Evo Fabuloso at BLOW: Aftercare for my Liquorice Hair!

evo fabuloso

Wanna know a completely believable fact about me? I’ve been dying my hair since I was 16. I know, try not to fall over in shock. Over the years, my locks have been a range of different colours from flamingo pink, to turquoise and a lot in between! But, I always go back to black with a slight blue sheen to make it extra shiny (my go-to colour is called Liquorice and that describes it perfectly).

Blue-black was the first colour I tried when we experimented in Gary’s mum’s kitchen, trying not to get blobs of dye on the linoleum (and my precious Converse!) and, by this point, I now think of it as my signature shade.

evo fabuloso

But, here’s the thing about dying your hair this dark: it has to look healthy and, for that, the colour has to be very intense. Don’t believe me? Dull black hair has a tendency to look like a bad wig and no-one wants to look like they just bought their hair from Amazon for a tenner, right?

All manner of things can leave hair with that faded look – heated styling, washing and blowdrying, the environment (I love sunshine as much as the next gal but, if I’m not careful, my hair colour will strip FAST!) and more can be pesky foes for your ‘do. Before you know it, your super fly hair is looking, um… super dry.

evo fabuloso

I’m therefore a big fan of trying different treatments and potions to keep my dye job looking fresh for as long as possible. Evo had initially caught my eye on social media a while back with their eye-catching visuals and products dedicated to giving your hair its groove back. So, when my favourite salon BLOW started to stock the innovative Evo Fabuloso line, I was looking forward to giving it a try at my next appointment.

Evo Fabuloso are where intense colour and oh-so-soft conditioning form the ultimate dream team! The treatments are completely custom and mixed for you at the salon, after you pick out your colour match.

evo fabuloso

For me, this was the best part! I was presented with a range of raven shades to look at – from Blackcurrant (red hue), to Cola (chocolate hue) and even my beloved Blue Black. This attention to detail is what makes Evo a great brand match for BLOW. After all, if they have multiple options of black, they’re bound to have a match for almost everyone! Soon, I had my own bottle to take away.

Using Evo Fabuloso at home is an easy way to give a boost of intensity and shine, without having to make one of those emergency appointments! The product is somewhere between a conditioner and dye top-up, so leaving it on a bit longer before rinsing out is recommended (about 20 minutes should do it, so grab something to read or belt out a few shower classics to fill the wait time…).

evo fabuloso

If you fancy checking out the full range of aftercare from Evo, be sure to pop into BLOW Shawlands or Finnieston for a chat, or ask the stylist during your next appointment!

Here’s to keeping coloured hair looking less Amazon and more Ah-mazing (see what I did there?!).



Beauty Hit List: July & August 2016


Can you believe it’s been another two whole months since my last Beauty Hit List? I can hardly keep up! It’s about that time again and today I’m excited to share the products that have been rocking my world, my makeup bag and my bathroom shelf lately.

Let’s get started…


Paul Mitchell Yacht Club

Ahoy there, matey! Inspired by holidays in the Hamptons (let’s face it, in Scotland it’s more likely to be a daytrip to Troon but STILL!), Paul Mitchell have released a nautical but oh-so-nice collection of products to keep your locks in check all summer long. I’ve been trying out the Style Lifesaver duo, which are designed to help restore hair after some fun in the sun and splashing in the pool.

Clarifying Shampoo Three gives hair a good, deep clean and removes impurities, chlorine and other product buildup. I’ve never been a great swimmer (translation: I fall to the bottom of the pool faster than a pebble), BUT I love how clean my hair feels after using this. It’s ideal when combined with the Super-Charged Moisturizer, for a really luxurious treat! This intense treatment perks up sad, parched tresses and can be used weekly to restore moisture. Don’t blame me if you start strutting around flicking your hair after this one (I know I did!).


Neal’s Yard Remedies x Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash

Quite a mouthful, eh? From here on in, I’m calling it ‘the facewash’. So let me tell you about it! This facewash is a variation on my usual Rose Facial Wash from Neal’s Yard Remedies, which I’ve been using pretty religiously since last December. As you can see, this one is a collaboration with food and healthy living blogger Deliciously Ella, and even the ingredients listed in the name sound, well, delicious.

I picked this one up from the Neal’s Yard Remedies store at Royal Exchange Square a few weeks ago and I have to say that I’m enjoying this fresh, seasonal version. The addition of lime and cucumber into the usual formula does a good job of waking up my tired face and it smells extra zingy!


Brow Pomade, Brow Amplifier and Brow Duo Brush & Wand by Eyelure

I know what you’re thinking: another Beauty Hit List, another brow product, right? Well, it’s easy to see from a quick trip to any beauty department that well-defined brows are big business at the moment. I for one love discovering new eyebrow products to see who is doing it well – indulge me a little longer, won’t you?

Eyelure are one of the latest brands to release a range of brow products and I’ve been trying a few of them out.

For easy, on-the-go touch-ups, I’d recommend their Brow Amplifier, which brushes on like a fun-sized mascara with a long-lasting finish.

Eyelure’s Brow Pomade is made for a much more precise approach and can be used as lightly (or liberally!) as you please with the Brow Duo Brush & Wand to apply it. The wand side of the duo is also great for fluffing up or smoothing down the hairs; depending on the finish you prefer. The formula of the pomade is also smudge-resistant, making it ideal for all-day wear.

With my hair, face and brows feeling all kinds of fresh, it’s been an awesome two months for my Beauty Hit List. But as always, I’d love to know some of your current must-haves. so be sure to let me know if there’s something I should check out! And tell me honestly, is it bad that I still can’t swim?

With love, hair swishes and brow wiggles,



A Peek Inside BLOW Shawlands


When word got out a few months back that BLOW Finnieston were going to be opening a second Glasgow salon, it didn’t take too long before beauty junkies all over town (and by town, I obviously mean Instagram!) were speculating about where it was going to be. Not only that, but it was apparently going to be bigger than its original, with other services available.

Before the rumour mill spiralled out of control, BLOW revealed that their newest venture would be south of the Clyde, and not only would it be a salon – it would also be a training academy too. A place where up-and-coming stylists can learn the business’ own badass brand of creative colour, styling and hair care in their brand new (but still oh-so-BLOW) surroundings.


This month, the doors finally opened and I got a peek inside BLOW Shawlands to see what we can expect from Kilmarnock Road’s newest resident…


1. It’s bigger. Like, a LOT bigger. Yup, with two floors, a wraparound styling bar and a fully functioning academy downstairs, there’s certainly a lot more room for hair goals to be achieved at BLOW Shawlands.

Don’t worry, there’s still the same Pinterest-worthy decor, custom selfie wall, freshly popped popcorn and eye-catching window display (would it really be BLOW if there wasn’t?), there’s now just SO MUCH MORE ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!


2. There’s a secret garden in the back. First and foremost, BLOW are of course known for their hair cutting, colouring and styling skills. That’s a given. But, it is probably no surprise that the gang at BLOW also know how to throw a heck of a party! And the psychedelic garden in the back is the kind of place that will make you think you’ve died and gone to wonderland.

Seriously dreamy and the perfect spot for a summer soiree.

image1 (2)

3. It’s not just hair that’s on the menu. BLOW Shawlands is more than just a hairdresser’s, it’s a seriously stylish hangout that you feel immediately relaxed in. So when I heard that the new salon would be offering an afternoon tea experience, I was excited to come and try it out!

The afternoon tea has been created in collaboration with one of my favourites – Cafe Strange Brew – with sandwiches, cakes and scones to enjoy (I couldn’t get enough of the salted caramel brownies!). The package (£35) also comes with a signature BLOWdry, making it the perfect girly treat to start the weekend.

IMG_3962 (1)

It’s not a visit to BLOW without a selfie – just call me Curly Sue! 

These are just a few things that make BLOW Shawlands well worth a visit, but be sure to check them out for yourself! I like to think of them as BLOW 2.0, with all the same style and attitude as their first location, but bringing along some new ideas in their bag of tricks.

Will you be visiting BLOW Shawlands?