3 Glasgow Festivals to Get Excited About in 2018

Glasgow Festivals

One of the things that makes Glasgow such a vibrant and exciting city is its range of festivals and cultural events each year. From celebrating all things vintage, to honouring the humble cheese toastie, Glasgow festivals are an eclectic force to be reckoned with – if you can name it, we probably have a weekend dedicated to it!

Dates for this year’s programmes have been announced and, as well as events I’ve previously mentioned here like Merchant City Festival, there are quite a few others that I’ve been scribbling in my diary. In case you’re planning a visit to the city this year, or just fancy a nosey at what’s on, I thought I’d share a few favourites today!

Here are 3 Glasgow festivals to get excited about in 2018…

Glasgow Film Festival (21st February to 4th March): There are SO MANY reasons why this year’s edition of Glasgow Film Festival is set to be awesome. Firstly, they’re kicking things off with the UK premiere of Wes Anderson’s new movie, Isle of Dogs. There’s also a special screening of Clueless (OMG *I* love Josh!!) at SWG3, a night of Big Lebowski-themed bowling and let’s not forget every horror junkie’s favourite weekender: Frightfest. For even more listings and all tickets head over here!

Southside Fringe (11th to 27th May): To me, the most impressive thing about Southside Fringe is the fact that it is a community organised arts and music event. There are no giant corporations or public bodies running this rodeo, it’s volunteers that genuinely want to raise the profile of a fantastic area and the talent within it – and you gotta admit, that’s pretty amazing! I hear this year’s Fringe is going to be made up of over 200 events in 50 venues, so keep an eye on their website and all will be revealed…

Glasgow Coffee Festival (19th & 20th May): I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Glasgow loves coffee! This two-day caffeinated extravaganza is usually a sell-out and is run by the city’s own Dear Green Coffee Roasters. Expect the very best of Glasgow’s coffee culture in the form of masterclasses, presentations, competitions, tastings and much more. If speciality coffee is your bag, this one is DEFINITELY for you – but you better be quick to snap up a ticket!

Will you be heading along to any of the Glasgow Festivals this year? Do you love Josh? And if you could put on your own festival, what would the theme be?

Ask Me Anything: An Instagram Stories Special!

Instagram Stories

Over the last year, I’ve probably spent more time on Instagram Stories than any other form of social media (sorry, Twitter! It’s not you, it’s me…). I really got into posting daily videos, photos and Boomerangs when we were on our American road trip in May – it was a fun diary-style routine which has stuck around ever since we got home!

But the main thing I enjoy about Instagram Stories is how interactive it is – and anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE a good blether. I find that I have the most online conversations via direct messages on the ol’ Insta Stories now, how about you?

One of the most common things is that I get a lot of questions through, and quite often a few similar questions. So, I opened things up to a formal Q&A – inviting questions that I would post answers to today!

You guys asked me about all kinds of things and it was really fun putting the answers together, so I hope you enjoy finding out some things you might not already know about me…

Can we see a home tour of your cute place, with suggestions for home decor? 

I have quite a few blog posts with tours of individual rooms – you can find all of them, along with some other home decor posts here! I might start posting some mini home tour videos on Instagram stories too so keep your eyes peeled…

Instagram Stories

Your interiors style is both pop and uncluttered, would love to hear how you achieve this – where to shop and when to know when enough is enough! 

When we bought our home it gave us a blank canvas to really go to town with our decor dreams. I would say my number one tip on pulling it all together is to experiment until you know what you want! Play around on Pinterest or go old-school with a vision board and magazine clippings to discover your style.

I don’t think I could ever get bored of shopping for interior pieces – I love to mix things from different stores and price points so that it feels kind of eclectic. My favourite retailers are probably Oliver Bonas, H&M Home, IKEA and Etsy. Don’t be afraid to pop into stores like Primark and check out their homeware too, they’ve really stepped it up in the last couple of years!

Knowing when enough is enough is hard – I have a lot of knick knacks and ornaments (and don’t even get me started on candles!) so, instead of having everything out at once, I display my favourite pieces on rotation. It keeps things interesting for me and means I get to enjoy everything (just not all at once!).

Is your blog your main job? Do you ever see it becoming your main job? 

This blog isn’t my main job (though I do put in the full time hours!), but I am lucky enough to get to use my creative and media skills every day by helping others with their blogs, communications products and other projects. In addition to that, I also do the odd bit of speaking, whether that’s running workshops, or taking part in public speaking events . I love the freedom that I have with this blog and I get to do what I like, when I like – which I don’t take for granted! At the moment I’m really happy with my day-to-day and how blogging/ social media fits in with the rest of my life, so I’m not in a hurry to change any of that for now.

Have you ever thought of vlogging/ YouTube? More Glasgow YouTubers are needed! 

I agree that it’s always great to see Glaswegian people on YouTube (or any platform really!) but I don’t think I could commit the time needed to run a channel. I really like posting videos on Instagram Stories (which is sort of like micro-vlogging I suppose!) and I also run a podcast with my BFF so I’m definitely doing plenty of talking!

Instagram Stories

What’s the number 1 thing you and Gary do to stay solid when life is so crazy, and is there anything you consciously do to nurture what you have? 

This super sweet question came all the way from Australia! Gary and I have been together for over 16 years and I sometimes don’t even think about how we come across to other people. We always make time to check in with each other, even on the busiest days when we are at opposite ends of the country! We’re both very relaxed people and make each other laugh a LOT which probably diffuses a lot of pressure on potentially high-stress situations. Also, we’ve always been a pretty good team, and can sense when the other person needs a bit more support and lift each other up.

How are you so organised?

It all comes down to my two P’s: prioritising and peanut butter planning! I squeeze a lot into my week and sometimes if it’s I have a lot of creative projects and fun events lined up it can be easy to forget to make time for myself. This is where prioritising comes in! I don’t say yes to everything that hits my inbox so that I can truly give my best to the things I do commit to and balance it with other life stuff. I also like to make a weekly plan and live for to-do lists (nerd alert!) so that I know what I am doing and when. Cute stationary always helps, too…

What’s the first outfit you remember putting together and being really proud of? 

This question made me smile a lot because it meant I got to look back on some pretty wild teen ensembles! I vividly remember being 16 and devouring a ton of cult movies, so when I got my paws on a tee with a print of Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! on it, it soon became my favourite thing ever. I wore it with a bright pink tartan skirt, my first ever Doc Martens and glitter smeared around my eyes. It was the first outfit that I had put together from money I’d earned myself and was OBSESSED with it. Heck, I’d probably still wear that now! If I ever find a photograph of it I promise I’ll share.

Thank you for submitting your questions and for just generally supporting my adventures over on Instagram. If you want to see more of your previous questions answered, hop over to my FAQ page!




PS: My makeup in these photos was done by the super talented Bri AKA @violetdollface – whom I met via (you guessed it!) Instagram! 

Local Lovin’: Sleekit


My Local Lovin’ series is a spotlight on designers / stores / creators of marvellous things (and anything else that catches my eye) – all based here in Scotland. I believe that we should be supporting amazing home-grown talent, so I decided to keep Local Lovin’ as a permanent feature. If you have an awesome project, or create something that you think I might love, please let me know! See my Contact page for details of how to get in touch.

I’m really stoked to share this home-grown, award-winning designer with you guys today! Sleekit are a Scottish print apparel brand that don’t just create beautiful textile designs (though there is PLENTY of that going on!) – they tell stories through their pieces too. From luxurious scarves to vibrant sweatshirts, each Sleekit design is hand illustrated in their studio and form part of a narrative.


When I seen that Sleekit had recently launched an awesome new collection based on one of my favourite books as a child, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, I knew that I had to give them the Local Lovin’ treatment!

I got chatting with Iain McDonald, Sleekit’s founder and creative director, about storytelling through fashion, his design background, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges and much more…

Hi Iain! I’d love to know about how you got started with Sleekit and how the brand was born?
The brand was initially born way back when I graduated from art school and after a handful of work placements while living in London. I really thought it would be more fun to design what I wanted and create the products I wanted. Originally the brand was named ‘Naromode’ but as I grew and changed so did the business and the brand. As I am from a fine art & textile design background I love-creating prints that are exciting and commercial too with my hand painted designs. I transformed the brand name to Sleekit because I love the Scottish word and the sleek connotation behind it, as well as the fact it can mean artfully flattering, sly or cunning, so many things in the world of narrative fashion, illustrative fashion. It’s just a fun word really.

SLEEKITCan you tell me a bit about what inspires your work?
The main theme for me has always been telling a tale, it started of as narrative fashion but it’s so wide. I like to tell a story, be it a jungle subject, or like our new SLEEKIT SS18 jumper/sweats it was inspired by the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea; keeping that narrative theme that I love. I am also really into the tropical jungle theme that is everywhere at the moment, it’s fun and I enjoy illustrating/hand painting my own versions of all the rainforest animals, I designed some jungle themed prints for TOPSHOP last year and I know this story/theme isn’t going away anytime soon! Sleekit Store has flamingos, frogs, tigers and tropical jungle plants.


What was the very first Sleekit piece you created and sold? Is it still available?
The first piece was a little story of a moth, bee and fly. I created a mini silk scarf collection, cut them up and they all told the story of these insects. Whenever a customer bought them they had a different piece of the story. I believe these are still kept and treasured as I still see posts shared on social media with my customers wearing them. Maybe I will re-visit these designs sometime soon and bring them back to life…

During a long day of setting the design world on fire, what’s your snack of choice?
Just now, in-between trying to be healthy and hungry, any chocolate I can get my hands on, like Terry’s Chocolate Orange and any biscuits I can find while I do my tax return!


What’s been your proudest moment so far?
My proudest moment is being selected for Fashion Foundry 2016/2017 and meeting the Global director for TOPSHOP and TOPMAN. It was a very exciting time of support, encouragement and learning more about my business and what I wanted it to look like over the next few years. The guys and gals that run Fashion Foundry are amazing! They do so much for the creative industry in Scotland. At the end of the programme the organised a photo-shoot with I’ll Be Your Mirror and that was incredible, we ended up with some cool look-book imagery. Also to add to this, I won an award with Scotland Re: Designed for my silk scarves (which I will be doing more of very soon!).

I’m all about sharing the love – tell me about a designer that you can’t get enough of right now?
I absolutely love designer Ryan Cowie, he is so talented and I just know he is going to do great things. He is based in Scotland and just has a great eye and his latest collection is amaze! As is his Instagram account (@Ryanncowie).


Finally, do you have anything exciting coming up that we should keep our eyes peeled for?
I am working on a lot of designs at the moment which means I can drop products on my website. In the coming months I am preparing to photo-shoot the latest SS18 ‘When The Tiger Came to Tea’ sweats and jumpers, and other jungle print products such as crop-tops and a range of tees, which will be really fun!! I am also working with an independent graphic designer who will be designing my first ever SLEEKIT logo. Keep an eye on our instagram account for more behind the scenes.

To keep up to date with all things Sleekit, be sure to hop over to their Instagram account (@sleekitstore) and hit that follow button!

Toot toot! And if you fancy treating yourself to something lovely from Sleekit, use the code LYNSAYLOVES20 to get 20% off of your order! 

Thank you so much to Iain for sharing his story – I can’t wait to see what what’s next for Sleekit in 2018. 




All images used in this post with kind permission from Iain McDonald/ Sleekit