The Spring 2016 To-do List


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Spring has sprung! Or at least, according to my planner, we’ve had the first official day of Spring recently! Either way, I couldn’t be happier about the arrival of the longer, warmer (and of course, brighter!) days – and have already started planning what I want to do to make the most of things.

Seasonal checklists have become a little tradition around here, but rather than simply repost this from last Spring, I’ve made a few updates (and kept the classics of course!). There’s just something about Spring… it has an amazing feeling of NEWNESS. After all, we have almost a whole year ahead of us, just waiting. Are you excited? I know I am!

Welcome to your Spring 2016 to-do list – now, unpeel a few of those knitted layers, grab your Easter eggs and let’s get started…

1. Find a new signature lip colour – the brighter the better! My Springtime shade this year is violet, how about you?

2. Brighten up your table (or your hair!) with some beautiful blooms

3. Embrace the newness of Spring and learn a new skill!

4. Snap a photo of the first cherry blossoms that you spot this year

5. Get a pastel coloured manicure – feel inspired by Easter eggs, fluffy chicks and cheery Springtime hues

6. Update your interior décor – this is the perfect time to paint a bold statement wall, rearrange your furniture or take on a fun DIY project

7. It’s time to get ruthless and do a clear out (don’t forget to donate!) and ditch the pieces you’ve been hoarding for ages

8. …and as a reward, treat yourself to a little Spring wardrobe update

9. Plan a road trip! Where do YOU want to visit this Summer? Make a list and feel inspired!

10. Bake something delicious and eat it al fresco in the park with your BFF

These are just a few of the ways I’ll be celebrating the arrival of Spring – how about you? Do you have any must-do’s that you think we should add to the Spring 2016 to-do list? Let me know!

Here’s to a happy, colourful Spring…


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