Romantic Glasgow: 10 City Date Ideas

10 city date ideas

It’s safe to say that Glasgow has had a LOT of attention over the last few weeks. Like a showgirl giving it her all and without a moment to rest, tourists and locals alike have enjoyed our city and everything she has to offer for the duration of the Commonwealth Games. Even though Glasgow has always been subject to rave reviews for nightlife, shopping and dining (and even more so recently!), it is a lesser known fact that it also ranks rather highly as a dating destination. Did you know that Glasgow was named Scotland’s most romantic city in 2013? Ooh la la!

And here’s the thing friends, I can totally believe that result. As someone that has personally wooed (and been subject to wooing!) in Glasgow, I agree that our city is utterly amorous in several ways! Today I’d love to share some of my favourite romantic rendezvous that you can experience in Glasgow, but let’s think outside the wining and dining box! My 10 city date ideas are a little quirky and won’t cost you the earth (in fact, some of them are totally free!). You can use them for your first date OR your one-hundred-and-first date! Enjoy…

1. Go to Nardini’s on Byres Road and order the most over-the-top, indulgent sundae (with two spoons, of course!)

2. Twirl each other to old swing music at Too Darn Hot until you’re both dizzy

3. Go for a walk under the fairy lights at Royal Exchange Square and tell each other a secret

4. Discover ‘Your Song’ at one of the several local gigs taking place daily in the city (I thoroughly recommend King Tut’s for brilliant bands)

5. Go to Paperchase on Buchanan Street and pick up some cute stationary, then write each other a romantic note. Bonus points for a haiku!

6. Cosy up on one of the back-row sofas at the Grovesnor Cinema on Ashton Lane

7. Make some epic sandwiches and eat them al fresco in one of Glasgow’s many green parks

8. Walk hand-in-hand down the streets of ‘Old Glasgow’ at the Riverside Museum 

9. Admire each other in amongst the blooms in the beautiful Botanic Gardens

10. Go along to a local craft and design fair and set yourselves a small (say £3) budget to buy each other a unique surprise gift

Life must be rich and full of loving – it’s no good otherwise, no good at all, for anyone.

Jack Kerouac

These are just ten of my favourite ways to get romantic in Glasgow, but there are SO many more – I’d love to hear your ideas for dreamy dates in the city!

With swoons, smooches and city love,

Miss West End Girl x