The £1.50 Interiors Hack to Update Your Space

interiors hack

There’s nothing like making a small change that results in a big impact, especially when it comes to home decor! Over the last week, we’ve been making a few updates around the flat – restyling rooms, adding some new plants, moving furniture around, that sort of thing – before Project Bathroom gets underway.

interiors hack

We’ve seen first hand how big a difference these little updates can have, but there’s been one in particular that I just LOVE –  and apparently, so do you guys (after I posted a photo on Instagram last week, quite a few of you got in touch with questions and comments!). I thought it might be handy to talk about it in more detail today, so you can see just how inexpensive and simple it really is! How inexpensive? Um, how does £1.50 sound?

This is an easy interiors hack that can truly breathe new life into a room, and the best part is that you can switch it up as often as you like!

interiors hack

Some of you might remember that the bookcase was previously lined with mint paper, making it stand out against our living room walls (previously grey, now peach!). Over the last month or two, we decided that we wanted to change the paper to something new, and hopefully bolder.

interiors hack

After failing to find any wallpaper that was a good fit for our home style, we started looking at wrapping paper! I know it sounds crazy, and you certainly couldn’t do a whole room using it, but for the small space involved, it actually made a lot of sense.

Once we started looking at wrapping paper to line the bookcase, we suddenly had a lot more choice! It introduced more options in terms of patterns and colour palettes, and of course, the prices were much lower.

interiors hack

I was in IKEA last week when I happened to spot this leopard patterned paper. As well as the colours being a perfect match for our home, I just loved the eye-catching print! It seemed too good to pass up, so I picked up two rolls at just £1.50 each and added them to my trolley. I couldn’t wait to let these leopards loose in the flat…

interiors hack

So, here’s how we did it: 

1. We measured each space in between the shelves and cut the paper to fit (so much easier than taking the shelves out!).  As we were removing the old paper, we actually had some good templates to work from this time around!

2. After emptying the shelves, we fixed the paper to the walls using a non-permenant adhesive (blu-tack, pins or double-sided sticky tape work best). Like I said before, the beauty of this interiors hack is that you can change out the paper again and again, so there’s no point messing around with wallpaper paste unless you have to. Plus the paper is so light that it will stay up easily.

3. With the paper firmly in place, we re-arranged our shelves and admired our new backing paper!

interiors hack

It really was as easy as that, and we ended up only needing one roll of paper to do the whole area.

Cheap, cheerful and bursting with colour, there’s nothing about this update I don’t love! Every time I walk into the living room it immediately catches my eye and seeing the jolly little leopards leaping around makes me grin. I’m already planning a few more upcoming projects in the flat, so be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see what I’m using as inspiration.

interiors hack

Do you have an interiors hack to share? If you could let an animal loose in YOUR living room, which would you choose?



5 Steps to the Perfect Cosy Day at Home (When the Weather Outside is Frightful!)

cosy day at home

There’s nothing like a crisp, bright winter day to bring a new-found appreciation to your favourite surroundings. I especially love when the blades of grass at the park get all frosty and crunchy!

That being said, this time of year can also mean some pretty hairy weather and, in that case, the best thing to do is to bring the party back indoors! Recently, I organised a day in the flat with Gary and Fiona (and Bosley of course!), and had an awesome time eating, watching movies and catching up.

Fancy playing host yourself? Here are 5 steps to the perfect cosy day at home…

cosy day at home1. Set the scene. How do you like to feel completely relaxed? I had a couple of winter-themed candles lit (frosted gingerbread, anyone?) and before I knew it, our flat smelled like a bakery at the North Pole! I also had plenty of snuggly throws and blankets available for maximum comfort.

2. Dress comfortably. Everyone knows that hanging out at home demands dressing down a bit more than usual. You might want to wear your PJ’s (I’m not judging!) or perhaps something that resembles real clothes! I opted for Gap’s best girlfriend jeans (remember them?) as they have a stretch to the denim and feel good when maxin’ and relaxin’! I also treated myself to some new knitted slipper socks – you KNOW you’re not going anywhere soon when you wear socks that you can’t put shoes on top of!

cosy day at home3. Put on a good spread. What’s a get together without some yummy food and drink? I made us a mezze-inspired sharing platter using a variety of ingredients suitable for veggies and meat-eaters that went down a treat (if I do say so myself!). This included pates from Castle MacLellan which were perfect with crackers, soda bread and other nibbles! The firm favourites were the Oven Roasted Mushroom Pate and the Luxury Orkney Crab Terrine (before we know it, they were all gone!). Later on we had tea and cookies as a ‘light dessert’, haha!

4. Have some entertainment planned. Now, I don’t necessarily mean organising a magician or anything strenuous but, to me, cosy days at home should always involve a movie of some sort! Christmas films are ideal for this, or something funny with just enough feels. Anything directed by John Hughes is perfect for Sunday viewing if you ask me…

cosy day at home

5. Surround yourself with lovely company. Awwww. It’s true though! Hanging out with the ones that make feel at ease and talking for hours is the PERFECT way to totally relax. They’re the people that will truly appreciate a day under the blankets and taking it easy with you, am I right?

cosy day at home

So, this is how I love to spend a cosy day at home, but what about you? Have you tried bringing the party indoors lately? What do you like to eat when you’re spending the day inside with friends?

With love, layers and lounging,


3 Ways To Refresh a Room

ways to refresh a room

It will come as no surprise to a lot of you guys that, in the last few years, I have become a complete and utter interiors nerd. There’s something about having our own space to style and reflect our personal tastes (not to mention, bringing those Pinterest dreams to life – am I right?!) that makes me just about as happy as a pig in muck!

Years ago, my mum said to me that your home is never truly ‘finished’ and it’s only now that I’m starting to see where she was coming from. Don’t get me wrong, we adored our living room before but, after taking the opportunity to update things a bit, we have fallen in love with it all over again.

ways to refresh a room

This got me thinking about what we did and why we did it and, on reflection, there are only a few simple actions you need to do to breathe life back into a room. These can vary depending on your DIY skills and your budget (how far do you want to take it?), and you could decide to do one, two or all of them!

Here are my top 3 ways to refresh a room…

ways to refresh a room

1. Switch up your floor

We couldn’t believe the difference that changing our floor made. The new colour and texture opens up the living room and makes it feel like a completely different space. It made us wonder why we left the old one down as long as we did!

Big spender? Try… Splurging on new flooring (or carpet, if you prefer that to hardwood). Take your time and think about what might compliment the other pieces you already have in the room.

On a budget? Why not… Treat yourself to a new rug! There are oodles of choices out there, depending on the colour, style and size you want to try out. TK Maxx, Urban Outfitters and IKEA are great places to start if you aren’t sure (and they won’t break the bank either!).

ways to refresh a room

2. Add a lick of paint

Experimenting with a bold new colour on your walls is an oh-so-easy way to make a room feel new again. We just love our new peach walls, especially on a sunny day. Walking into the room and seeing how bright it looks makes me so happy

Feeling bold? Go big… By painting the whole room! Take home a colour chart from your local DIY store, have a think about what would be a good fit and play with testers before committing. Remember, the very worst outcome is that you won’t love it – and if that happens you can just paint over it again!

In a creative mood? Experiment with… A statement wall. In our bedroom, we have a statement wall for a pop of colour while the other walls remain crisp and white. Meanwhile, our living room is decorated with a mint geometric door to bring a bit of pizazz to a simple cupboard.

ways to refresh a room

3. It’s all in the detail 

If floors and walls feel like too big a project right now, I hear you! An EVEN EASIER way to make a change to your home is to update small pieces like ornaments, soft furnishings and even plants.

Got lots of shelving and / or mantlepiece space to play with? Spend a bit of time rearranging things and adding one or two new pieces into the mix. Candles, cacti and even stacks of your favourite reads are inexpensive and add a burst of colour.

Prefer to keep cosy on the couch? Small scatter cushions and snuggly throws are an awesome way to add new patterns and texture to your favourite furniture. Just in time for hot chocolate & Netflix season (AKA Autumn!) too. Bliss…

ways to refresh a room

Whether you’ve got a room in mind that you want to update or, like me, can happily waffle about decor until the cows come home, I hope you’ve enjoyed my 3 ways to refresh a room!

Be sure to let me know if you try any of these out or if you have any fun tips for me to try.

Here’s to happy days at home…