The Glasgow Veggie Diaries: Epoch


New to The Glasgow Veggie Diaries? This series is where you’ll find me sharing the most awesome meat-free food options around town, so whether you or a member of your posse are vegetarian, feel free to use this as your official guide to who is doing it right!

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Recently I went along to a special tasting evening at Epoch, a new restaurant and lounge on the ground floor of Princes Square. I hadn’t heard too much about Epoch since they opened their doors a couple of months ago, other than the menu being inspired by dishes from around the world. So, I was looking forward to finding out a little more (and trying out some of their vegetarian dishes while I was at it!)…


The Restaurant

Occupying the space of two former units, Epoch’s spacious restaurant flows through to a comfortable lounge area (or is it the other way around?) decorated with pops of colourful contemporary artwork and stylish furniture.

We started our evening relaxing in the lounge before heading through to our table.

The Menu

Made up of small plates, Epoch’s menu is separated into meat, vegetable and fish sections – making it easy to navigate and pick out a few to your taste. Two or three per person are encouraged, as is sharing!

There are four vegetarian, five meat and four fish dishes. All in all, I think that this is a fair and balanced approach with the small plates – the veggie dishes don’t feel like an afterthought and there aren’t less options than with the other sections. In addition, there are the usual breads and olives to nibble on and all of the side dishes at Epoch are meat-free.


If wine is your bag, the restaurant does plenty of that too (and the team really know their stuff when it comes to the ol’ grape juice, so don’t be shy to ask them!). I skipped on the wine (surprise!) and instead enjoyed a lovely pomegranate faux-hito with my food.


What I Ate

I started the meal with a vibrant plate of pickled seasonal vegetables, which were served with a herby mayonnaise. As well as looking very pretty, this was a fresh, summery dish. Real talk: it’s not one to pick if you’re really hungry, but it would make a tasty accompaniment to something more substantial, like the gnocchi. Speaking of which…

Ah, the gnocchi! This was hands-down my favourite part of the meal, and I even cheekily enquired if you could order a large portion from the regular menu (you can’t, BUT I am not above ordering three plates of the same thing, believe me!). I’d never had gnocchi with a filling before, but this came filled with roasted gorgonzola and walnut – it was a game-changer! I loved the squash puree on the side too.


I also tried the broccoli dish, in which tender broccoli came with peas, fine beans, coconut and curry leaf, before finishing up with peach rosemary ice cream. The ice cream was made in-house, and served with shortcake and creme anglaise. As some of you will already know, I have a huge sweet tooth and really enjoyed the dessert at Epoch!

One thing that I DIDN’T eat, but I really want to go back and try, is the ‘Epoch eclair’, which sounds like a chocolate, hazelnut and caramel dreamboat that I would like to to get to know a little better.


Final thoughts 

Epoch have created an inviting space where you could happily spend a few hours catching up with friends and not feel hurried out of  the door. I could see myself spending more time in the lounge area than the restaurant (either with friends or just having some alone time with an eclair and coffee…), but I have no doubt that I will be back for more of the gnocchi sometime soon too.

I’ll be interested to see how the menu changes from season to season but, for the time being, there’s a good selection of flavours to please most and a decent amount of the menu is vegetarian.

Have you checked out Epoch in Princes Square yet? And tell me, have you ever ordered three of the same dish while dining out?