5 Reasons to Visit NAF! Salon

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Is NAF the new cool? If this city centre salon is anything to go by, the answer is a resounding YES! Last week I got a sneak peek behind the doors of NAF! Salon, a brand new beauty destination in Glasgow, and found out why we should be getting very excited.

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Tucked upstairs in Central Chambers, you’d almost be forgiven for not knowing NAF! had arrived. Well, if it weren’t for the massive emoji vinyl window decorations that can be seen from Waterloo Street, that is! This fun, girly theme continues the second you walk through the door, and get an eyeful of the pastel pink furniture, checkerboard flooring and neon signs. Yowza!

But it’s not all sassy interiors, oh no ma’am! To celebrate its official opening this week, I wanted to share 5 reasons to visit NAF! Salon with you guys…

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1. NAF! Salon is the newest venture from Tammy Koslowski, the girl behind DIY Nails. I haven’t met a Glasgow girl who isn’t just a little bit obsessed with DIY Nails’ awesome Nailcals – which helped made nail art easy, affordable and damn adorable. The playful branding of DIY Nails is naturally echoed through NAF! Salon, and you can even pick up a pack of your favourite designs from the salon’s retail area.

2. It’s the perfect place to start a killer night out. NAF! Salon doesn’t just stop at nails, girl! There are plenty of stations set up for hair styling, make-up, henna, temporary tattoos, a selfie booth and more. Keep your beady eye on the salon’s Facebook page for news of the latest offers and treatments available.

3. Every salon needs a mascot, and this one is extra cute! Tammy’s pooch Betty was the breakout star during my visit, padding around the place like a wee diva and sitting at my feet while I got a manicure. If she didn’t look so at home in the salon I would have been tempted to smuggle her out!

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4. You can expect rad customer service. At my appointment, nail queen Amber talked me through decals, glitter and colours and was fully encouraging of my sparkle obsession! After helping me choose, my nails were transformed lickety-split – using Gelish colours for a long-lasting finish and a few tropical-themed motifs for sweet summertime vibes.

5. Hanging in NAF! Salon feels like you’re in a cool clubhouse for girls*! This is probably my favourite reason. By creating a laid-back and friendly environment, NAF! Salon feels like the kind of place where you’ll get a hi-five for rocking a fearless fashion choice, happily gossip about your latest crush and made to feel welcome after a ‘meh’ week. It’s a place where everyone can go for a spot of pampering and feel totally at ease – what’s not to love about that?

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Sound good? NAF! Salon officially open on Tuesday (that’s TOMORROW!), and with prices starting at £10 for a manicure or pedicure you’d better be quick! You can find more information and a full price list here.

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* – though boys are welcome too, of course!

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