Sunday Style with Pom Poms and Les Partisanes

Twisted Time 2Is there anything better than a long, lazy Sunday? As someone who likes to dress as though they are heading to a birthday party, I find that Sundays often call for a slightly more relaxed look!

Twisted Time 1

Take this H&M cardigan for example. It’s huge cocoon shape and balloon sleeves are a million miles away from my favourite 50s prom dresses and fitted jackets and yet, when I first laid eyes on it, I could help but think it was a key piece for a bit of mooching around on a Sunday afternoon. The loose fit reminds me of my favourite John Hughes movies (can’t you just see Molly Ringwald bundled up in it though?) and, the best part – it’s covered in tiny white pom poms!

Well, you didn’t expect me to go completely off-track, did you..?

Twisted Time 7

I like to take things pretty easy at the weekend which means time can often disappear if I’m not careful! Luckily, this La Nostalgique watch by Les Partisanes at Twisted Time has been keeping me right lately!

Twisted Time 6

Twisted Time 4.1

The black and white lizard-print strap adds some cute detail to a clean, classic design – and the monochrome colours make it very easy to wear with statement accessories. This weekend I wore it with my cartoon hamburger clutch from New Look and perspex jewellery from Love Me Tender London / Sugar & Vice Designs.

On a Sunday, you’re pretty likely to find me wearing a tee shirt dress and I always go to Topshop when I need to stock up. This one has a denim colour to it, giving the look of a denim dress, but it feels like a super comfy tee – a winning combo and perfect for layering.

Twisted Time 8

I finished my outfit with tattoo-print tights from hosiery legends Bebaroque and shoes by Melissa. The soft rubber make them ideal for running errands, going out for coffee, wandering around the neighbourhood or however else you like to spend a day off!

Twisted Time 3

Do you have any weekend wear staples? What are your favourite ways to spend a lazy Sunday?

With love and endless pom poms,

Miss West End Girl x


A huge merci to the lovely people at Twisted Time – be sure to check ’em out! 

All photography by Gary at Trouble With Film


Because Every Girl Needs Killer Sunglasses

Killer Sunglasses 11

I’ve had a love affair with sunglasses for just about as long as I can remember. Along with my beloved hair accessories, I consider a good pair of shades to be the icing on the cake when it comes to putting outfits together, and always throw a pair into my handbag – just in case the sun decides to come out!

Killer Sunglasses 8

Like any mild addiction, my sunglasses collection started small (in fact I can remember SERIOUSLY loving a pair that came with a Happy Meal in the 90s – does anyone else remember those?!), but has steadily grown over the years. From Wayfarers to huge, Lenny Kravitz styles, heart-shaped cuties and beyond – I just can’t get enough.

I think every girl should have a pair of killer sunglasses in her style kit. As well as being functional, they can also transform a look from sleepy to sassy in seconds!

Killer Sunglasses 5

When I recently received these Alexander McQueen beauties from Smart Buy Glasses, I just couldn’t wait to take ’em for a spin. The space-age feline shape is bound to add a little glamour to any outfit, and I decided to wear them with my new Coco and Cleo polka dot dress, gold Accessorize Camera bag, purple Doc Martens and a Tea Rose crown by Crown and Glory as we headed out for lunch.

Killer Sunglasses 2

Since I carry my sunglasses with me most days, I love thick plastic frames like these as they hold up so well. This pair came beautifully wrapped with a zip-up branded case so I can tuck them away when I’m not using them – perfect!

Killer Sunglasses 4

The full rim cat-eye style of these frames makes them so easy to wear – I can’t think of an outfit that they won’t go with. I’m excited to style them up whether poolside on holiday, shopping in Summer or even protecting my eyes from the glare of the snow when I’m wrapped up in the colder months.

Killer Sunglasses 9

When it comes to killer sunglasses, I knew this pair from fashion’s enfant terrible wouldn’t disappoint! Not only are they a nod to the vintage style era that I adore, but the oversized shape makes them a real statement piece – and a wardrobe must-have!

Killer Sunglasses 6

Do you have a love affair with an accessory you’d care to share? What do your favourite sunglasses look like?

With retro shades and sunny days,

Miss West End Girl x


All photography by Gary at Trouble With Film 

With thanks to the folks at Smart Buy Glasses for feeding my addiction! 


Take 5 Indie Brooches…

5 Indie Brooches

Discovering new, exciting artists and companies is one of my favourite ways to spend time – it was one of the things that initially encouraged me to start blogging. And as most of you will know by now, if I find something really special I love to shout it from the rooftops!

Over the last month or two, I’ve been lucky enough to receive some ace jewellery by independent designers. Some of them were Christmas presents and others were kindly gifted by the companies themselves – but the one thing they all have in common? They are all brooches! Most of the makers are also completely new-to-me, which is even better.

While we’re on the subject: dontcha just love brooches? They can pep up the most tired lapels and I always think that adding a kitsch or vintage brooch is an instant outfit update.

Today I’d love to take these 5 indie brooches and share them (and their designers!) with you…

1. Pop Tart with Sprinkles brooch by ClaireyLou Creations. This cutie is super soft like a teeny tiny plush toy and is sprinkled with sparkly beads. I am a huge fan of Pop Tarts so having a miniature felt one to pin on my glittery cardigan makes me very happy! I’ll be checking out more of ClaireyLou Creations’ kawaii treats over on Etsy!

2. Koala Head brooch by James Brown for Lucie Ellen. When these two London-based artists collaborated, the result was nothing less than adorable! I love the oversized dimensions of this brooch, along with the bold colour and clean lines. The rest of this mini-collection features a yak, an owl and a fox – the perfect excuse to style your own menagerie on your coat…

3. Girl Talk brooch by Love Me Tender London. Do you remember that board game, Dream Phone? This sparkly brooch from Love Me Tender London’s Girl Talk collection reminds me of giggly conversations, sleepovers and eating sherbet with my BFFs. The company describe the collection as “the love child of Edie Sedgwick and Katy Perry” – I love it! I’m looking forward to seeing what these ladies come up with next.

4. Kitsch Kitten brooch by Miss Ella. When I unwrapped this sassy little wooden cat, I was squealing with delight! Designed with a victory roll, a headscarf and an “uh-uh, girl!” look, it’s the perfect pin for any girl gang to have on their leather jacket! Me-ow!

5. I Heart Mom Tattoo brooch by Vivid Please. Anything tattoo-inspired is going to get the thumbs up from me and this piece just screams quiffs, motorcycle rides and Elvis records. I’m going to wear mine on a denim shirt for a rockabilly-inspired look.

Are any of your favourite indie jewellery designers included in the brooches I’ve featured? Or are there any that you’d like to recommend I check out? Be sure to let me know!

Love, sprinkles and a permanently well-dressed lapel,

Miss West End Girl x