Digging for Treasure at Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market

Glasgow VintageGlasgow is no stranger to a vintage market or five – in fact, I’ve been writing about local events like Granny Would Be Proud and Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair almost as long as I have been blogging. If you’re a long-term reader (thank you!), you’ll know I get a huge kick out of rummaging the racks and digging for treasure!

So, when a new market comes along it needs to stand out from the crowd, am I right? Otherwise it might get lost in the sea of thrifting events that are held regularly all over the city.

When I first heard about the Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market back in January, the plans made me sit up and pay attention. And not only that, I made sure to mark the date in my diary so I could go along to the inaugural market day and check it out!

Recently, I headed for the Barras Art and Design centre – an awesome indoor space that I don’t visit as often as I would like – on a Sunday morning to see what the Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market was all about.

Since the market is going to be a monthly event, I thought it might be handy to share a few details about it. Whether you made it along to the first one or not, here are a few reasons to visit on 26th March…

Glasgow Vintage

  1. Interior gems! Yes, the market has plenty of vintage fashion but what REALLY sets the Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market apart is the plethora of homeware and interior bargains that you can browse. From one-off decorative pieces (I was banned from bringing home a certain kitsch pink cat ornament but believe me, I was sorely tempted!) to Habiib’s gorgeous selection of curated 20th Century furniture (pictured above – hubba hubba!), you’ll be kitting out your pad with retro pieces in no time.
  2. Local brands! In amongst the pre-loved and upcycled goodies, the market is also showcasing some emerging homegrown talent. At the last event I spied pop-up pampering for gents from Primo barbers and loved picking up some illustrated paper goodies from Hux Loves Honey. I’m looking forward to seeing who will be appearing at the next event.
  3. Food, glorious food! The BAad centre isn’t just a venue, it’s also home to A’Challtainn – a Scottish seafood restaurant and bar. All that shopping is bound to make you hungry, so why not make a day of it and grab some lunch too? If seafood isn’t your bag, you can find lots of other options close by. After we cruised the market last month, we headed over to Drygate for a bite to eat; just a hop, skip and a jump away!

Bonus tip: even though I haven’t officially listed it, it would be wrong to tell you about the Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market and not casually mention all of the cute dogs in attendance! So, if you love pooches, you’re going to have a field day (I know I did).

Sound good? The next Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market takes place at BAaD (54 Calton Entry) on Sunday 26th March. Be sure to keep up to date with the market and their upcoming events over on Facebook.

Do you love digging for vintage treasure? What about cooing over adorable pups?



The £1.50 Interiors Hack to Update Your Space

interiors hack

There’s nothing like making a small change that results in a big impact, especially when it comes to home decor! Over the last week, we’ve been making a few updates around the flat – restyling rooms, adding some new plants, moving furniture around, that sort of thing – before Project Bathroom gets underway.

interiors hack

We’ve seen first hand how big a difference these little updates can have, but there’s been one in particular that I just LOVE –  and apparently, so do you guys (after I posted a photo on Instagram last week, quite a few of you got in touch with questions and comments!). I thought it might be handy to talk about it in more detail today, so you can see just how inexpensive and simple it really is! How inexpensive? Um, how does £1.50 sound?

This is an easy interiors hack that can truly breathe new life into a room, and the best part is that you can switch it up as often as you like!

interiors hack

Some of you might remember that the bookcase was previously lined with mint paper, making it stand out against our living room walls (previously grey, now peach!). Over the last month or two, we decided that we wanted to change the paper to something new, and hopefully bolder.

interiors hack

After failing to find any wallpaper that was a good fit for our home style, we started looking at wrapping paper! I know it sounds crazy, and you certainly couldn’t do a whole room using it, but for the small space involved, it actually made a lot of sense.

Once we started looking at wrapping paper to line the bookcase, we suddenly had a lot more choice! It introduced more options in terms of patterns and colour palettes, and of course, the prices were much lower.

interiors hack

I was in IKEA last week when I happened to spot this leopard patterned paper. As well as the colours being a perfect match for our home, I just loved the eye-catching print! It seemed too good to pass up, so I picked up two rolls at just £1.50 each and added them to my trolley. I couldn’t wait to let these leopards loose in the flat…

interiors hack

So, here’s how we did it: 

1. We measured each space in between the shelves and cut the paper to fit (so much easier than taking the shelves out!).  As we were removing the old paper, we actually had some good templates to work from this time around!

2. After emptying the shelves, we fixed the paper to the walls using a non-permenant adhesive (blu-tack, pins or double-sided sticky tape work best). Like I said before, the beauty of this interiors hack is that you can change out the paper again and again, so there’s no point messing around with wallpaper paste unless you have to. Plus the paper is so light that it will stay up easily.

3. With the paper firmly in place, we re-arranged our shelves and admired our new backing paper!

interiors hack

It really was as easy as that, and we ended up only needing one roll of paper to do the whole area.

Cheap, cheerful and bursting with colour, there’s nothing about this update I don’t love! Every time I walk into the living room it immediately catches my eye and seeing the jolly little leopards leaping around makes me grin. I’m already planning a few more upcoming projects in the flat, so be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see what I’m using as inspiration.

interiors hack

Do you have an interiors hack to share? If you could let an animal loose in YOUR living room, which would you choose?



Local Lovin’: Nikki McWilliams


My Local Lovin’ series is a spotlight on designers / stores / creators of marvellous things (and anything else that catches my eye) – all based in Scotland. I believe that we should be supporting the amazing home-grown talent that we have so I decided to start Local Lovin’ as a regular feature. If you have an awesome project or create something that you think I might love please let me know! See my Contact page for details of how to get in touch.

If you’re familiar with my interiors posts, you’ll probably already know that I am a long-time fan of today’s Local Lovin’ interviewee! In fact, as soon as we knew our offer had been accepted to buy our flat, one of her famous custard cream cushions was at the top of my shopping list (even before we’d picked the sofa to put it on!). Today, I’m chatting with designer and creative director of everyone’s favourite biscuit-themed homeware and accessories, Nikki McWilliams…


Hi Nikki! Can you tell me a bit about what inspires your colourful, playful designs?
I’m into food in a big way so using edibles as inspiration for my work was an easy decision! When I was at art school I experimented with food as a medium and even organised a cake-making contest for creative bakers.

Did biscuits always play a starring role or were they incorporated into your work a little later on?
It wasn’t until I started my business a few years later that biscuits started playing a starring role in my work. It sounded like a crazy idea at first- but the internet and social media let me connect with biscuit lovers all over the world…and the rest is history!

Ah, gotta love the internet – forever bringing people together! Where’s the most surprising place you’ve ever seen one of your cushions?
A Custard Cream cushion recently turned up on a trailer for the new series of QI- next to Alan Davies on a couch. I had no idea who had ordered it, so that was a nice surprise.


What’s been your proudest moment so far?
Looking back, I think I’m most proud of being able to quit my day job to run my business full time. Making the leap was a pretty scary experience- but I worked my ass off to make it work and thankfully that paid off. I feel super grateful to do a job that I love!

Sometimes it’s the scariest things that are worth it, right? OK, Sophie’s Choice time! If you had to pick just one biscuit to eat for the rest of your life, which would it be and why? And, to dunk or not to dunk?
This is a tough question! If I had to pick one I think it would be a milk chocolate digestive- they’re pretty great dunked or just on their own.


I’m a dark chocolate digestive kinda gal myself! Do you have anything coming up that we should keep our eyes peeled for?
I’m really excited about setting up shop at #EtsyMadeLocal in Glasgow this 3rd of December. There’s nothing better than meeting customers in real life and chatting about their favourite biccies!

I have some brand new Enamel Pin designs on their way- I can’t wait to share them as I really let my imagination run wild with one of the designs!

Alsooo: I’ve just started vlogging on my own Youtube channel! I’ve had so much fun with this already- and there’s been a lovely response- so I’m excited to share more behind the scenes videos over the festive season.


Well, this is all very exciting! I can’t wait for December 3rd so I can come and stock up on some new pins! Who are some of your own favourite designers?
Instagram is an amazing place to discover new designers. I love that it’s a place to see their whole story- from finished products to behind the scenes of their own aesthetic! My favourite designer accounts at the moment are @onrshop @kodiakmilly @finestimaginary @ponypeople & @natelledrawsstuff.

If you could arrange a dream collaboration, who would you want to work with?

I’d love to work with G-Plan in creating some collaborative furniture. We have a few classic pieces at home that I’ve thrifted over the years- and the quality and design are top notch. So if you’re reading this, G-Plan, you know where to find me!

You heard the lady! A massive thank you to Nikki for joining me and I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little more about this awesome designer! And, be honest…have you added one of her designs to your Christmas list now?

Be sure to keep up to date with Nikki and shop the full range at her website.

With love, girl power and endless cups of tea,


Image credits: all images used are by Nikki McWilliams