Hot Damn! Hot Cakes at Pot Luck

hot cakes at pot luckWhen was the last time you got so excited about a plate of food that you wanted to tell the world about it? Well, that’s what happened to me recently when I tried the hot cakes at Pot Luck, a new(ish!) cafe on Nithsdale Road. I was texting friends, tweeting photos and telling almost everyone I spoke to about them!

And now? Well, now I’m telling you guys. Anyone who has known me for even the shortest amount of time knows that I am a dessert person – so, when my sweet tooth spidey senses were telling me about some life-changing pancakes in the Southside, I just HAD to investigate.

hot cakes at pot luck

At my last visit to Pot Luck, clearly delighted about the prospect of hot cakes

I’m not sure exactly what the difference between a pancake and a hot cake is but the hot cakes seem thicker and fluffier. So a thicker, fluffier version of a pancake? Excuse me, I think my mouth filled with saliva just typing that! Anyway, I’m not 100% sure if there is a massive difference but what I do know is that the hot cakes at Pot Luck are different to most pancakes I’ve tried!

So, let’s get to it. Why am I so in love with this dish? Aside from how delightful a stack of fresh hot cakes are on their own (we covered the thick, fluffy factor right? Say no more!), there’s the toppings. At Pot Luck right now you can have your hot cakes three different ways, so far I’ve tasted two of them: pistachio & peach, and lemon & blueberry.

hot cakes at pot luckIt’s hard to pick a favourite, but I reckon the lemon & blueberry ones have the edge, topped with ricotta, lemon curd, lemon balm and fresh blueberries. They’re sweet, zingy and full of flavour (*stares dreamily off into the distance*). I think we might be heading towards a committed relationship here, folks! The peach & pistachio variation are also awesome, and they come topped with pashmak (Iranian candy floss) which adds a really fun (not to mention, delicious!) touch.

I’ve not tried the third flavour yet, but I do know it comes with strawberries, kiwi’s and maple syrup (plus, more pashmak!) so it’s only a matter of time, right?

The hot cakes at Pot Luck are my new favourite indulgence, giving me an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and maybe even an early dinner (they close at 5pm!). If you haven’t been along to try them for yourself, put them at the top of your to-do to-eat list! You can thank me later…

See Ya, 2015…


With only mere hours to go until the end of 2015, I find myself reflecting on the last 12 months and, you know something? It’s been amazing. Filled with exciting projects, endless adventures and plenty of laughter, I couldn’t have asked for a better year.

There’s so much to look forward to but for now, I wanted to say See Ya, 2015, celebrate the year gone by and share some of my favourite moments. Think of it as a blogging mixtape, from me to you…

Gothenburg 6


Travels and Gallivanting

I didn’t make it to Disney this year, but I DID have a total blast visiting a few new places (and Disney, I’m coming for ya next year…). Here a few of my favourite trips and photo diaries:

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Blogging, Projects and Other Fun

This year at Miss West End Girl has been the most exciting yet – with starting a podcast, a magazine feature, filming for an international TV show, public speaking, guest blogging for one of my favourite brands and being rated one of the top Glasgow blogs being just a few things that I did NOT see coming (but I’m so very glad that they did!).

I’ve also met a ton of wonderful people along the way and been sharing bits and pieces of what I’ve learned. Some of my favourites have been:

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Fashion and Personal Style

Cue the fashion montage music! 2015 has been a pretty awesome year for dressing up and adding a few more fun pieces to my wardrobe. Having one of my favourite designers name a piece from her collection after me was a major highlight, as well as collaborating with some of the best independent creatives and well-known brands around.

Ooh, ah! Fashion…

Snow Queen Style with Hollyhood Lynsay

A Tropical Girl Gang Adventure!

When Audrey Met Fred…

Let’s Go Exploring!

Take One Princess Skirt: Daytime

our bedroom 7

Interiors, DIY’s and Home Tours

How could I round up my year without mentioning life at the Rainbow Palace? I started posting pictures of our home in January, and could never have dreamed we’d end up with a 12-page spread in an interiors magazine! I’ve got more home and decor posts planned for 2016, but here are a few of my favourites so far:

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Home Tour: Welcome to Our Bedroom

Colourful Christmas Interiors


Advice, Thoughts and Good Vibes

This year I’ve posted more of my advice columns, and shared some more thoughts on this funny thing called life. As most of you will know by now, I tend to walk on the sunny side of the street! I’m certainly not an expert, but what I will always do is be honest and share my positive outlook with you guys.

Here are some of my favourites from the last 12 months:

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Glorious Glasgow and Girl About Town Tips

At the heart of this blog, you’ll always find my home city. I love to share my must-visit places in Glasgow with you – it’s one of the reasons I started writing Miss West End Girl in the first place, and whether the things I share are old or new, they deserve to be shouted from the rooftops if you ask me!

This year I’ve had a grand old time being your unofficial tour guide to the city, so here are a few posts worth mentioning:

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Lush 20 5

Lotions, Potions and Feeling Like a Total Babe

I have always been the type of person to believe that looking good is about feeling good, and that if we feel wonderful within, it WILL show. One of my favourite self-care rituals is to give myself a good pampering, and in the last 12 months I’ve shared a few old faithfuls and new game changers with you guys. If you missed, ’em, these are my top picks:

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and Grey Outside!)

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Food Reviews and Adventures in Vegetarianism

This year, Gary and I went veggie which was a pretty big step for a couple that loved a good pulled pork bun! I’ve really enjoyed being able to keep notes of our journey into a meat-free diet and even started a mini-series here to talk about it.

It’s been a year filled with delicious dishes, brilliant brunches and a whole lot more. I’ve picked out a small buffet of my favourite posts for you to devour:

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Bill’s Restaurant

GirlGang (52)

Phew! I know it’s all been said so many times, but I genuinely can’t believe that another year is over. More than ever, I feel like I’m saying goodbye to the last 12 months at my most happy and grateful! Thank you from the bottom of my sparkly heart for joining me – whether you’ve been here for the whole year, or have just started stopping by.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings, and I hope that you have a magical New Year, whether spent in your pyjamas or your finest frock! Here’s to much more love, adventure and finding joy in the little things.



The Glasgow Veggie Diaries: Thaikhun

ThaiKhun 4
The story so far: This year, Gary and I decided to cut out meat from our diets, which has meant a huge change in the way we eat (and WHAT we eat, of course!).

With this in mind, I want to continue to share my experiences dining out in the city, but with a new focus. I want to give you guys the scoop on the places that aren’t serving meat-free menus as a mere afterthought – the places with dishes to delight everybody in your posse. You’ll find me sharing all the details here in The Glasgow Veggie Diaries – I hope you’ll join me as I try out vegetarian options in Glasgow and report back on what you can expect!

This week, The Glasgow Veggie Diaries visits the newly-opened Thaikhun restaurant…

With a reputation for punchy, Thai flavours served up street-food style, it’s no wonder that the opening of Thaikhun’s Glasgow restaurant was hotly-anticipated. Silverburn shopping centre’s Winter Garden area has grown into a hub of dining and socialising and offers so much more than your average mall food court.

About Thaikhun
Pronounced ‘tycoon’ (see what they did there?!), Thaikhun is part of a chain of casual dining restaurants owned by the Chaophraya restaurant group. They opened their first restaurant in May this year and have more UK destinations planned. Inspired by the cuisine you’d expect to find on the streets of Bangkok, the restaurants aim to bring people together in celebration of exciting and authentic flavours.

Excited to see what was on the menu, Gary and I headed down to Thaikhun Silverburn the weekend after it opened.

Inviting Interiors
The first thing that I noticed when walking in was how much I liked the décor! Designed to reflect contemporary Thai style, you can expect blasted wooden planks contrasted with delicate flowers and golden statues. Vintage Thai movie posters towards the back of the restaurant also added an extra element of cool. Sitting in a middle table and taking in the surroundings, I felt fully immersed in the relaxed feel of the brand.

The team at Thaikhun were extremely pleasant and friendly, though during our visit were clearly busy and a little overwhelmed. Considering that it was opening weekend and that there wasn’t an empty table in sight, this was totally understandable.

ThaiKhun 2

Massive Menu
Once we had ordered our drinks (a Melon Refresher smoothie for me and a Pennywort Juice for Gary – it was brilliant to see that the Thai influence was reflected on the drinks options too), we browsed the menu. The food menu is pretty extensive – excluding sides, we’re talking 52 dishes. That’s quite a lot of choice, right? Well, yes and no. If you eat meat, you will feel spoiled for choice, no questions asked! Of the large number of dishes on offer, only nine of them were suitable for veggies (and most of them had simply replaced meat with battered tofu, which was a pity).

I was also a bit surprised to see that all of the salads contained meat! A genuine first for me – usually I can fall back on a salad if all else fails.

We started with the Por Pia Sod Tofu which came wrapped in lettuce and packed with shredded vegetables and tofu. The flavour of the dish wasn’t too strong but certainly tasted fresh, and the chilli dipping sauce kicked things up a few notches. I also tried some of the salt & pepper squid, which again lacked a lot of flavour on its own but was livened up with some of the Thai fish sauce that came on the table.

For mains we tried the Phad Thai Jay, which we were told is Thailand’s national dish. Primarily noodles and tofu, the Phad Thai Jay is made with the chef’s own authentic sauce recipe. We also tasted the Pad Mee Phuket, which was another noodle dish but served with a colourful variety of vegetables.

ThaiKhun 3

I felt that the food itself just didn’t quite match the impact that the restaurant surroundings had on me. Thai food is so well-known for its eclectic and memorable dishes, and I think there could be a little more scope for going further with the vegetarian ingredients and flavours at Thaikhun, to enhance the full experience.

As much as I enjoyed the relaxed and well-styled environment at Thaikhun, I couldn’t help but feel that there has been a missed opportunity with the menu, given the impressive number of dishes and the positive feeling behind the brand. Seeing as they are a fairly new restaurant chain, there is a chance that they may still be developing their range of dishes so I’ll be keeping an eye on their social media for updates!

Have you tried Thaikhun? What are your thoughts?