Sweater Weather: Caring for Knitwear

Caring for Knitwear

It’s officially September, which means three key things are bound to happen: 1) I’ll be singing September by Earth, Wind & Fire pretty constantly, 2) a trip to Starbucks is on the cards because giving in to Pumpkin Spice fever is inevitable and 3) I’ll start layering up because it’s sweater weather! I don’t know about you, but I have some special knitted pieces that I go back to each season, and looking after them properly means they are ready wear again and again.

So dig out your cosiest cardigan, grab a hot mug of PSL (singing 70s soul music isn’t mandatory but IS actively encouraged!) and join me today as I share a few of my top tips for caring for knitwear…

Caring for Knitwear

1. It’s all in the storage

Before packing away your beloved sweaters for next season, be sure that they are absolutely bone dry. If you don’t, you can risk damp and mould spreading from even the tiniest sweat patch (eww!). Storing your knits with cedar balls will also minimise pesky moth attacks.

2. Shave those bobbles

When two pieces of fabric rub together, the result is the dreaded bobbling effect and your favourite piece looking like you’ve slept in it about a million times. Who doesn’t like a good comeback story though? To bring these pieces back to life, you can either invest in a fancypants bobble remover OR a careful once-over with a disposable razor oughta do the trick too!

3. Fold, don’t hang

Sweaters have a horrible tendency to lose their shape if you keep them on clothes hangers, so folding them neatly and storing them in a drawer or on a shelf will help them to stay in better condition and avoid over-stretching.

Caring for Knitwear

4. Ice, ice, baby 

So disaster strikes and you’ve got yourself a moth infestation – eek! If you find moth holes in your knitwear, and want to try to salvage it, make some room in your freezer! The offending item will need to be kept in the freezer for two days to kill the moth eggs. Afterwards, wash it and then you’ll be good to go again.

If you’re thinking of digging your Autumn wardrobe out of storage, or fancy treating yourself to some new pieces to layer up with, I hope these tips help you enjoy your knits for seasons to come! You can also find me and a whole range of blogger babes doing some more jabbering about jumpers over on the George Life & Style page – read more here.

What are your favourite things about September? Do you have any advice on caring for knitwear? And (be honest!), have you had anything Pumpkin Spiced yet?




Post created in collaboration with George, though all advice, opinions and taste in music are my own! 

A Holly Jolly Christmas Jumper

Love ’em or loathe ’em, it’s officially time for Yuletide-themed clothes and accessories to see the light of day again and I for one couldn’t be more pleased. Falling firmly into the ‘love ’em’ camp, it’s the time of year that I can take my love of kitsch up another notch.

Acting as my festive accomplice / enabler, the lovely team of elves at George invited me to indulge in my love of corny Christmas ensembles by styling up one of their Christmas jumpers from this year’s collection. Snowflakes, penguins and reindeer, oh my! With nearly forty festive choices to pick from, I felt like a kid in a candy (cane) store…


Opting for fine knit over fluffy, and a pattern instead of one main design, this cute little holly number called out to me!

I love the bold contrast of the pattern against the plain black of the sweater, and being black, it’ll be great for mixing and matching over the coming weeks.


Combining textures is one of my favourite parts of winter, and I decided to style the jumper with a soft pleather A-line midi skirt. As well as feeling great on (and I can confirm that it passes the twirl test!), the skirt has two front pockets – and we all know how I feel about a skirt with pockets, right? Score!


Fearing that I was wearing too much black (the horror!) I knew some sparkle was in order, and this embellished collar was the perfect way to jazz things up without piling on loads of layers. I wore it with my gold Bonnie Bling snowflake necklace, because you can never have too many metallics at Christmas time.


This month’s Crown and Glory Glitterati subscription box was party-themed and one of my favourite pieces from it is this glittery name headband. Each subscriber was sent a surprise reindeer name in their parcel, and I was so pleased to get Vixen in mine!


Can we just take a moment to appreciate these super shiny golden brogues? If these aren’t made for dancing I don’t know what is!

My Holly Jolly Christmas Outfit includes:

Jumper, skirt, collar & shoes: George
Snowflake necklace: Bonnie Bling
VIXEN Reindeer headband: Crown and Glory


I finished my look with a slick of red lipstick – it IS mistletoe season, after all!

Will you be wearing a Christmas jumper this year? What’s your favourite reindeer name?



With thanks to George

Home Tour: Welcome To Our Bedroom!

our bedroom 8
The story so far: As some of you will know by now, the last ten months have been very exciting for us as we’ve gone through the process of buying our first home! After eight years of renting, we stumbled across a flat almost by accident that happened to be for sale. We fell in L-O-V-E hard with the place and could really see ourselves living there and styling it to our personal taste.

Fast forward just a few weeks and we were picking up the keys, and walking into what is now nicknamed the Rainbow Palace. But it was empty! Going from renting furnished beige (oh, so much beige!) flats to having our very own place to decorate? Talk about being like kids in a candy store! I’ve really been enjoying sharing the journey and little interiors tours of our home so far, so today I’d like to continue that – welcome to our bedroom!

our bedroom 5

I love having the luxury of good storage all around this flat – and one of the main reasons for this is that it has helped us to create an airy, uncluttered space in our bedroom, which was really important to me. I think it’s the combination of this and getting off of the ground floor that has really made a difference in how much my sleeping pattern has improved!

our bedroom 7

We’ve kept the walls in this room white for the most part, so that we can add pops of colour around the room. One of the most eye-catching ways we’ve done this is by painting the original chimney breast part of the wall in a bright statement mint (the same paint that we used for our geometric door in the living room). When I say we, I actually mean Gary – I went out one day and came home to find him painting it! I’m really happy with the result, and we’ve positioned our bed at this point of the room as it measured up perfectly – it was meant to be, eh?

our bedroom 6

Painting this one section was a good way to experiment with a statement wall without going the whole way. We’ve furnished a lot of the room with simple, white furniture from IKEA which helps keep the room feeling spacious and clean. Our mirror is from IKEA too, and is from their PS designer collection. Fun fact: I loved this mirror so much that I bought it last year, way before we even discovered this flat. We were still renting and I stored the mirror (in its packaging), telling myself it would look great when we eventually bought a home and could put things up on the walls…

our bedroom 3

The bedroom has a lot of the same characteristics as the rest of the flat – big windows that let in lots of light, high ceilings and a built-in bookcase. In the same style as our living room, we decided to line the back of the open shelves with some vibrant paper – this time we chose a map-print in a variety of colours. I can’t get enough of the contrast with the white shelves!

our bedroom 2

My grey bedside table is by Ben De Lisi at Debenhams (from the same collection as our coffee table), which I picked up after a seemingly endless search. Its mid-century modern vibe was just what I was looking for and it’s the perfect size for holding a couple of bedside essentials. I found this vase in a charity shop just moments after eyeing up MUCH MORE expensive options – it was a totally lucky find.

Something that was really important to me when furnishing the bedroom was picking out the right bed. I wanted the feeling of a super comfy bed so that I could have the kind of blissed-out sleep I only seemed to get in hotels. So we did the whole shebang, picking out everything from the base, to the headboard to the mattress (all from Archers)! We sat on every mattress in the store before picking out the right one – I felt a bit like goldilocks, but it was so worth it!

our bedroom 9

It’s all very well for the bed to feel good, but of course I like it to look nice too! Having fun geometric-print bedding, that ties in with the pastel colours of our home, was a clear choice. Right now I’m loving this pink set from George at Asda, and the snuggly grey wool blanket (also from George!) adds a little texture. I used some of the same geometric-print material to create matching covers for the throw pillows as part of a bloggers challenge set up by George and I’m so chuffed with how they’ve turned out! You can see other creations on Twitter by searching for #ThatsSewGeorge. My pineapple shaped cushion is from Primark – isn’t it cute?

our bedroom 4

our bedroom 1

We had so much fun creating a gallery wall in the living room that we decided to replicate it in the bedroom, with a mixture of art and prints – including one of my favourite illustrations of Prince (!!) by Glasgow’s Claire Barclay.

I’m really happy with how this room has come together. I always feel really peaceful and comfortable hanging out in it – whether I’m reading, blogging, relaxing or even putting on make-up at the mirror.

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out this part of our home tour! I’d love to know what you think and be sure to come back for the next instalment!