Bosley Tries Lily’s Kitchen & a Purr-fect Giveaway!

Lily's Kitchen

I can’t believe Bosley is going to be turning one next month! He has quickly grown from a tiny kitten to our happy little lion, and it feels like he’s always been here.

A while back, I posted about the learning curve that being a new cat mama brings (catch up here!) but the truth is, I still discover new things all the time about Bosley’s personality traits, general kitty behaviour and wellbeing factoids. He’s become more talkative over the last six months, and loves looking out of the window – he’s the unofficial neighbourhood watch!

Lily's Kitchen

One area that can be quite daunting however, is researching what kind of food to feed our furry friends. Wet food, dry food, treats…what should I be looking for, what’s the right portion size and how do I know for sure what is right for my cat?

Lily's Kitchen

Luckily, the lovely humans at Lily’s Kitchen also want to do their bit to look after our pets, putting health and happiness at the heart of their natural, wholesome recipes. And when a parcel arrived bursting with their proper food for pets for Bosley to try, he couldn’t wait to get his paws on it!

Lily's Kitchen

Our lucky boy has taste-tested every flavour from the wet food range over the last few weeks, plus the chicken and herb flavour dry food and some tasty treats. While he got stuck into the first flavour (Hunter’s Hotpot!), I was reading up on Lily’s Kitchen and their helpful hints for happy meal times.

As well as using sustainably-sourced ingredients, Lily’s Kitchen also use all-natural and grain-free recipes, to aid good digestion, heart and eye health, hydration and a shiny coat. They also have a pretty great sense of humour – check out this Cats Host Crufts video on their YouTube channel!

Having our little guy looking good AND feeling good is all I want for him, so it certainly seems like he’s in good hands… but how did it taste?

Lily's Kitchen

I mean, OBVIOUSLY I can’t tell you, but I can share a few observations. First of all, when I opened the packaging, I could really smell the difference. It didn’t smell like cat food, it smelled like real food – the Lovely Lamb Casserole did smell just like a lamb casserole, and not like generic meat and jelly. In fact, I couldn’t really see much jelly.

Lily's Kitchen

And it wasn’t just me that noticed a difference, Bosley was purring away before he even started eating his meals! His favourite wet food was easily the Whisker-Lickin’ Chicken (and yes, it smells just like chicken!), and he licked the bowl clean afterwards. We uploaded a little time-lapse video to his Instagram page recently, you can see him tucking in here!

Bosley is also now a huge fan of Lily’s Kitchen Little Lovelies treats, which are hand-baked in the shape of little hearts (aww!). These were a bit bigger than his usual treats, but funnily enough, he seemed to adapt quickly and not let that stop him!

Lily's Kitchen

WIN a hamper of Lily’s Kitchen Purr-fect treats! 

Calling all crazy cat ladies and gents! It’s safe to say that our Bosley loved trying out this range, and if you think your feline friend will think Lily’s Kitchen is the cats pyjamas too, today’s your lucky day!

I’ve teamed up with the gang at Lily’s Kitchen to give away a hamper of their complete and balanced cat food (cat pictured not included!). All you have to do to enter is follow me on Twitter (@lynsayloves) and comment below with your Twitter profile name and a little something about your kitty (it could be their name, their favourite toy, a fun fact or whatever you like!).

This giveaway is open to UK residents only and closes one week today (that’s 10th April) at 6pm. I’ll announce the winner here and over on Twitter too. Good luck!



Friday Hi-Fives: News and Kitten Excitement!


What a difference a week can make – get comfy because you and I have a LOT of catching up to do! Since we last hi-fived, our renovation work in flat has finished, final arrangements for the first Scottish Blogger Shop were made (find out everything you need to know about that here!) and…we’re getting a kitten! In fact, we’re actually bringing the little guy home TOMORROW, say whaaaat?

Needless to say I am practically bouncing off of the walls with excitement. I mean, I guess I’ve always been a crazy cat lady in the making, but knowing that we’ll have a little furry baby padding around the flat by this time tomorrow is almost too much. I can’t wait to meet him! Any kitten advice and heart-warming anecdotes are actively encouraged…

So what else is going on? Well, this week I spent 3 busy days in York, which was fun because I hadn’t visited the place since I was little. Not too much had changed since then and I’d really like to go back again someday with Gary and go ghost hunting!

On Sunday, Elaine and I had big plans to hit the Vintage Car Boot at Merchant City, but due to the crazy wind it had all been called off (boo hiss!). Not ones to get all gussied up for nothing, we still had an ace day out of brunch, shopping, silly selfies and even foosball – because friends don’t let friends go out in the billion-MPH winds by themselves, am I right?

Recently we also went along to the Scottish premiere of 4DX at Cineworld and were among the first to try this new super-immersive movie experience (and caught a preview screening of Suicide Squad while we were at it!). It was a really fun night and if you’re planning a trip to see a big blockbuster soon, try to see it in 4DX – I’m already wondering what the next movie released in 4DX will be.

I hope you guys have had an awesome week! Before I head off and get ready for tomorrow’s excitement, here are another few things I’d love to share to get this weekend off to a good start:

This week, I’m hi-fiving because…

…it’s my birthday on Thursday, hooray! I hereby invite you all to have cake for breakfast that day!

…if you love secret gigs, you can pick up tickets for a FREE live music event by Sofar Sounds & Koppaberg taking place next week in Glasgow by clicking here

…this post on being a cat parent by Hannah made me giggle while I was getting stuff ready for our kitty cat’s arrival

…I hit 10k followers on Instagram this week! I’m not one to chase numbers but I do enjoy a nice round milestone and I’m truly grateful to everyone that chooses to follow my colourful snaps, so THANK YOU!

…my girl Lia at Swoon Nails gave my hands a much-needed pampering (let’s just say after several weeks of dismantling and moving large furniture my hands were in need of some TLC!) and I now feel like my glittery self again

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next week!

L O V E…