Dressing for Disneyland

At the start of this month, Gary and I spent a few days at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. We’ve visited Disney parks in Florida and Paris in the past, but this was our first trip to the one that started it all and we couldn’t be more excited!

As some of you will probably remember, I love to put together a Disney-inspired look for our theme park adventures, and dressing for Disneyland was no exception.

Outfit Details:

Bobble beret & Pinafore Dress | Lazy Oaf x Disney

Striped tee | Primark

Swinton Sunglasses | c/o IOLLA

Shoes | Vans

Tights | Next

Necklace | c/o Truffle Shuffle 

I fell head over heels for the Disney x Lazy Oaf collection at the end of last year and I’d been keeping this pinafore dress unworn especially for this occasion (I now have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the future!).

This red, white and black ensemble is probably (and accidentally!) the most monochrome outfit I’ve worn in ages – but it was fun to try something outside of my comfort zone! It also helped make sure my accessories stood out (like this cute castle necklace!).

Twelve hours after walking through the park gates, this outfit was still going strong. As I’ve mentioned before, I think the key to picking out something to wear at Disney is making sure you’re still comfortable. We had an amazing visit and I’ll be sharing more details of the parks themselves, along with a few handy hints and tips very soon!

Have you ever found yourself dressing for Disneyland? What would it take to push you out of your fashion comfort zone? Would it be monochrome too, or something different?




Final photo from my Instagram

A Vintage-inspired Day on the Town


There are some traditions that are so good, you keep them up forever. When I was little, my mum used to take me to see a pantomime around Christmas, and it was always such a special time of year that I looked forward to. A day out in the city with a nip in the air and all of the Christmas decorations lighting up the streets just feels more magical somehow!


Now that I’m a bit (ahem!) older, it’s a tradition that I still like to keep up. As well as all the fun of the pantomime (which is a tradition in itself – panto shows have been going strong for 300 years now!), it’s also a good excuse to get all dressed up and go out for some dinner before the performance. Not that I need an excuse…


In honour of vintage shows and, of course, the traditional theatre buildings themselves echoing a bygone era, I decided to go for a retro look on our recent trip to the pantomime!


As well as keeping my bangs and length in check, I can always rely on the babes at BLOW to coif my hair into something awesome for a special occasion. A wash, a blow dry and some vintage-inspired waves later, I was feeling flapper-girl fabulous (and I was in and out in an hour – how’s that for service?!).


Some of you might remember Love Ur Look from when I twirled my way around Cabana Bay resort last summer in one of their pink 1950s throwback frocks. For my day out, I wore another one of their dresses – the Blue Apple Shirt Dress. This piece is a lot better suited to this time of year – it looks great with or without tights and the longer sleeves and thicker material feel nice and cosy.

I love the cut of this dress – the exaggerated shape of the nipped in waist and flared skirt feel very feminine and it’s so easy to wear. It was the perfect accompaniment to my vintage waves and I’m looking forward to seeing how I can style it again in Spring… something tells me maybe with a cute cardigan and fruit-inspired accessories.


The little cream Knightsbridge bag is from Marc B’s latest collection. The quilted design makes it feel pretty timeless, so it’s ideal for accessorising all fashion decades!

Finally, I took inspiration from all of my old-school silver screen heroines and kept warm in a faux fur jacket. I’m not sure if Marilyn would have worn a marshmallow-pink fur to a Hollywood party, but to be fair she didn’t have a TK Maxx back then, right? If you’ve been catching my Instagram posts lately, you’ll probably recognise this jacket – it’s been a hot favourite of mine this season.


Getting dolled up is half the fun of going out if you ask me, and I just loved going for a vintage-inspired look to celebrate one of my favourite traditions. Oh, and the pantomime was brilliant (Cinderella at The King’s, if you’re wondering!) – I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Do you have any traditions that you like to keep up? Have you tried a retro look lately?




Thanks to BLOW and Love Ur Look for helping me bring my vintage-inspired style to life!

Hollyhood Miss West End Girl Gets a Foxy Winter Makeover

hollyhood miss west end girl

This year has been full of fun creative projects and collaborations, though one of the most special to me has to be teaming up with the amazing Chouchou to work on our Hollyhood Miss West End Girl hood, which was released back in April.

hollyhood miss west end girl

Seeing the design come to life and being able to actually TOUCH it after weeks of planning, decisions and FaceTime meetings was such an awesome feeling. Not only were we happy with the final product, but so were the customers – the hood was a hit!

And just when I thought that the year was almost over, it turned out that there was room for one more collaboration. We decided that our bright, light summer hood could do with a warm winter revamp!

hollyhood miss west end girl

Today I’d love to share the result: the Hollyhood MWEG Star

We agreed that the oversized shape of the original hood was a must, so we made sure to keep that in the new design. This helps to create an exaggerated silhouette, especially from the side!

hollyhood miss west end girl

Winter calls for the kind of accessory that you just want to snuggle up in and, to make this the ultimate cosy piece we traded in our tropical-inspired jacquard for warm woollen fabric. Keeping the cold at bay doesn’t mean keeping it simple though – at least, not where prints are concerned! The geometric designs that dance across the wool reminded us both of stars, so it felt only right that we included a reference to them in the name of the hood.

hollyhood miss west end girl

Like with so many of Chouchou’s designs, this hood is reversible so you can style the white stars on a black background OR vice versa! The bold monochrome pattern looks great against most colours and textures, but I personally love it layered over indigo denim.

hollyhood miss west end girl

No matter which side you wear it on, the hood will be trimmed with a plush, super soft faux fur in a rusty, burnt orange. You know that rare, startling pop of colour that you get when you suddenly see a fox running across some snow? If you’ve ever been in Kelvingrove Park at the right moment in January then you might be familiar with it! Anyway, the contrast between the luxurious, foxy fur and the black and white patterned wool seemed to feel right (and you might just feel a little bit foxier while wearing it too!).

The Hollyhood MWEG Star is just as much of a statement piece as its summer sister, and is the perfect accessory for a long walk on a chilly day.

hollyhood miss west end girl

I couldn’t be more proud of how our third collaboration has turned out and it’s available now as part of the new Hood Stories collection! I hope you love it! Also (and yeah, just call me an enabler…) Chouchou just happen to have launched a sample sale TODAY, which means that you can treat yourself to a stylish Hollyhood from past collections – though with prices starting at £54, they won’t be around for long. Hop to it, kittens…

Have you checked out the new collection from Chouchou? What has been your favourite project you’ve worked on this year?

With love,



All photos by Trouble With Gary