2016 Bath, Body and Beyond Gifts for Pampering

gifts for pampering

It’s a new week, which means it’s time for the second instalment of my ho-ho-holiday gift guide! Every Monday until Christmas I’ll be sharing my pick of the treats that we (or someone we know!) would love to wake up to under the tree.

Today, I’m talking bath, body and beyond – ideal for anyone who loves to indulge themselves and enjoys nothing more than soaking in the tub, slathering themselves in rich lotions and giving their locks some TLC! They’re also the perfect gifts for pampering someone special who deserves to be looked after.

With four fabulous brands to choose from, there’s everything you need to give someone a night of me-time…

gifts for pampering

Foam & For-Tune by Soap & Glory

Singing in the shower (or the bath!) is actively encouraged with this magical musical tin from Soap and Glory’s Glitzmas collection. I don’t know many ladies that DON’T wish for Soap & Glory at Christmas time and, from this years extensive range, Foam & For-Tune is a super fun gift for anyone who loves their pamper time with a big ol’ slice of kitsch!

In typical Soap & Glory style, this is a very PINK and nicely packaged present, containing a host of miniature best-sellers including Clean on Me shower gel, The Scrub of Your Life body buffer, Sugar Crush body wash, body scrub & buttercream (best smell ever!), The Righteous Butter body butter and a pink shower puff. As if this little lot wasn’t enough to get into a lather over, the keepsake tin also sings! You can pick Foam & For-Tune up at Boots stores and online for £16.

gifts for pampering

Christmas at Kiehl’s

Starbucks may have their red cups, but it’s when the red boxes and bows start to arrive at Kiehl’s that beauty lovers get REALLY excited. Specialising in all things skincare, Kiehl’s stay true to their prescriptive roots by offering a truly bespoke holiday gifting service to meet different needs and budgets.

Pre-made gifts are available in-store, some featuring this year’s exclusive Jeremyville Christmas packaging or, if you’re after something specific, you can create your own with the help of the Kiehl’s team. From hand creams to hair care (and so much more), there’s something really special about putting together a personalised package. All gifts are then wrapped in the store’s luxurious gift wrap (for free!) – giving you one less job to do later (just call them Santa’s Little Helpers, eh?!). Pop into Kiehl’s today to find out more!

gifts for pampering

Lush Christmas 

Does it get more fun than Lush at Christmas? Every year I wonder if they can possibly come up with something new (and secretly hope that a few old favourites will return!), and each time I’m completely dazzled with seasonal soaps, glittering gifts and – oh yes – special edition smellies!

I love their brightly-packaged gift sets, which come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. The Ice Ice Baby gift (left) has your secret Santa all wrapped up, coming in at just under a tenner and containing a super fresh combo of Igloo soap and Snowman shower jelly. Best Wishes on the other hand (IN the other hand??) is pretty much a mini ‘best of’ Lush Christmas, with the Golden Wonder bath bomb, Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar and Snowcastle soap. Put it this way: if this set were to sing, it’d sound like Bing Crosby…

Lush’s Christmas range starts at just £2 and you can browse it here!

gifts for pampering

Peace, Love, Pop by Paul Mitchell 

Paul Mitchell is bringing some comic-inspired style to Christmas stockings everywhere this year with their Peace, Love, Pop gift collection. Vibrant, playful and full of fun, there are 10 sets available to help cover every hair type and give your tresses a pop of style during party season!

From boosting colour, to hydrating and fighting frizz, Paul Mitchell are making it their mission to keep everyone feeling their very best at Christmas with these cruelty-free products. I love this SHINE set – designed to keep hair looking smooth and sleek with some of the brand’s popular Super Skinny hair treats. Each gift set sold from Peace, Love, Pop also supports BABY2BABY, which helps to provide children from low-income households with clothes, nappies and other necessities. The collection ranges from £20-40 and you can find out more online.

gifts for pampering

I don’t know about you, but all of this talk of relaxing and pampering is making me want to hop into a frothy, bubbly bath! I hope that these picks help inspire you to spoil someone this Christmas – and be sure to let me know what your top gifts are for bath, body and beyond this year.

With love, bath bombs and red bows…


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kiehl’s


When it comes to skincare, it’s fair to say that Kiehl’s pretty much changed the game for me. A couple of years back, having a skincare regime seemed like a far-fetched idea – something that surely only people with far too much time on their hands were able to do each day. Who has THAT kind of time, anyway? I used to wonder.

I scoffed at the very idea of having a daily routine with more than two steps (AKA washing and drying), but fast forward to today and I’ve got my application of lotions and potions down to a fine art AND multiple steps…and FYI in reality it takes less than 10 minutes to crack through them all, so it turns out that everyone can actually find that kind of time (picture me looking a bit sheepish right now).


My skin, which was never previously a team player, has never looked better. So what changed? There was no epiphany, or anything quite so dramatic – but a couple of trips to Kiehl’s helped me to understand what type of skin I have, and how to treat it better!

Kiehl’s might have helped me battle with my own skincare woes, but that’s a drop in the ocean compared to the other work being carried out by this classic cosmetics company. Recently I went along to an event with their flagship Buchanan Street store to learn a bit more about this year’s campaign with MTV Staying Alive Foundation, and hear about the brand’s other successes since their humble beginnings.


Today, I’d love to share a little bit of what I’ve learned – so here are 5 things you didn’t know about Kiehl’s*…

  1. The white lab coats that the team at Kiehl’s wear aren’t a gimmick or a flashy uniform – they are a key part of the company’s history, as they started as a small pharmacy in NYC in 1851. They were the first company to put fluoride into their tooth treatments AND the first to widely distribute penicillin.Kiehl's
  2. One of Kiehl’s best-selling products is their Creme De Corps body moisturiser, but did you know that they sell enough bottles of Creme De Corps every year to build a wall higher than the Empire State building? Now that’s a lotta creme!
  3. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream happens to be my all-time favourite moisturiser (especially for parched winter skin!), and picking up a pot will support MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation, which helps to empower and educate young women to protect themselves from HIV. Kiehl’s also help many other worldwide charities targeting help for children, wildlife / the environment and HIV / AIDS prevention… Kiehl's
  4. …but it’s not just international charities: Kiehl’s also do a lot to support their local communities too! In fact, our Buchanan Street store have been raising funds to donate to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity – most recently by taking part in a 5k with Alfie the dog and his friends. Over the next few months the store will be working on other initiatives to provide even more donations, so be sure to pop in during your next shopping spree and see how to get involved!
  5. The Mayor of New York City declared November 12th to be Kiehl’s Day back in 2003, so if you happen to visit any Kiehl’s store around the world on that date, there’ll be some sort of celebration going down. Kiehl's

So, if you’re a fan of Kiehl’s, I hope you enjoyed this opportunity to geek out a little bit with me and, if you weren’t too aware of them, maybe this will tempt you to go in store or online and check them out!

Do you have a skincare routine that would put me to shame? What’s your must-have product from Kiehl’s?



*- or maybe you DID know?! 5 things you probably didn’t know didn’t have the same ring to it!