Beauty Hit List: July & August 2017

Beauty Hit List

It’s the end of another month – the end of summer too (*weeps*) – and it’s time for another Beauty Hit List. If you’re new to the blog, these posts are a little round-up of my current MVP’s from the world of beauty, alongside those taking pride of place in my routine. Some products are brand new, some are sneaky previews and some are tried-and-trusted favourites.

This edition feels a little bit extra, covering makeup, skincare, haircare and even perfume! Whoa! So, let’s take a look at who made the cut for July & August…

Beauty Hit List

Hair: Pramasana purifying scalp cleanser by Aveda

Doesn’t your scalp almost feel nicer just by saying those words? Well, luckily this one is more than just a pretty name! What’s the difference between a shampoo and a scalp cleanser? Well, a shampoo cleans your hair, not your scalp! As someone who has a tricky scalp at the best of times, this refreshing treatment from Aveda is perfect for when things get a little itchy and unfcomfortable. It’s packed with invigorating ingredients like seaweed extract to soothe and I’ve been using it every couple of weeks to keep my scalp feeling healthy!

Beauty Hit List

Scent: Mon Guerlain 

It almost felt criminal that I hadn’t tried out any of Guerlain’s fragrances until this summer. After all, this iconic brand have been in the perfume biz since the 1820s and have quite the list of innovations under their belt (including the first unisex fragrance! Take THAT, Calvin Klein!). Even though I missed out on their first 750 or so perfumes, I feel like I’ve picked a great one to start with! Mon Guerlain is fresh and light, making it very easy to wear. It’s a feminine scent with notes of jasmine and vanilla – not quite as sweet as the perfumes I usually go for but it’s a nice change, not smelling like a bag of skittles.

Beauty Hit List

Face: AHA/ BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and Invisiblur Perfecting Shield by Murad

Over the last couple of months, my skin was really giving me a run for my money. Lumpy and red, it had me totally buggin’ and feeling more self-conscious than I’d been in ages. My friend Laura is always raving about Murad’s products and I gave a couple a try over the last few weeks to see if the could help my skin woes! I was surprised (and delighted!) to see a difference after using the cleanser for the first time. My skin isn’t perfect but it’s making great progress AND I feel like myself again! I’m using this daily at the moment.

The second product I have been enjoying lately is the perfecting shield, which has SPF 30 and feels like a silky smooth primer, making it nice to wear on its own or under makeup.

Beauty Hit List

Makeup (part one!): Dandelion Twinkle and Foolproof by Benefit 

Anything with the word ‘twinkle’ in it is bound to make me sit up and pay attention! Dandelion Twinkle is brand new from Benefit and is the sassier, sparklier sister of their classic Dandelion blush. I’ve been swiping mine on my cheekbones for some added party time shimmer and, let’s not forget, those supermarket trips that demand a little VA VA VOOM.

Benefit also launched Foolproof recently as part of their ever-expanding line of brow tools. Foolproof gives a softer look compared to some of their other products (I can get a bit heavy-handed with the ol’ KA-BROW, I will admit!), so it’s actually ideal for using in the weeks following a brow appointment for little touch ups! The handbag-friendly packaging makes it great for taking on-the-go too.

Beauty Hit List

Makeup (part deux!): High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow by KIKO Milano

Next up on the Beauty Hit List, KIKO Milano! The budget-friendly makeup recently arrived in Edinburgh and I can’t get enough of their super bright, vivid eyeshadows. The High Pigment Wet & Dry range is particularly impressive, delivering bendable colour that looks as good on as it does sitting in the packaging. I’ve been mixing these two shades together and loving how striking it looks.

Beauty Hit List

Makeup (part C!): Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick

Another highlighter? Well, yes! I’m a fan of anything that comes in stick form (take choc-ices, for example!) and this creamy highlighting stick from Revlon is a new favourite. Easy to apply (I’ve made no mistakes yet and I’m no expert!) and very buildable, it makes a killer combo when you team it with blush and your best contouring.

Beauty Hit List

Phew! I hope you enjoyed this bumper edition of my Beauty Hit List! I want to hear from you, too – have you tried out any of these products yourself? What should I try next?And do you like smelling like Skittles, too (or is it just me)?




This post contains some PR samples but all views and overdressed trips to the supermarket are mine. 

Beauty Hit List: December & January 2017

beauty hit list

Welcome to the first Beauty Hit List of the year! It feels like forever since I last shared a round-up of my favourite cosmetic crushes with you guys, so I’ve been really looking forward to this one.

Today I’m sharing some of the products that have been (literally!) saving my skin each day, seeing me through New Year celebrations in style and keeping my locks in check. So let’s dive in and take a peek, shall we?

beauty hit list

Ultra Facial Balm by Kiehl’s

It’s no secret by now that I’m a huge lover of Kiehl’s products, and I’ve gushed about their Ultra Facial Cream previously, due to its ability to keep my dry skin feeling super hydrated. Their Ultra Facial Balm takes this to a whole new level and it’s been my go-to for emergency levels of flakiness this winter!

Kiehl’s call this their ‘ultimate hydration blanket’, which is actually better than any description that I could come up with. It FEELS like a blanket in that it is soothing and comforting and makes the dry, rough skin I get around my nose and hairline feel soft and smooth instantly. It’s also non-greasy so, even though I slather my face in it some days, I don’t look like I have, hurrah!

beauty hit list

Glitter pots by Sara Hill

Fact: glitter makes everything better. It just does, OK? If you agree, then you’re in good company and I highly recommend checking out Sara Hill’s range of glitter for grown-ups ASAP! These pots of loose glitter look perfect pressed on top of a cream eyeshadow, twinkling under the lower lashes or worn over lipstick for a dramatic (and fabulous!) look. To be honest, the beauty of these cruelty-free glitters is in how versatile they are, and they are so much fun to play with.

I wore some during New Year’s Eve in a geometric-inspired shape (go big or go home, eh?) using some of Sara Hill’s glitter fix to hold it in place. There are 12 dazzling shades to choose from (you can see Queen P and Royal Purple above) – next on my shopping list is the irridescent Crystal Tits glitter because I think it’ll be a must-have for my Vegas trip…

beauty hit list

i-illuminise Liquid Illuminiser by New CID Cosmetics

My name is Lynsay and I am officially a highlighter convert – and you can thank this i-illuminise by New CID Cosmetics for that. Inside this shiny silver tube is a liquid highlighter that has the most gorgeous, pearlescent glow. I’ve been wearing it buffed into my cheekbones, brow bones, my cupid’s bow, the tip of my nose (not all at once I might add!)…did I say ‘convert’ because I clearly meant to say ADDICT!

The dewy finish along with the brush on applicator makes it a easy to add a bit of shimmer to your every day make up look and build up as much of a highlight as you like. It’s been in my makeup bag every day since December.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D at Debenhams

The day that Kat Von D makeup stopped being a Sephora exclusive and became available at our very own Debenhams in the UK, I swear you could hear a Mexican wave-like squeal of delight if you listened hard enough! Of all the Kat Von D products I’ve tried over the years, the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are, in my opinion, the best. Non-drying, extremely pigmented and in a range of lust-worthy shades, the liquid lipsticks last up to an impressive 24 hours – making them perfect for nights out.

Backstage Bambi was previously my weapon of choice, but I’ve recently tried out Bauhau5 (pictured above), and love its bold berry hue – the perfect pop of colour on a grey January day.

beauty hit list

Damage Remedy Split End Repair by Aveda

Sometimes post-party season hair needs some TLC and luckily Aveda have the perfect range to help out! This Split End Repair treatment from Aveda’s Damage Remedy collection is just the thing to repair hair that has split and also to prevent new damage forming. I’ve been smoothing the cream into my hair after it’s been washed, dried and styled so it can do its thing while I’m out and about. Also, unlike some treatments I’ve tried, as well as making my hair look a lot healthier, it smells AMAZING. If you see me swishing my hair around any time soon, this is why!

beauty hit list

So these have made my Beauty Hit List this month, but what about you? Any new obsessions from the world of cosmetics that you’re raving about? I love hearing about what you’ve discovered lately as well as your old faithfuls so be sure to give me shout below or on Twitter so I can check ’em out!




This post contains some PR samples but all views, sparkle addictions and hair swishing are on me

Beauty Hit List: September & October 2016

beauty hit list

Well, well, well – look what the wind blew in! It’s only time for another beauty hit list, and if you’re anything like me, your cosmetic choices are starting to reflect this time of year. From nourishing skincare to uber-glam makeup, it’s a truly autumnal selection this time around!

Let’s jump in and see what’s made it into my September and October must-haves…

beauty hit list

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask by The Body Shop

Is there anything more satisfying than slathering on a face mask and letting it do its thing? Yes! Slathering on a face mask and FEELING it work its magic on your skin. I’ve been using this one from The Body Shop’s new range of masks for just over a month now and not only do I love the end result (super clear, glowing skin) but I also really enjoy the tingling sensation of wearing it.

This mud-textured mask is packed with bamboo charcoal which means it’s also exfoliating and gives your face a good scrub when rinsing it off Ahh! I also recently learned that it’s 100% vegan so it’s suitable for most beauty lovers too.

beauty hit list

Aveda’s Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual 

While we’re on the topic of skincare, at this time of year it becomes even harder to avoid dull skin – most mornings I want to just (gently!) slap my cheeks and tell ’em to wake up! Over the last year, I’ve discovered facial oils and started using them in my daily routine. No, they don’t make your face oily (though it’s an easy assumption to make!), but they DO shrink pores, banish zits and protect your skin.

Aveda recently released their latest oleation oil and facial brush combo as a powerful combination to awaken the skin and restore its radiance. Talk about a power couple! In true Aveda style, this technique is designed to be a daily ritual and Tulasara is all about boosting microcirculation and nourishing the skin at the very start of your day. If this doesn’t wake up my skin, nothing will!

beauty hit list

Instant Confidence Stick by Bobbi Brown 

This handy little line corrector from Bobbi Brown is like having the eraser at the end of a pencil, smoothing out and blurring fine lines before I dive into my makeup bag.

With the same kind of silky, weightless formula you’d find in your favourite primer, this is a great on-the-go tool to keep in your handbag and use whenever you need to touch up your makeup and blot out shiny patches. It might not do that work presentation for you, but it WILL help you feel your best so that you can go forth and kick ass! Instant confidence indeed.

beauty hit list

Dolly Rocks nails by House of Holland x Elegant Touch 

We’re moving towards party season quicker than you can say Cha-Cha Slide which means the diaries are bound to start filling up with dinners, parties and (if you’re lucky!) all-night karaoke sessions. But what about those impromptu do’s? Those ones that seem to ambush you at say, 4pm on a Friday? It’s good to have a few things in your emergency glam arsenal just in case you have 20 minutes to get ready (and let’s face it, maybe even in a public loo?!), and Elegant Touch’s press-on nails are just the fellas for the job.

HOWEVER. I really don’t think I’ve seen any nails that scream party time quite like these Dolly Rocks ones, specially designed by House of Holland for Elegant Touch. Gloriously pink, suit-anyone almond shaped and encrusted with gems, I just can’t help but smile when I look at them. They’re also super easy to apply and will last up to 10 days if you look after them. One for karaoke queens everywhere. Let’s go, girls…

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry

Fun fact: I picked up this rich, blackcurrant-hued lip colour about 4 months ago on a trip to Selfridges, and for a couple of months I’ll be totally honest and tell you that it didn’t see the light of day. But now? Well, I’m wearing it at least two or three times a week – in fact even as I write this I’m wearing Glastonberry right now!

Unlike a lot of matte effect lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury’s colours have softening and hydrating properties – no sign of dry, flaky lips here! The colour is also very buildable, depending on how bold you want to go. The actual shape of the lipstick itself makes it easy to apply without liner, as the square tip mimics the shape of a lip brush. Plus, the colour is super vampy, perfect for Halloween and beyond.

beauty hit list

What I love even more than sharing my latest beauty obsessions is hearing all about what products you recommend I check out so be sure to let me know on Twitter or in the comments below: what’s been rocking your beauty routine lately? And if you were doing karaoke, what is your song of choice?

Love, wide-awake skin and berry lips,