Beauty Bites: MAC Archie’s Girls and Dainty Doll

This month I have been trying to be good and not buy lots of products because I will be going to the States in May and will most likely stock up on make up and other beauty products while I’m there. This month however also saw the hotly-anticipated release of the MAC x Archie’s Girls collaboration which was bad timing for me because boy, do I sure love a MAC collaboration! I was very sensible and limited myself to one item only so that I could still enjoy the new collection but not go overboard. A friend went to MAC on my behalf to pick up said item which was another sensible choice since one peek of the other make-up available would have probably sent my ‘one item’ rule packing!

All of the items in the collection are beautifully packaged in hard white plastic featuring cartoon graphics of the Archie Comics characters. Presentation always gets my attention and MAC always get it right – especially in fun collaborations such as Hello Kitty, Heatherette, Disney Villains and now, Archie’s Girls.

I chose one of the lipsticks from the Veronica line in the collection, called Boyfriend Stealer. As the name suggests, it’s a sassy, vampy shade described by MAC as a ‘blackened plum’ in a ‘deep, seductive tone’. I had been keen to try out a plum for ages so decided this would be the perfect opportunity. It certainly is very dark, especially at first glance while still in the tube, but can be worn in different ways depending on how bold a look you want to achieve. I wanted to go quite dark (go big or go home, right?) so swiped on a couple of layers to build up a more opaque look. As the lipstick is made from the same formula as MAC’s Cremesheen lipsticks, it has a smooth application and a slightly shiny finish. It feels soft on the lips and despite being moderately pigmented it does not stain the lips and is easy to remove. No chance of those pesky stains the next day (“been eating liquorice?”).

I decided to embrace the full vamp effect and wore it out to a gig with a black lace Betsey Johnson dress. I would recommend wearing a lipliner with this one, I always think with a bold lip you need to make sure it looks neat. I picked up a very inexpensive one from Collection that did the job nicely.

In a previous post I had mentioned picking up a blusher from Nicola Roberts’ Dainty Doll collection. I had been very interested to try this brand as it promises to not only cater to, but actually be intended for pale skinned lasses like myself. Impressed? Very. The brand is still relatively new, yet has managed to establish themselves as a leading cosmetics line on a mission to ‘enhance the beauty of fairer skin tones’. On a good day I look like Casper the Ghost so any assistance is appreciated!

One of the other things about Dainty Doll I admire is their dedication to using high-quality ingredients intended to improve your skin. The blusher I bought contains vitamins A and E, and is rich in antioxidants to help boost the skin naturally. Sounds good to me! I chose shade 02 called My Girl (which immediately conjured up visions of Macaulay Culkin being chased by bees but that is another blog post altogether) which is a sugary, sweet bright pink. It’s the colour of cotton candy and I really like it. The colour is highly pigmented which meant that just one sweep gave my cheeks a healthy flush and a couple of sweeps helped me build up a brighter look with ease.

The size of the compact is very handbag-friendly and also features a mirror for use on the go. After applying my blusher in the morning I didn’t have to top it up at all during the day. It stayed put and The Boy commented when we got home in the evening (after being on for over 8 hours) that the colour was still very visible. The blusher does not come with it’s own applicator but I really didn’t mind as I prefer to use my own brush anyway.

The Dainty Doll blusher range comes in 4 different shades. I’m keen to try Hippy Shake next, a lilac coloured blush as the colour looks adorable and I’m curious to see what a lilac blush might look like on! Now that I know how high quality the blusher is I’d like to try other products in the range too.

Overall I am very happy with both of these purchases. You can buy the Archie’s Girls collection from MAC (but hurry – it is limited edition) directly either at MAC concessions or online. Dainty doll is available from a range of stockists including Boots, Very, Debenhams and Feel Unique.

Have you bought anything from the Archie’s Girl collection? Or tried any of Dainty Doll’s range? Do you ever feel like a ghost?

Thanks for reading!

This Week’s Mini Haul

After getting some good news on Thursday I was in the mood to celebrate so I decided a few little treats were in order.

Like a lot of other people, when I feel like buying a few little things/ need a new outfit/ want a specific item/ any other wardrobe situation  and don’t really fancy breaking the bank there is really one place to go that will tick all of the boxes. The clouds parted, a beam of sunshine shone down through the rain and illuminated the doors of Primark! Hallelujah! Maybe not as dramatic as that but it is in my memory.

The shops are in the awkward ‘getting rid of the last of the winter woolies and having to hang them on racks next to Summer dresses and straw hats’ stage in the season right now (although I reckon Primark kind of always have that going on, it’s part of their charm) so I went in with an open mind and a limit of only a couple of things (one would obviously need to be a dress, but that goes without saying since Primark are the kingdom of the £5 magic dress).

The first thing I found was a pink denim shirt with studded spike detailing on the collar. Phew! Now, this shirt clearly has a lot going on and is not for the faint of hearts (or wardrobes) but I couldn’t stop looking at it and decided to pick up one to run it past The Boy for his opinion. The Boy is going through a ‘customising everything that isn’t nailed down with spikes’ phase right now (and this isn’t a criticism – he really is rather good at it) so it was no surprise really that the shirt got the thumbs up and an enthusiastic nod (the highest of praise). For £12 I decided to give it a go and plan to wear it tucked into a black skirt or over a dress.

Next up was this most excellent McQueen-esque bag for a mere tenner! Ever since my faithful Lulu Guinness bag bit the dust (*sob*) last Autumn, breaking after two years of loyal service I have been on the lookout for a new everyday/ work bag that it big enough to tote all my rubbish essentials around in. I have other bags but they are brightly coloured and printed and sometimes all a gal really needs is a big black bag – a more stylish version of a bin bag if you will! This guy fit the criteria and was immediately hired. No more interviews, the position has been filled!

I really like the embossed black-on-black skulls – you can never have too many – and the size was just perfect. I had to giggle at the fact Primark were marketing it as a ‘Weekender’ bag – I consider it an everyday bag, but I’d love to show the head dudes at Primark what size of bag I’d consider to be a weekend bag!

It will never fully replace the Lulu Guinness-shaped void but it will certainly do for now.

I also bought a grey and black striped dress that I’d had my eye on when it was full price (£13) and now it was marked down to £7 so I snapped it up. Unfortunately it has to go back due to sizing issues but hey, you win some you lose some!

After hitting the ‘Mark I headed over to Boots and ended my little purse-friendly splurge with a new blusher. I had been keen to try Nicola Roberts’ Dainty Doll range for some time now but never got round to it. Boots currently have 1/3 off of the range and so I decided this would be a good time to try it. I opted for shade number 2, called My Girl. It’s a sweet, cotton candy pink colour and I will be writing a separate post about how I have found it to be after testing it out!

All in all, a happy little haul that didn’t cost much!

Have you treated yourself this week? Got your eye on anything nice? Feel free to comment below! 

Thanks for reading!