Beauty Hit List: December & January 2018

Beauty Hit List

It’s Beauty Hit List time – the first one of 2018! What I love most about these posts is that they allow me to really geek out over something as simple as a rad new lipstick or kickass body lotion (it’s the little things, huh?) and know that I’m in good company.

Our December and January Beauty Hit List is all about FACE, FACE, FACE! From skincare heroes to new makeup launches, this edition focuses on the products that have been making my mug a little more presentable. Let’s dive in and take a look…

Beauty Hit List

MatteLast Liquid Lip by Pixi Beauty 

I think it’s safe to say that liquid lip colours aren’t going to be leaving my makeup bag anytime soon and the MatteLast colours by Pixi Beauty leave a non-sticky, non-crumbly colour that packs a wallop! The petal-shaped wand proves that everything really IS better when it’s themed and makes applications on a bumpy double decker bus (ha!) super easy. At the moment, this product comes in a good range of nude tones but fingers crossed Pixi create a red shade for all us bold lip gals!

Beauty Hit List

The POREfessional Pearl Illuminator by Benefit

Primer genuinely used to be one of those products that I never understood the point of… until I started using it, that is! Benefit have given their best-selling The POREfessional primer an extra pink upgrade by adding a radiant pearlescent effect, which can be worn on its own to achieve that I get 8 hours sleep a night and glow from within look (fake it ’til ya make it, right?!) OR under makeup to minimise pores and act as a soft, smooth base for foundation.

Beauty Hit List

Eyeshadow Quad in Chocolate by Next

As far as own-brand beauty lines go, Next are really knocking it out of the park right now with products that have the luxe look (and QUALITY!) of the likes of Charlotte Tilbury at a lower price point. This little eyeshadow quad is no exception, coming in at a cool £7.50 with a few different colour options available. The palette is perfectly paired with my daily  eyeliner flicks but the Berry and Smoky quads are also great for creating a statement eye – and at 3 for 2, it’s tempting to pick up a few more…

Beauty Hit List

Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm by Kiehl’s

Oh, bittersweet winter – I love your snow days, hot drinks and jumper dresses but I DON’T like what you do to my skin! Flaky patches and dehydration, anyone? Ugh. I thought not. When dry skin strikes I love a balm, almost as much as I love to over-pronounce the ‘L’ in balm. Ballllm. Kiehl’s are my go-to guys when it comes to skin woes and I’ve been slathering this bad boy onto clean skin lately, letting it sink in and do its thing. Altogether now: ballllm! 

Beauty Hit List

MAC Studio Fix Foundation

Whenever I bring up MAC Studio Fix, there’s always at least one person that professes their deep-rooted love for this classic foundation. After using it for a solid month for the first time in ages, I can see why it’s one that people go back to again and again! It gives me the full coverage, matte look that I like, it comes in an impressive 46 (!) shades and it lasts for about 8 hours. Sidenote: I’m also convinced that mine is in a magic bottle* – it never seems to run out…?

Beauty Hit List

Have you guys tried any of the items on my latest Beauty Hit List? Which cosmetics are making you shout from the rooftops this season? Geek out with me!




*no genie though! What gives?! 

The Art of the Lip With MAC Liptensity

MAC Liptensity

Since I first started wearing makeup, lipstick has been my ultimate indulgence. I’ve been incorporating a bold, bright lip into my personal style for well over a decade now (yikes!) and there’s nothing like a new lipstick collection to get my heart fluttering!

So, when I first heard about MAC Liptensity – a new collection of super-pigmented lip colours, I couldn’t wait to get the full scoop and discover some new shades to add to my regular rotation.

MAC Liptensity

Finding and creating a new line of lipsticks is hard enough but, when you already have the existing range that MAC does… well, let’s just say you need to call in the big guns and get to work on something truly unique. Which is exactly what MAC have done!

MAC Liptensity

Working with tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg (who has the ability to see up to 100 million hues imperceptible to the average eye), MAC Liptensity encapsulates 24 brand new colours with something for every makeup bag. This innovative approach is called High-Frequency Tetrachromatic Pigments technology – and means that the brand have been able to produce lipsticks in never-seen-before colours. A tall order, when you consider the sheer volume of lipsticks in production right now!

MAC Liptensity

I went along to the newly-launched MAC counter at House of Fraser recently to meet with MUA Michelle O’ Neill and get to know the new collection better.

MAC Liptensity

First of all, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the new MAC concession yet, put it on your to-do list the next time you go shopping in Glasgow! Bigger, brighter and beautifully merchandised, it’s the ultimate playground for makeup lovers. Right now, MAC are crushing hard on lipsticks, showcasing their take on The Art of the Lip with creative and colourful looks.

The MAC Liptensity collection has everything you need to create your new signature lip, with some dreamy colour names to boot. From Double Fudge (an intense, dark brown) to Gumball (a creamy baby pink),  Mulling Spices (a deep, burgundy-red) and beyond.

MAC Liptensity

I instantly fell in love with Habanero – a vibrant orange-red – from the collection, and Michelle incorporated this into the makeup look that she applied on me.

Usually I’m more of a vintage-inspired red (a la Lady Bug by MAC) or bright pink (hello, Girl About Town) kinda gal but, as the Liptensity collection is all about pushing the boundaries, it only felt right to try something new!

MAC Liptensity

Michelle decided to let my bold lip colour take centre stage and created a bespoke look with porcelain skin, winged eyeliner and warm, neutral eyeshadows. I couldn’t get over how eye-catching my lip colour was and I loved the fiery orange shade.

Since my appointment, I’ve been wearing a couple of the new colours (Habanero, of course, Gumball and Burnt Violet – a dark plum) and, as well as being very impressed with the soft, creamy formulas (that almost feel as though they are hugging my lips), I also can’t help but admire their undeniable staying power – lasting me through dinner and a trip to Starbucks after just one application.

The full MAC Liptensity collection is available now. Will you find a new take on your signature lip colour or try something totally unique?



Thank you to the team at MAC for inviting me to try the new collection! This post may contain samples/ PR opportunities but all words, opinions and lipstick obsessions are my own!

Beauty Bites: MAC Archie’s Girls and Dainty Doll

This month I have been trying to be good and not buy lots of products because I will be going to the States in May and will most likely stock up on make up and other beauty products while I’m there. This month however also saw the hotly-anticipated release of the MAC x Archie’s Girls collaboration which was bad timing for me because boy, do I sure love a MAC collaboration! I was very sensible and limited myself to one item only so that I could still enjoy the new collection but not go overboard. A friend went to MAC on my behalf to pick up said item which was another sensible choice since one peek of the other make-up available would have probably sent my ‘one item’ rule packing!

All of the items in the collection are beautifully packaged in hard white plastic featuring cartoon graphics of the Archie Comics characters. Presentation always gets my attention and MAC always get it right – especially in fun collaborations such as Hello Kitty, Heatherette, Disney Villains and now, Archie’s Girls.

I chose one of the lipsticks from the Veronica line in the collection, called Boyfriend Stealer. As the name suggests, it’s a sassy, vampy shade described by MAC as a ‘blackened plum’ in a ‘deep, seductive tone’. I had been keen to try out a plum for ages so decided this would be the perfect opportunity. It certainly is very dark, especially at first glance while still in the tube, but can be worn in different ways depending on how bold a look you want to achieve. I wanted to go quite dark (go big or go home, right?) so swiped on a couple of layers to build up a more opaque look. As the lipstick is made from the same formula as MAC’s Cremesheen lipsticks, it has a smooth application and a slightly shiny finish. It feels soft on the lips and despite being moderately pigmented it does not stain the lips and is easy to remove. No chance of those pesky stains the next day (“been eating liquorice?”).

I decided to embrace the full vamp effect and wore it out to a gig with a black lace Betsey Johnson dress. I would recommend wearing a lipliner with this one, I always think with a bold lip you need to make sure it looks neat. I picked up a very inexpensive one from Collection that did the job nicely.

In a previous post I had mentioned picking up a blusher from Nicola Roberts’ Dainty Doll collection. I had been very interested to try this brand as it promises to not only cater to, but actually be intended for pale skinned lasses like myself. Impressed? Very. The brand is still relatively new, yet has managed to establish themselves as a leading cosmetics line on a mission to ‘enhance the beauty of fairer skin tones’. On a good day I look like Casper the Ghost so any assistance is appreciated!

One of the other things about Dainty Doll I admire is their dedication to using high-quality ingredients intended to improve your skin. The blusher I bought contains vitamins A and E, and is rich in antioxidants to help boost the skin naturally. Sounds good to me! I chose shade 02 called My Girl (which immediately conjured up visions of Macaulay Culkin being chased by bees but that is another blog post altogether) which is a sugary, sweet bright pink. It’s the colour of cotton candy and I really like it. The colour is highly pigmented which meant that just one sweep gave my cheeks a healthy flush and a couple of sweeps helped me build up a brighter look with ease.

The size of the compact is very handbag-friendly and also features a mirror for use on the go. After applying my blusher in the morning I didn’t have to top it up at all during the day. It stayed put and The Boy commented when we got home in the evening (after being on for over 8 hours) that the colour was still very visible. The blusher does not come with it’s own applicator but I really didn’t mind as I prefer to use my own brush anyway.

The Dainty Doll blusher range comes in 4 different shades. I’m keen to try Hippy Shake next, a lilac coloured blush as the colour looks adorable and I’m curious to see what a lilac blush might look like on! Now that I know how high quality the blusher is I’d like to try other products in the range too.

Overall I am very happy with both of these purchases. You can buy the Archie’s Girls collection from MAC (but hurry – it is limited edition) directly either at MAC concessions or online. Dainty doll is available from a range of stockists including Boots, Very, Debenhams and Feel Unique.

Have you bought anything from the Archie’s Girl collection? Or tried any of Dainty Doll’s range? Do you ever feel like a ghost?

Thanks for reading!