Friday Hi-Fives: Chouchou, Cakes and Chuck Berry


It’s a lazy Friday night and there is a cotton candy-pink sky hanging over Glasgow. I’m spending time at home after cooking dinner with Gary and even though it may not be the most rock n’ roll Friday night, it feels like the perfect start to the weekend.

This week has been pretty exciting one – I’ve had a lot of fun launching the Hollyhood Miss West End Girl, my collaboration piece with Chouchou. It’s been great to see people’s reactions to something we’ve both been working hard on behind the scenes, and if you haven’t had a look yet, you can catch up with all the details here! I’d love to know what you think.

Over the weekend, I visited Pixie Hair and Beauty on Dumbarton Road and enjoyed having my makeup done in their hugely Instagram-able salon (full review coming very soon!). We also grabbed lunch at Singl-end Cafe, and picked up some cakes from their bakery take home. I’m still crazy about their sweet potato and almond bread and I’m already planning my next visit…

During the week I hung out with Ayden and we ate lots of delicious Italian food at Prezzo while catching up on blogging chat and hearing all about her adorable new puppy. Is there anything cuter than a newborn French bulldog though? Aww.

Tell me about YOUR week! Are you ready to get this weekend off to a great start? Me too – let’s share some hi-fives!

This week, I’m hi-fiving because…

…the lovely Lia at Swoon Nails created a Prince-inspired manicure for me that I just can’t get enough of. When the shade of glitter you’re using is called Purple Party, it’s too hard to resist!

…I’m seeing my girl Vicky this weekend for a day of adventuring and I CAN’T WAIT

these Dolce & Gabbana x SMEG fridges are ridiculously decadent and over-the-top (but I still kinda love ’em!)

…it’s Record Store Day tomorrow, time to celebrate and support your local independent record shops – yay!

…we spent a fun afternoon listening to Chuck Berry and eating epic sandwiches at Great Western Sandwich Co. More days like this please!

Hi-Five Homework: plan a phone date or a Skype date with someone special. Ditch the texts for a night and be present.

Here’s to a fabulous weekend – see you next week!




Hello My Name is Paul Smith at The Lighthouse


Recently, I spent an afternoon at The Lighthouse on Mitchell Lane. It was one of those rare midweek afternoons, where I had a few hours on my hands and some welcome quiet time. Instead of planning a late lunch or catch up session (which would normally be my default setting!), I decided to spend the afternoon with Paul Smith. Not the REAL Paul Smith of course (though how awesome would that be?!), but rather a visit to the latest exhibition to hit The Lighthouse – Hello My Name is Paul Smith.

As well as an insight into the business of fashion design, the exhibition invites us to explore the mind and creativity of Paul Smith, who has been producing his work since the 1970s and is today one of the leading names in British fashion (and known worldwide for his playful and innovative designs). I couldn’t wait to get a peek into his world, and brought my trusty camera along with me.



Today, I’d love to share a few of my favourite snaps from my trip to the exhibition and why I think you should pay Paul a visit…



Hello My Name is Paul Smith starts (like any good story) at the beginning. It follows the designer from his roots, overcoming setbacks and discovering his passion for design. There’s also a look at his first ever shops (including a scale model of the 3m x 3m Nottingham shop!) and replicas of Paul Smith’s Covent Garden office and the design studio – complete with a radio belting out Rod Stewart.


Inside Paul’s Head is one of my favourite parts of the exhibition – a powerful small space, making excellent use of sound and vision. In this installation, Paul himself explains how simple and powerful the design process can be and how ideas can truly come from anywhere. He even talks about his Instagram account and what sorts of things would inspire him to post – which I found really interesting. I love to find out what makes people look twice and decide to share an image, especially someone as creative and visual as Paul Smith!



Something that I noticed quite quickly is how likeable Paul Smith is – he has a genuine joy for his work and a relaxed humour which made me enjoy learning more about him. His excitement for colours and textures was infectious and it was inspiring to listen to him speak in the interactive areas of the exhibition.



A Day in the Life of a Fashion Show was another show-stopping section. While surrounded by Paul’s personal selection of pieces from his archive, a short documentary following the Paul Smith Men’s Spring Summer 2014 show in Paris is displayed on large screens, along with footage of the designer preparing for the event and talking through the design process. A balance between traditional craftsmanship and embracing new technology, it’s all about design coming from the unexpected.


My visit ended by looking at some of Paul Smith’s most memorable collaborations with other brands and creatives, with everything from sunglasses, to limited-edition bottles of HP Sauce (for Harrods, dah-ling) and one stunning Mini from 1998. Everything was beautifully designed, with that classic pop of Paul Smith colour or pattern.


Taking in Hello My Name is Paul Smith was the perfect way to spend my afternoon. I left grinning from ear to ear, telling everyone I spoke to for the next 24 hours (AT LEAST!) that they must check it out. And I think you should too, and here’s why: you don’t need to be a fashionista to enjoy this exhibition. Yes, it does showcase the work of a one of the fashion industry’s key players, but it is also a celebration of colour, joy and creativity. With the overall mantra of ‘everyday is a new beginning’ – it simply oozes positivity. And who could say no to that? You can catch the exhibition until 20th March.

Find out more about Hello My Name is Paul Smith at The Lighthouse, opening times and tickets here!

Will you be saying hello to Paul Smith? What is your favourite way to spend an afternoon by yourself?

Love, Signature


Square Eyes Film Club at Blythswood Square Hotel


Glasgow is a city that has had a long-running love affair with cinema. And with oodles of film-making talent, pop-up events, special screenings and even its own film festival (the latest of which launched today, by the way!), it’s easy to see why.

There are also several ways to catch your favourite movies in Glasgow – from the thrill of the blockbusters at the multiplex, to seeing cult classics in a more unique setting (the eagle-eyed among you might even remember the pop-up movies from Backseat Bingo that I enjoyed at The Old Hairdressers not too long ago). As a huge film fan, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to experience a trip to the movies!

So, you can imagine how excited I was to hear about Square Eyes Film Club – a new regular cinema event at Blythswood Square Hotel.

Square Eyes Film Club brings classic films to the luxurious setting of the five-star Blythswood Square Hotel in the city centre, and makes full use of the hotel’s exclusive (and often overlooked) bespoke screening room. With screenings planned right up to summertime, you can expect girl gang picks like Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.


Last week, I went along to the launch night to see what Square Eyes (ahh, I love a good play on words!) has planned for its guests, with a special screening of Kristen Wiig’s 2011 comedy, Bridesmaids. Who could say no to that?

Spending time in Blythswood Square Hotel is always a wonderful experience. The team is so welcoming and I instantly feel relaxed in its beautiful, yet comfortable, surroundings. I started my evening by meeting up with Lori and Michelle in the hotel lobby and we were whisked upstairs to The Salon for nibbles, drinks and a pre-fllm catch up.

IMG_9187 IMG_9186

After being treated to an amazing spread, we chatted about our favourite movies and which ones we thought would look great on Blythswood’s big screen. With its decadent design and grand staircases, the hotel instantly reminds me of Film Noir and classic Hollywood stories. Couldn’t you just see Rita Hayworth sashaying down the staircase? I think a black-and-white double bill with vintage-inspired cocktails would be perfect for Square Eyes!

We headed down to the screening room, which seats up to 40 guests in its oversized colourful chairs. The seats alone are a feast for the eyes, with each one covered in a unique and striking tweed. Choosing the right seat at the cinema is hard enough when they all look the same, but when they are this pretty, it’s even more of a challenge…


Armed with popcorn and drinks, we settled down and watched the movie. I hadn’t seen Bridesmaids for a couple of years, and it really is an awesome film to watch with a group of girls. Dress fitting faux pas (just don’t blame the Brazilian food, okay?)! In-flight misbehaviour! Bear sandwiches (ooh-err!) and of course, the EPIC sing-along scene at the end. Square Eyes really did pick a gem to kick-start their programme of screenings.

In a typical Square Eyes package, you can expect a delicious afternoon tea, followed by tea, coffee or Prosecco in the Monte Carlo Suite before heading into the screening room for the movie (with popcorn of course!). At £38 per person, it’s a little more expensive than a trip to the mainstream cinema, but the thing to keep in mind is that Square Eyes aren’t competing with the big guns here. What they are offering is a day out filled with delicious treats, comfortable and stylish surroundings, attention to detail and classic films. To me, that’s a totally different experience, don’t you think?


Square Eyes Film Club is ideal for a special occasion, or if you were looking to treat yourself (or someone else!) to something a little different. As part of their line-up for March, Square Eyes will be putting on two special screenings for Mother’s Day – Bridget Jones’ Diary and First Wives Club. One that I’ll be keeping a note of in my diary is Breakfast At Tiffany’s – being shown on 27th March. You can catch the full list of upcoming films and details of how to book here!

I’ll still be using my Cineworld Unlimited card to keep up-to-date with the latest releases and 3D film experiences, but I’m equally glad that Square Eyes are here, bringing their own brand of cinematic chic to the table.

Will you be getting all square-eyed at Blythswood Square Hotel? And what is your all-time favourite choice for the big screen?

Love, popcorn and Hollywood glamour,



With thanks to Square Eyes Film Club at Blythswood Square Hotel