The £1.50 Interiors Hack to Update Your Space

interiors hack

There’s nothing like making a small change that results in a big impact, especially when it comes to home decor! Over the last week, we’ve been making a few updates around the flat – restyling rooms, adding some new plants, moving furniture around, that sort of thing – before Project Bathroom gets underway.

interiors hack

We’ve seen first hand how big a difference these little updates can have, but there’s been one in particular that I just LOVE –  and apparently, so do you guys (after I posted a photo on Instagram last week, quite a few of you got in touch with questions and comments!). I thought it might be handy to talk about it in more detail today, so you can see just how inexpensive and simple it really is! How inexpensive? Um, how does £1.50 sound?

This is an easy interiors hack that can truly breathe new life into a room, and the best part is that you can switch it up as often as you like!

interiors hack

Some of you might remember that the bookcase was previously lined with mint paper, making it stand out against our living room walls (previously grey, now peach!). Over the last month or two, we decided that we wanted to change the paper to something new, and hopefully bolder.

interiors hack

After failing to find any wallpaper that was a good fit for our home style, we started looking at wrapping paper! I know it sounds crazy, and you certainly couldn’t do a whole room using it, but for the small space involved, it actually made a lot of sense.

Once we started looking at wrapping paper to line the bookcase, we suddenly had a lot more choice! It introduced more options in terms of patterns and colour palettes, and of course, the prices were much lower.

interiors hack

I was in IKEA last week when I happened to spot this leopard patterned paper. As well as the colours being a perfect match for our home, I just loved the eye-catching print! It seemed too good to pass up, so I picked up two rolls at just £1.50 each and added them to my trolley. I couldn’t wait to let these leopards loose in the flat…

interiors hack

So, here’s how we did it: 

1. We measured each space in between the shelves and cut the paper to fit (so much easier than taking the shelves out!).  As we were removing the old paper, we actually had some good templates to work from this time around!

2. After emptying the shelves, we fixed the paper to the walls using a non-permenant adhesive (blu-tack, pins or double-sided sticky tape work best). Like I said before, the beauty of this interiors hack is that you can change out the paper again and again, so there’s no point messing around with wallpaper paste unless you have to. Plus the paper is so light that it will stay up easily.

3. With the paper firmly in place, we re-arranged our shelves and admired our new backing paper!

interiors hack

It really was as easy as that, and we ended up only needing one roll of paper to do the whole area.

Cheap, cheerful and bursting with colour, there’s nothing about this update I don’t love! Every time I walk into the living room it immediately catches my eye and seeing the jolly little leopards leaping around makes me grin. I’m already planning a few more upcoming projects in the flat, so be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see what I’m using as inspiration.

interiors hack

Do you have an interiors hack to share? If you could let an animal loose in YOUR living room, which would you choose?



DIY Spruced-up Soft Drinks With Fentimans


It’s January and, like everyone else I know, I’m spending quite a few of my nights in at the moment! But that’s alright with me because I’m still a little tired from December and all of the running around on the lead up to Christmas. This girl needs some downtime!

Lush baths, pom pom slippers and Netflix binges (I’m currently working my way through Gilmore Girls and all of Jim Gaffigan’s stand up shows, what about you?) are currently my favourite ingredients for a pitch-black, freezing cold weeknight, and I’m feeling ALL the better for it.


As some of you already know, I don’t drink, so unwinding with a glass of wine in front of the TV isn’t really my bag. That being said, I still enjoy something yummy to sip while catching up with my favourite obsessions shows. Flavoured tea is a big favourite but I’m also a huge fan of making fun flavoured drinks and mocktails.

Recently, the lovely team at Fentimans sensed my sudden spell of hibernation and promptly sent me a hamper filled with their botanically brewed drinks. I love their Rose Lemonade and I was more than happy to taste test some of the other flavours too – including their Ginger Beer, which has been in production since 1905!


Giving things some extra pizazz is something that I just can’t resist – be it on my outfit or sitting in my glass – so I decided to dress up my drinks with some additional flavours and garnishes. Throw in a pair of silk pyjamas and I think I just might feel like the fanciest couch potato ever.

So, I’m not calling these concoctions ‘recipes’ per se – let’s face it, most of the work has already been done – but a couple of simple makeovers on two of Fentimans’ classic flavours in case you fancy some spruced-up soft drinks…


Rose(mary) Limeade

For this drink, you’ll need: one 275ml bottle of Fentimans Rose Lemonade, 1 lemon, 1 lime, and a sprig of rosemary.

1. Slice up your lemon into wedges and cut your lime in half. Place a couple of lemon wedges in a glass.

2. Pour your Rose Lemonade into the glass (ice, m’lady?)

3. Squeeze in the juice from one half of the lime. Maybe even slice up the remaining half and throw that in the glass too? Easy, tiger.

4. Accessorise that glass with a sprig of rosemary and drink with your pinky pointing up.


Cool As An Elderflower 

For this drink, you’ll need: one 275ml bottle of Fentimans Wild English Elderflower, a cucumber and some fresh mint.

1. Slice the cucumber so you have about 3-4 slices ready. Put a couple of slices in the glass and keep one free.

2. Crush the fresh mint leaves to release the mint oils (who even AM I? I feel like Tom Cruise in Cocktail…) and add them to the glass too.

3. Pour your Fentimans drink into the glass.

4. Add the extra cucumber slice to the rim of the glass and, if you have any spare mint, garnish with that too. Super fresh!


And that’s really all there is to it! Low effort, strong flavours.

You might have noticed that I didn’t use any syrups in my DIY’s today – I thought I’d stick to a theme of natural additions since Fentimans are created with no artificial sweeteners, additives or colours. But who knows what I might find in my kitchen cupboards next time there’s a season finale that deserves a fancy soft drink?

Here’s to enjoying downtime with a flourish (it’s how Emily Gilmore would do things, after all!)…


Recipe: Easy, Three-Ingredient White Chocolate Macarons

White chocolate macarons

Whether you’ve been gripped by Bake Off fever, you’ve volunteered to take care of dessert for your next girly get-together, or you’re just in the mood for something sweet, one thing’s for sure: getting creative in the kitchen has never been more popular! I’m all for pushing out of your comfort zone and trying something challenging, but sometimes we need a quick and easy solution that’ll still do the job too. And friends, today’s recipe is as quick and easy as they come!

White chocolate macarons

Today I’m going to share how to make these cute-as-a-button white chocolate macarons, using just THREE ingredients. The real star of the show is the Lees Macaringues – brightly coloured small meringue shells by Lees of Scotland. These are almond flavoured (like most macaron shells) but are actually nut and gluten free!

Fancy some easy, three-ingredient white chocolate macarons? Look no further…

White chocolate macarons

You will need: 

1 pack of Lees Macaringues

1 100g bar of white chocolate (I used Green & Black’s organic chocolate)

250g of double cream

1 small pan

1 heatproof bowl

White chocolate macarons

Pour all of the double cream into the pan and break up your chocolate into squares in the bowl. Heat the cream until it is just about to boil, remove it from the heat and immediately pour over the chocolate and mix it together; stirring until the chocolate has melted. You should be left with a mixture resembling a thick ganache.

Spoon a small amount (about a teaspoon’s worth) of the mixture onto the inside (the flat side) of one of the Macaringues and push the other shell onto it so you have a sweet little sandwich.

Repeat until you have a plate full of rainbow coloured treats to dazzle your guests (or yourself!).

White chocolate macarons

And that’s pretty much it… I told you it was easy! I’m already thinking about what else I could do with the Lees Macaringues for Christmas time – candy coloured Eton Mess, anyone? I hope you give this recipe a go and let me know if you come up with any fun variations. I’ve heard that adding a small amount of jam takes things to the next level, but there’s only one way to find out…

With desserts for days…