Welcome To Our Christmas Decor 2017!

christmas decor

Putting up our Christmas tree has fast become one of the holiday traditions that I get very excited about! So much in fact, that from the first of December I am ITCHING to pull out the decorations, put on a playlist and go to town.

christmas decor

My take on festive decor is very much in theme with the rest of our house, which a lot of you guys will be familiar with by now I am sure! The lovely gals over at hous. recently described our interior vibe as “vintage Palm Springs” (you can read the rest of that feature here!), so you can probably imagine that going full-on Santa’s grotto isn’t really our style!

christmas decor

Instead, we like to keep things colourful, playful and a tad minimalist with our Christmas decor so that we can enjoy the seasonal theme but still have all of the colours and motifs that make us feel right at home.

christmas decor

Our Christmas tree is probably the most non-traditional item we have and, not only do I love the way it looks, but it doesn’t bother Bosley either (I honestly had visions of him trying to climb whatever tree we had!). It means we have to be stricter with our bauble collection, but I can spiral out of control very quickly when it comes to small, sparkly objects so that can only be a good thing.

We’ve switched up our cushions for our Christmas ones (from M&S a few years back) and we’ve got our teal tinsel high up on the picture frames and such (because Bosley does try to run around with it if it’s in pawing distance…).

christmas decor

Our gold 3D HO HO HO letters have made another appearance this year and, even though they are just cardboard, they’re one of my favourite decorations! I might even change them to say OOOH when Santa’s on his way…

christmas decor

Speaking of letters, this vintage-inspired pegboard* from Truffle Shuffle has been a constant source of entertainment! Whether it’s quotes from our favourite festive films or lines from childhood Christmas number ones, we’re having a lot of fun spelling things out and making it part of our Christmas decor!

christmas decor

Having our home ready for visitors over the holidays isn’t just about how it looks but how it sounds and smells too, am I right? Elvis’ Christmas album playing on the Crosley takes care of the sound, and burning something seasonal and spicy adds an extra layer of cosy to the room!

Shearer Candles have really outdone themselves this year with a new range of holiday candles. Their Red Apple & Cinnamon jar candle smells utterly delicious! And PS, I’m also a huge fan of the Gingerbread candle tin (not pictured) – it could fool people into thinking I’ve been baking all day, haha!

christmas decor

christmas decor

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into this year’s Christmas decor around our place. I really enjoy seeing how other people have styled their homes for this time of year, so let me know what you’re doing! Do you have a theme? What’s your favourite decoration?




*Hey! If you fancy ordering one of these for yourself and joining in the quote-tastic fun, you can get a cheeky 15% off using LYNSAY15

Celebrating Bosley’s First Year!

Bosley's First Year

This weekend is a special one because it marks Bosley’s first year of living with us (AKA his ‘gotcha day’)! It’s hard for me to believe that this time last year we were bringing him home because it kind of feels like he’s always been here.

I was looking through pictures of Bosley earlier and can’t believe how tiny he used to be! I used to be able to scoop him up in one hand and he was able to climb inside my handbags and hide. These days, it’s quite a different story. But he is still as curious as ever and he still tries to climb inside things, even if his big butt hangs out the back! Bosley also has an incredible RKF (resting kit face!) as, despite his grumpy expression, he is very affectionate and friendly. We even joke that he is part dog!

Bosley's First Year

A little while back, I wrote about how having a kitten has been a big learning curve in our house, and I’m still learning new things about Bosley as he gets bigger. Like how much he loves our daily routines (no matter how small they might be!) and how intuitive he is. Also, he makes us laugh constantly – the other day he reacted to a particularly dramatic part of a corny film and it (further) convinced me that he understands English purrfectly…

Earlier this week was International Cat Day which meant that, as well as my feed being filled with even more cute felines than usual, I had yet another excuse to post a picture and celebrate Bosley’s first year on Twitter and Instagram! The gang at RSPCA have even included him in their #MoreThanCat online gallery of kitties – you can check it out here.

Bosley's First Year

It’s amazing how quickly a little animal can become such a big part of your life and, in a short year, Bosley has become a major part of ours. I can’t wait to see what the next twelve months (and all the months and years after that!) bring.

Tell me all about your furry friends! Do you celebrate any pet birthdays/ anniversaries too?


Things I’ve Learned Since Getting a Kitten

Getting a kitten Well, it’s been almost 4 weeks since we brought Bosley home and I thought it was high time I introduced him properly around here! If you’ve been following my Instagram Stories (is it just me that’s obsessed with them? Sorry Snapchat!), you will have had an almost daily dose of him and his cute (and at times, crazy!) escapades. Plus, y’know…THAT FACE.

In a short space of time, he’s truly become one of the gang and it almost feels like he’s been here forever. That being said, every day there are still new things I discover about him and need to consider as he grows bigger.


So, as well as the opportunity to show off a few snaps of the little guy, I’d love to also share a few things I’ve learned since getting a kitten…


Spending time together is good for both of you

My mornings used to be a bit manic to say the least. I’d tear through the flat like the Tasmanian Devil, and I’d be out and about before I’d really had a chance to wake up properly. Now, I have a new routine and it’s all down to Bosley.

In the morning, I’ll get up and spend twenty minutes with him before I do anything else. I’ll sit by the window and he’ll come sit by me, purring madly and we’ll have a wee chat. Our morning bonding time is something we both look forward to (when I get out of bed he now runs at top speed to our spot!) and I start my day feeling really content. Playing together is also great fun and we’re starting to see his personality shine through a little more each day.


Kittens are smarter (AND sillier!) than you expect them to be

It didn’t take Bosley long to figure out a few things, like where his litter tray was, where his food is kept and what it means when he sees us putting on our shoes. It turns out he’s taking a lot more in that we were originally giving him credit for!

HOWEVER. He is also as daft as a brush and sometimes his curiosity gets the better of him. I give you Exhibit A, Your Honour…


Yep. Right in the toaster. Even he looks a bit embarrassed here, right? Luckily we already knew that keeping all appliances switched off that we aren’t using at the time is the best idea, so there was no risk of having a toasted kitty.

NEVER underestimate how high they can jump

We assumed that as he is technically a baby, Bosley wouldn’t be able to get very far by himself. Oh, friends – how naive we were! We thought it’d be months from now until he could leap onto the kitchen counter tops. We stand corrected. It’s not all mischief though! On the flipside, he will unexpectedly jump up next to me on the sofa or on top of the bed and snuggle in. Ahhh!


The love is real

As a lifelong animal lover, I knew that I’d be smitten with any pet we were able to give a home to. I just don’t think I was mentally prepared for how much I would love him and how hard it would hit me. Ouch, my soul! The first time I met Bosley and he lay in my arms purring like a tiny speedboat, my eyes filled with tears and I thought my heart might burst!

Now, a few weeks on, I am still utterly smitten. And I can tell because when I am doing the not-so-exciting jobs like cleaning his eye goop, researching insurance and emptying his litter tray, I do it without as much as a grumble. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is!


And one final thing I’ve learned: Bosley is more than just a pet, he’s a purr-fect new addition to the family and the happiest little chappy you could ever want to live with you (even if his sassy RBF suggests otherwise sometimes!). Making sure he stays that way by giving him the best care possible, spending time together and taking a moment each day to appreciate his little quirks is all part of that.

These are just a few things I’ve learned since getting a kitten and I’ll be sharing more Bosley updates soon. In the meantime you can keep up with his antics by searching #exoticbosley on Instagram!

Do you have any kitten stories to share?

With tiny paws and kitty claws,