DECIEM Arrives in Glasgow: 5 Things You Need to Know


When it comes to beauty brands, Glasgow is a funny old town. Our high streets, shopping malls and department stores are bursting at the seams with cosmetics companies, yet we just can’t seem to get enough! House of Fraser’s beauty haul hall is a perfect example of this – it’s an Aladdin’s Cave of endless lotions and potions, but it’s always making room for new additions to its impressive line-up.

Standing out from the crowd can be tough when there are oh-so-many big names to choose from but, when DECIEM arrived in House of Fraser’s ground floor last week, beauty addicts all over town felt their spidey senses tingling and my Twitter feed was going at light speed!

But who are DECIEM, and why should you be excited about them coming to Glasgow? Here are 5 things to get you started…


  1. DECIEM are an ‘abnormal’ beauty company in the BEST sense of the word! Growing rapidly in just 4 years (starting with just 2 employees, now they have over 120), DECIEM do a lot of things their own way – such as adopting a very hands-on approach to developing the 10+ brands under their company name and being committed to authenticity. If you tell them that they can’t do something, it just spurs them on to prove people wrong – and that’s a philosophy I can totally get behind.
  2. Their price points will surprise you. Six quid for the cult foundation that everyone is raving about? Now, that’s pretty damn fabulous. DECIEM believe that quality isn’t defined by a price tag, so you can pick up your shade (and, psst – they have 21 to choose from!) even if you’re a babe on a budget. DECIEM
  3. DECIEM have more then 10 unique brands under their belt – and they’re all cruelty-free. Taking on skincare, haircare, makeup, supplements, grooming and bodycare is ambitious enough as it is but making sure their practices are cruelty-free shows that DECIEM really are a brand that stick to their guns (and no, they don’t sell in mainland China either!).
  4. Instagram filter in a bottle? #YESPLEASE! DECIEM’s NIOD Photography Fluid was one of those products that beauty writers went bananas over when it was first released and it’s just as popular today. Smoothing, evening and brightening skin for that ‘photo ready’ look, it can be mixed with foundation or worn on its own.
  5. DECIEM’s Hand Chemistry hand cream has been THEE #1 seller at Boots every week. And I know Boots stock a ton of hand cream! Hand Chemistry is a multi-functional cream, targeting dryness, dark spots and signs of ageing. Like a fancy face cream but, y’know, for your paws! It flies off the shelves constantly, and now it’s in House of Fraser too – hooray!

You can find the new DECIEM concession in House of Fraser Buchanan Street; just next to Jo Malone. Will you be paying them a visit? And what sorts of things make YOUR spidey sense tingle?

2016 Makeup Gifts for Beauty Belles

2016 Makeup Gifts

Sleigh bells ring, are ya listenin’? Today marks the first of my holly jolly holiday gift guide series, a new(ish) blog project for me. Last year, I really just shared one bumper edition to cover all manner of gifts and recipients and the year before that was a post dedicated to gifting on a budget. But this year? Oh, it’s ON! Brace yours-elves (sorry).

Every Monday for the next 4 weeks I’ll be talking about the treats we (or someone we know!) would love to see waiting under the tree. To kick things off, I am starting with the 2016 makeup gifts to thrill the beauty junkies in our lives!

With so many sensational sets available this year it sure can be overwhelming to narrow things down so, to give you a little helping hand, I’ve hand-picked three releases that I think are rather special. All you need to do is try not to keep them for yourself…

2016 Makeup Gifts

The suit-everyone palette: The Wish List by bareMinerals 

bareMinerals are a brand that have really knocked it out of the park with their Christmas collection this year. Urging us all to be present (geddit?) with a range of gifts including everything from Happy Glow Lucky skincare to mistletoe-ready Moxie lip colours. The Wish List palette is a sleek eyeshadow kit with 12 shades to compliment all skin tones and encourage us to get experimenting!

The pretty black and gold packaging makes this gift feel gloriously Christmassy and the shades within the palette range from soft matte neutrals to shimmering rich shades; making them easy to wear alone or blended together for a statement look. It also has a big ol’ mirror, which doesn’t seem like much but trust me – when you come across a palette that DOESN’T have a mirror, you’ll notice! This gift is £39 (though is valued at over £87) and you can pick it up here!

2016 Makeup Gifts

The perfect stocking stuffer: They’re Real! Big Sexy Eye Kit by Benefit

You know what they say…good things come in small packages! Benefit are well-known for their seasonal special editions, and this year is no exception, but this little beauty is a new release and from the brand’s mainline collection. The Big Sexy Eye Kit (from Benefit’s They’re Real! range) has everything you need to create a defined eye makeup look with just one sweep!

This pocket-sized tin contains 3 different colour combos (in Beyond Nude, Bombshell Brown and – my favourite – Naughty Neutral) and a custom shadowblender sponge, designed for applying two shades at once (i.e. to your lid and crease). Ideal for the gal on the go! They’re Real! Big Sexy Eye Kit is cute as a button, and is available in-store and online at £27.50.

2016 Makeup Gifts

The Big Guns: Dreamy Look in a Clutch by Charlotte Tilbury 

Dreamy? Dreamy doesn’t even COVER this one, my friend! Charlotte Tilbury’s Christmas gift shop has luxury written all over it, from small trinkets starting at £16.50 to a pretty legendary advent calendar which comes in at a cool £150. The Dreamy Look in a Clutch is packaged in Charlotte Tilbury’s signature rose gold and contains… well, a full red-carpet-worthy makeup look!

The Dreamy Look was created to be super flattering and radiance-boosting with a touch of golden shimmer. It includes an eye palette, eyeliner, lipliner, mascara, lipstick and even a USB stick with a tutorial video from the lady herself! At £90 it’s definetly at the top end of a lot of budgets, but it is a beautiful box of goodies and if you’ve been especially nice this year then it’s worth adding to your letter to Santa. Point the big guy towards House of Fraser, or click here to shop.

2016 Makeup Gifts

Choosing the right gift for someone that deserves a treat is never easy, but hopefully my top picks from the many 2016 makeup gifts available will give you the head start you need.

Do you have any makeup lovers to buy for this year? And which of these would you love to unwrap on Christmas Day?



Cosmetics and Confidence: A Makeup Masterclass with Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

From one girlboss to another… I guess you could say there is a bit of theme to this week’s posts, eh? On Monday I shared an exclusive chat with Scottish designer Nikki McWilliams (catch up with that here, if you missed it!) and today I’d love to tell you guys about another lady that has inspired me lately: Charlotte Tilbury.

Recently, on a rainy Thursday, I went along to a very special event being held by Team Tilbury at House of Fraser. This event was, we were told, an interactive session where we would create a signature Dreamy makeup look from start to finish… with Charlotte herself leading us!

Charlotte Tilbury

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned Charlotte Tilbury makeup. You may remember that I fell in love with the Magic Foundation and had my own Tilbury Transformation a couple of months ago. Learning how to create an iconic look from the lady herself though? That’s something you don’t get to experience every day and, like everyone else in the room, I was really looking forward to it.

We removed our makeup so that we could ‘brush along with Charlotte’ in real time. I felt a little bit self-conscious of my bare face and couldn’t help but focus on my dry patches, spots and blotchy bits in the mirror. When Charlotte walked in, I kind of forgot about not having any makeup on though!

Charlotte Tilbury

There are a few people that I love to listen to when they speak in public. Usually because they speak with personality, passion and experience. Wayne Hemingway , for example, is one of these people, and now I am officially adding Charlotte Tilbury to that list!

Here’s why: even if you have no interest in makeup, you will still appreciate Charlotte’s message. After years of experience crafting beautiful looks for the rich and famous to wear on the red carpet, she decided to make the best tips of the trade and even some of her top-secret lotions and potions accessible to everybody.

Looking and feeling good isn’t an elite club…it’s for everyone

Charlotte Tilbury

This is all linked to building confidence because, after all, if we feel good about ourselves, don’t we walk a little taller and feel like we can seize the day? I know I do! The idea of people feeling empowered is something that Charlotte spoke about a lot and it was the passion for her work and the impact that it can have that I remember the most from our masterclass. Colour me inspired!

Charlotte Tilbury

That being said, I obviously picked up quite a few new application techniques as well – you can’t follow a tutorial from the master and NOT learn something new! The ‘Tilbury Tap’ – tapping and massaging the skin before applying makeup was one of my favourites. This helps to stimulate and wake up tired skin and relax lines. Who knew there was more prep you could do before primer?

Charlotte also shared her tips for highlighting and sculpting features – including how to maximise your natural assets using her Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette. Turns out Hollywood cheekbones are were just a mere sweep away all along…

We also got a first look at the new Christmas gifts from Charlotte Tilbury – from sweet stocking stuffers to luxurious advent calendars. Santa, are you listening?

Charlotte Tilbury

It’s not often that you leave a makeup event thinking about more than just the products but Charlotte Tilbury’s drive for making everyone look and feel their best, along with her insider knowledge, made this tutorial one that I’d remember for a long time after the makeup was cleaned off.

Have you tried any of Charlotte Tilbury’s products? Who are some of your favourite public speakers?

With a brush-brush here, and a brush-brush there…