New York isn’t a feat possible for any elf other than Buddy. Dealing with the surprise of finding out he is not bred of the same lineage as his tiny peers, the loveable Buddy sets off to find his true father – the mean, workaholic Walter – while imparting the most unbridled Christmas joy on everyone who has the good-fortune to cross his path. He knows Santa, makes a mean candy spaghetti and will share with you the best way to spread Christmas cheer. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without Elf.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Clark Griswold has a strong claim to the title of ‘unluckiest man on the planet’ and he struggles to balance his incredible run of misfortune – which has followed him from Wallyworld to Europe – with the plans for a special Griswold family Christmas. Obnoxious guests, an oversized Christmas tree and 20,000 malfunctioning Christmas lights are the latest curses to befall poor Clark; who pins his hopes for a Merry Christmas on his annual bonus from work. Predictably, things don’t go as planned but it’s going to take more than that to stop Clark, and the rest of the Griswold family, from recognising the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas with the Kranks
With their daughter leaving home, and the stress of the yearly Christmas routine weighing heavy on the shoulders of the couple, Luther and Nora Krank decide to break from the norm and pluck for a cruise in the sun over the festive period. Problem is, their small town doesn’t take kindly to this break from tradition with Luther upsetting the entire neighbourhood by refusing to play his normal part in the Christmas routine. It’s a bold move, furthered by Hawaiian shirts and spray-tans, but the Krank’s plans are thrown into disarray when their daughter decides to spring a surprise Christmas visit to introduce her new fiancé to the yearly Krank party. Cue a scramble for trees, decorations, guests and (most importantly) hickory honeyed ham. Can the Krank’s pull-off the great Christmas escape?

No Christmas movie line-up would be complete without a version of classic Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol. There is a vast selection out there featuring everyone from Kermit the Frog to Scrooge McDuck but my choice every year is Richard Donner’s Scrooged. Bill Murray is absolutely in his element as bah-humbuging Frank Cross – executive of a TV station planning an adaptation of the classic Christmas story. However, that doesn’t stop Frank from firing staff and cancelling Christmas holidays, prompting a visit from three wise ghosts who take Frank through his past, present and future. Featuring a classic Danny Elfman score, and a memorable appearance from New York Dolls frontman David Johansen, Murray’s tussle with the spirits and subsequent moment of clarity (THAT speech!) will be more than enough to crack even the coldest Grinch’s heart.

So if you’re looking for a movie to watch before hanging your stocking tonight, we are off to a strong start! You can read more from Gary over at Trouble With Film.

I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas and enjoy the time with your loved ones. See you next week!

Love, Christmas ghosts and candy spaghetti…


Image Credit: Jarrod Joachim

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