Beauty Hit List: December & January 2018

Beauty Hit List

It’s Beauty Hit List time – the first one of 2018! What I love most about these posts is that they allow me to really geek out over something as simple as a rad new lipstick or kickass body lotion (it’s the little things, huh?) and know that I’m in good company.

Our December and January Beauty Hit List is all about FACE, FACE, FACE! From skincare heroes to new makeup launches, this edition focuses on the products that have been making my mug a little more presentable. Let’s dive in and take a look…

Beauty Hit List

MatteLast Liquid Lip by Pixi Beauty 

I think it’s safe to say that liquid lip colours aren’t going to be leaving my makeup bag anytime soon and the MatteLast colours by Pixi Beauty leave a non-sticky, non-crumbly colour that packs a wallop! The petal-shaped wand proves that everything really IS better when it’s themed and makes applications on a bumpy double decker bus (ha!) super easy. At the moment, this product comes in a good range of nude tones but fingers crossed Pixi create a red shade for all us bold lip gals!

Beauty Hit List

The POREfessional Pearl Illuminator by Benefit

Primer genuinely used to be one of those products that I never understood the point of… until I started using it, that is! Benefit have given their best-selling The POREfessional primer an extra pink upgrade by adding a radiant pearlescent effect, which can be worn on its own to achieve that I get 8 hours sleep a night and glow from within look (fake it ’til ya make it, right?!) OR under makeup to minimise pores and act as a soft, smooth base for foundation.

Beauty Hit List

Eyeshadow Quad in Chocolate by Next

As far as own-brand beauty lines go, Next are really knocking it out of the park right now with products that have the luxe look (and QUALITY!) of the likes of Charlotte Tilbury at a lower price point. This little eyeshadow quad is no exception, coming in at a cool £7.50 with a few different colour options available. The palette is perfectly paired with my daily  eyeliner flicks but the Berry and Smoky quads are also great for creating a statement eye – and at 3 for 2, it’s tempting to pick up a few more…

Beauty Hit List

Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm by Kiehl’s

Oh, bittersweet winter – I love your snow days, hot drinks and jumper dresses but I DON’T like what you do to my skin! Flaky patches and dehydration, anyone? Ugh. I thought not. When dry skin strikes I love a balm, almost as much as I love to over-pronounce the ‘L’ in balm. Ballllm. Kiehl’s are my go-to guys when it comes to skin woes and I’ve been slathering this bad boy onto clean skin lately, letting it sink in and do its thing. Altogether now: ballllm! 

Beauty Hit List

MAC Studio Fix Foundation

Whenever I bring up MAC Studio Fix, there’s always at least one person that professes their deep-rooted love for this classic foundation. After using it for a solid month for the first time in ages, I can see why it’s one that people go back to again and again! It gives me the full coverage, matte look that I like, it comes in an impressive 46 (!) shades and it lasts for about 8 hours. Sidenote: I’m also convinced that mine is in a magic bottle* – it never seems to run out…?

Beauty Hit List

Have you guys tried any of the items on my latest Beauty Hit List? Which cosmetics are making you shout from the rooftops this season? Geek out with me!




*no genie though! What gives?! 

Beauty Hit List: October & November 2017

beauty hit list

You guys, it’s officially winter, how the heck did that happen? Along with the drop in temperature, everything else has changed – my wardrobe, my choice of hot drinks and even my beauty habits. At this time of year, I’m living for makeup worthy of fun festive fiestas, cosy baths and skincare treats, how about you?

I thought it was about time I shared another Beauty Hit List, and my current favourite products are a true sign of the season. Let’s dive in, shall we?

beauty hit list

Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder

Earlier this month, I got a lovely introduction to one of Estee Lauder’s most iconic products over dinner at Ox and Finch with the team from Estee Lauder. According to a ton of articles, Advanced Night Repair serum is a top-selling repair serum but what does that mean and what does it do? Well, I’ve been using it along with my favourite moisturiser before bed for the last few weeks and I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin already! As well as feeling hydrated (so important during the colder months), I’ve also noticed my skin looking smoother and more even-toned. I’ll keep on using it and report back again soon!

beauty hit list

Orangutan Soap by LUSH

Usually at this time of year, I’m likely to be found knee-deep in LUSH’s Christmas products (after all, the Snow Fairy addiction is real, am I right?). However, on my recent visit to their Buchanan Street store, I walked past their festive bath bombs and picked up one of the limited edition Orangutan soaps. These little guys smell yummy (thanks to the orange and patchouli oils!), look adorable and all sales of the soap help conserve the wild Sumatran orangutans by restoring their native forests. There’s plenty of time for the Christmas range – in the meantime, I’ll be scrubbing up like King Louie.

beauty hit list

Pink Lemonade Bath Fizz by A Pony Called Steve 

Made in Scotland, cruelty-free and beautifully packaged, there’s a lot to love about new-to-me indie beauty company A Pony Called Steve! Their loose bath fizz smells oh-so-sweet and it’s perfect for making winter bath times a little less gloomy. When I’m feeling mega indulgent, I’ll throw a few big handfuls in and still have a lot left in the jar to play with next time…

beauty hit list

Meteor Storm & Fall in Love palettes and Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops by Barry M

Barry M have really pulled out all the stops this year! Their latest drop of eyeshadow palettes are seriously dreamy, with oodles of warm and cool tones to play with and create the ultimate Christmas party eye. My favourites are the Meteor Storm palette, which is packed with metallic shades, and the Fall in Love one, which has ten rich shadows that remind me of sunsets!

On top of that, Barry M have also released their Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops, which I’ve loved using lately. These work really well when buffed in with a brush and can be used to build as subtle or dynamic a look as you like.

So, this is what’s made it into my latest Beauty Hit List – but what about you? What are you loving at the moment and what should I try next?




This post contains some PR samples but all views and Jungle Book-inspired washing tips are mine.

Evo Fabuloso at BLOW: Aftercare for my Liquorice Hair!

evo fabuloso

Wanna know a completely believable fact about me? I’ve been dying my hair since I was 16. I know, try not to fall over in shock. Over the years, my locks have been a range of different colours from flamingo pink, to turquoise and a lot in between! But, I always go back to black with a slight blue sheen to make it extra shiny (my go-to colour is called Liquorice and that describes it perfectly).

Blue-black was the first colour I tried when we experimented in Gary’s mum’s kitchen, trying not to get blobs of dye on the linoleum (and my precious Converse!) and, by this point, I now think of it as my signature shade.

evo fabuloso

But, here’s the thing about dying your hair this dark: it has to look healthy and, for that, the colour has to be very intense. Don’t believe me? Dull black hair has a tendency to look like a bad wig and no-one wants to look like they just bought their hair from Amazon for a tenner, right?

All manner of things can leave hair with that faded look – heated styling, washing and blowdrying, the environment (I love sunshine as much as the next gal but, if I’m not careful, my hair colour will strip FAST!) and more can be pesky foes for your ‘do. Before you know it, your super fly hair is looking, um… super dry.

evo fabuloso

I’m therefore a big fan of trying different treatments and potions to keep my dye job looking fresh for as long as possible. Evo had initially caught my eye on social media a while back with their eye-catching visuals and products dedicated to giving your hair its groove back. So, when my favourite salon BLOW started to stock the innovative Evo Fabuloso line, I was looking forward to giving it a try at my next appointment.

Evo Fabuloso are where intense colour and oh-so-soft conditioning form the ultimate dream team! The treatments are completely custom and mixed for you at the salon, after you pick out your colour match.

evo fabuloso

For me, this was the best part! I was presented with a range of raven shades to look at – from Blackcurrant (red hue), to Cola (chocolate hue) and even my beloved Blue Black. This attention to detail is what makes Evo a great brand match for BLOW. After all, if they have multiple options of black, they’re bound to have a match for almost everyone! Soon, I had my own bottle to take away.

Using Evo Fabuloso at home is an easy way to give a boost of intensity and shine, without having to make one of those emergency appointments! The product is somewhere between a conditioner and dye top-up, so leaving it on a bit longer before rinsing out is recommended (about 20 minutes should do it, so grab something to read or belt out a few shower classics to fill the wait time…).

evo fabuloso

If you fancy checking out the full range of aftercare from Evo, be sure to pop into BLOW Shawlands or Finnieston for a chat, or ask the stylist during your next appointment!

Here’s to keeping coloured hair looking less Amazon and more Ah-mazing (see what I did there?!).