Cruelty-Free Care for Coloured Hair


As someone who has been colouring their hair for way over a decade now, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the downright weird when it comes to dyes, treatments and maintenance products.

From flamingo pink, to turquoise, violet and beyond (and oh-so-much bleach!), my poor locks have been through a lot over the years! Nowadays, shiny liquorice-hued hair has been my go-to look, and ever since I got my sleek, 1920s-inspired bob at BLOW about 18 months ago, keeping my hair colour healthy and vibrant is just as important as the cut itself.

I also have sensitive skin on my scalp, so I’m pretty picky about the dyes and products that I choose to put in my hair. No-one likes to feel THAT kind of burn, trust me!


Recently, I was introduced to Paul Mitchell’s Color Protect range, which I’ve started to use to wash, condition and strengthen my hair colour. So far, I’ve been really impressed. As well as being a leading salon brand, Paul Mitchell also have become well-known for their cruelty-free approach to product development – standing up for furry friends since 1980.

So, not only are their products kind to my hair colour and my scalp – but also kind to animals. Now, that’s something I can truly get behind!

The Color Protect Daily Shampoo helps colour to last longer and boosts shine, while the Color Protect Daily Conditioner moisturises and smooths hair. Both work together to prevent hair colour from fading and protect against UVA and UVB rays (and with so many sunny days recently, heat protection is a must!). It’s no secret that the sun’s rays can seriously affect hair colour, so for extra protection I’ve been spritzing my hair with Paul Mitchell’s Color Protect Locking Spray – which does an awesome job of extending colour intensity.

FullSizeRender (4)

But what about vegan dyes? After a consultation with my stylist, Rachel at BLOW, I decided to incorporate some animal-friendly colour into my latest dye job. In case you hadn’t heard, BLOW have recently partnered with Manic Panic hair colour – another company that stands against animal testing – and have incorporated the brand’s range into their menu of hair treats. With so many fun shades to choose from, we talked about mixing two together to create a custom colour  – a twist on a classic!

Mixing together Manic Panic’s After Midnight and Raven, the result was an intense black with a slight blue sheen and a ton of shine. Who said that cutting back on chemicals meant cutting back on quality?

Cleansing and conditioning my newly-dyed locks with the Color Protect range also means that my hair colour still packs a punch AND stays nice and glossy!

With a rainbow of shades available at BLOW and an amazing range of products from Paul Mitchell to help keep things bold and beautiful, there’s never been a better – or easier – time to choose cruelty-free care for coloured hair.

Do you have any tried-and-tested favourites when it comes to gentle, animal-friendly products? Has your hair colour changed over the years too?




5 Ways to Snap Outta that Beauty Slump!


Can you guys believe that summer is almost over? I can’t! Everywhere I turn right now it feels like change is a-coming, no matter how much we try to escape it. From end-of-season sales to back to school organisation – it seems now is THE time to get your act together and get ready for the coming months. No more slacking, buttercup!

Personally, it’s often at this time of year that I find myself trying to switch things up a bit with my beauty routine. I love trying out new lotions and potions (and it doesn’t take much to get me making gooey eyes at some beautiful packaging either!), to try to get myself out of a rut and keep things fresh and exciting. It’s nice to have favourites, but sometimes we just have to jump out of the comfort zone and experiment a little!

So today, I’d love to share 5 ways to snap outta that beauty slump – featuring a few products that I’ve tried and tested lately and just can’t get enough of…

1. Give your eyes a pop of colour!
I am a creature of habit when it comes to my eye makeup. I love my 50s-style winged eyeliner to the point that I don’t feel quite like myself if I’m not rocking some feline flicks. So, the best way for me to try something new was to add a bold injection of colour into my beloved makeup look! Using the new colours available from They’re Real! Push Up Liner by Benefit Cosmetics, I discovered that something as simple as a new colour can make a fresh style statement. My favourite shade is Beyond Blue, for full Liz Taylor realness! They’re Real! Mascara also comes in the same shade, which looks purr-fect with my usual black flicks too.

2. Shake up your skincare
Facial skincare is probably the one part of being a girl that I was kind of sucking at up until recently! Body butters, hand lotions and anything you can slather on from the neck down? I’m your girl. But taking care of my face? Well, that sounded like a LOT of work. Which was so silly when I think about it now! So with a little help from the babes at Kiehl’s, I’m kicking my regime up a few gears. My current essentials include their Ultra Facial Moisturiser, Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado and Midnight Recovery Concentrate – it’s official guys, I’m a convert…


3. Give your tired locks some TLC!
If you’re anything like me, you’ll be putting your hair through a lot. From colouring, to overheating and saturating with styling products… and everything else! Deciding my poor locks needed a treat, I booked myself in for the repairing treatment that everyone’s talking about – Olaplex. Having the treatment available in the city at BLOW’s uber-chic salon meant that I didn’t need to look very far to try out Olaplex. The process takes just over half an hour for the conditioning treatment by itself, which is a two-step procedure (it feels like even less time when chatting with the girls at BLOW!). Afterwards, I couldn’t stop touching my hair, which felt super soft and smooth. It still feels amazing after a few washes at home, too – I can see what all the fuss is about and can happily report that this treatment isn’t all celebrity hype and no results! I’ve been flicking my hair like a girl from an advert ever since.

4. Scrub yourself smooth
Is there anything more refreshing than scrubbing yourself silly in the shower? If I’ve been running around the city all day it feels GLORIOUS! I’m always looking for new bath and body products to make my skin feel primed and polished, and right now my go-to shower buddies include the Seaweed & Mineral Salt Scrub and Grapefruit & Shea Butter Massage bar – both by Arran Aromatics. As well as boosting circulation, these bad boys smell AH-MAZING and are packed full of yummy ingredients and essential oils. Heavenly!

5. Pick up some tips and tricks
Have you ever watched a YouTube makeup tutorial (perhaps some of you clever cookies even make them yourselves – if so, send me a link!) and thought, why don’t I know this stuff? When it comes to applying makeup, I know the basics and maybe even a little bit on top of that, but over the last few months I’ve been brushing up on my skills and it’s making a big difference! I was invited along by Onyx to a live makeup masterclass hosted by YouTube queens Jamie Genevieve and Amber Dean last month and it was a real treat to see them in action. After watching two full demonstrations by these talented ladies,I learned so many tips and I’ve been enjoying putting them into practice.

As much as I love a good makeover montage (Tai in Clueless is my favourite, just FYI), it just goes to show that there are lots of little ways you can shake things up a bit – from top to toe! You could try all of these steps, or even just one or two if you have found yourself in a beauty slump lately. Feel free to refer back anytime you need to get out of your comfort zone – and let me know if you have any tips to add!

Here’s to feeling gorgeous, whatever the season…


This post was made possible with thanks to the lovely people at Benefit Cosmetics, Kiehl’s, BLOW, Arran Aromatics and Onyx. This post features some samples and gifted items, but all feedback and opinions given are, as always, 100% honest.