From Dumbo to Bambi: Trying My First Ever Lash Lift


There are some beauty treatments that are flash-in-the pan fads – a must-try for everyone for a few months until they are swiftly forgotten about. Remember THOSE weird fish tank pedicures? Exactly.

Others though, have much more staying power, and it’s usually because they seem a lot more reasonable AND the results tend to speak for themselves. Lash lifts are a perfect example of the latter, and have quickly become one of the most popular ways in which we choose to treat ourselves in the last couple of years.

I am someone with long, but poker straight eyelashes – “like an elephant”, one MUA explained…helpfully. And hey, I like to think that I’m at least a cute Disney-esque elephant, like Dumbo. So, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit curious to see how a lash lift might look on me.

When I found out that Melissa, the girlboss behind The Beauty Business and in-house beauty therapist at Pixie Hair & Beauty offered Elleebana lash lift treatments (designed to curl the lashes semi-permanently) I was keen to arrange an appointment and see what all the fuss was about.

lash lift

 Could my lashes REALLY go from Dumbo to Bambi? There was only one way to find out…

Some of you might already be aware of Pixie Hair & Beauty, or you may remember them from the time I got my makeup done at the salon (see more about that here!). The Beauty Business within Pixie offers a wide range of treatments, but  their most popular is currently the eyelash lift.

Why so popular? I asked at my pre-treatment patch test (which comes as standard, FYI). Melissa explained that it’s all down to the results, which open up the eyes and leave lashes curled and all a-flutter. For a gallery of amazing before-and-after shots, head over to @thebeautybusinessglasgow Instagram page!

A week later, I arrived for my appointment, which took place in a serene little room, away from the buzz of the salon floor. So, what does the treatment actually involve, then? Well, first off I have to report how little effort was required on my end – in fact all that I needed to do was lie down and close my eyes!

A solution is applied to the eyelashes which adds length, volume, curl and dimension and then a complimentary tint is applied for further definition. There’s no glue or extensions involved – no muss, no fuss (also, no pain or discomfort I might add)! This is all about making your natural lashes stand out on their own without adding falsies.

As an animated speaker, the hardest part for me was probably staying still for long enough when it was required (whoops!).

lash lift

So just under an hour later I was good to go, with some top aftercare advice from Melissa. Avoid getting my lashes wet for the first day, and whatever you do, DON’T feed them after midnight! OK, I made that last bit up, but you really do need to keep them dry for a wee while so that the solution can work its final piece of magic and continue to fan out the lashes.

I am completely in love with the result, and definitely feel more like Bambi than Dumbo now! The £35 treatment lasts up to ten weeks, and it’s been just over 3 weeks since my appointment. My favourite part is when people ask me about the mascara they think I’m wearing, but the truth is I’ve not had to wear any! I think I’ve worn mascara twice since the treatment, as my eyelashes already have the volume and curl that I’d be after. Also, I feel like my eyes look more ‘awake’ overall if you know what I mean?

Having now tried a lash lift for myself, I can honestly say that I believe the hype. This treatment is a game changer and I’ve genuinely been raving about  it to anyone I’ve met up with in the last few weeks! If you’re looking to give your eyelashes a little va-va-voom, this is worth checking out and Melissa at The Beauty Business is just the gal for the job. Knowledgeable, experienced and friendly, shel sure knows her way around a set of peepers!

I’m already thinking about booking a second appointment after this set wears off – just in time for Christmas parties.

Have you ever tried a lash lift? Do your eyelashes remind you of a Disney character?




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Oh, Make Me Over – A Visit to Pixie Hair and Beauty


Having my make up professionally applied is something that I consider to be a huge treat. I’ve been wearing cosmetics pretty much daily since my teens, so I know my way around my face enough to (I hope!) pull off a decent daytime look, and sass it up for special occasions too. But I’m certainly no expert, and as well as the feeling of being utterly pampered at a make up appointment, I also enjoy picking up new tips and tricks from the pros that I can try out myself later.

So, when the team at Pixie Hair and Beauty invited me along to their new salon for some makeup magic with their in-house make up artist, Dale Plews, I was excited to pop an appointment date in my diary.


Pixie Hair and Beauty arrived in Glasgow last Autumn and their vibrant, 80s-inspired salon is located on Dumbarton Road in Partick. It was a breeze to find and with a bus stop right at their door, zipping back to the city centre afterwards couldn’t have been easier. And besides, you’ll know you’ve found the right place when you see the magenta shop front sitting right on the corner!


As you might have guessed from their name, the salon offers a range of services and treatments beyond makeup. Pixie Hair and Beauty have an extensive menu that includes hair, nails, waxing, massage, facials, tanning, brows and lashes. Phew! During my visit I noticed a range of clients that were clearly regulars, making bookings for all sorts of treatments.



My appointment was on a sunny Saturday morning, and the light bursting through the salon windows highlighted the colourful (not to mention Instagrammable!) décor perfectly. From a DIY chandelier made from yellow vintage hair dryers, to a bold chevron Twin Peaks-esque floor, the interior design at Pixie is a feast for the eyes. As a self-confessed interiors nut, I was VERY excited and couldn’t help snapping away at their custom walls, floor…everything, really!

Dale’s work station was set up and we had a quick chat about the kind of look I was after. As many of you will know, I’m a bold lips and subtle eyes (though never without my cat-eye flicks!) kinda gal, and I was keen to burst out of my comfort zone and see how I’d look with a bold eye and subtle lip instead. I couldn’t stop looking at Dale’s smokey, metallic eyes and thinking I was in very safe hands, so I left all of the decisions about colours and products up to her.


Unlike having my make up applied at a department store counter, Dale wasn’t tied to a particular brand – meaning the products she used were her own tried-and-tested favourites. Her make up storage trolley (an Aladdin’s cave of products from what I could see!) was filled with both high-end and drugstore names, and she used a variety while building my look. This is the kind of approach I would normally take at home, and it was awesome to see someone else mix and match their brands to get the effect they wanted.

While my make up was being applied, the salon was buzzing with activity – and the 90s Spotify playlist of my dreams! Everyone in the salon was super friendly, so I felt really comfortable and chatted away during my appointment. I had to try really hard to not look at myself in the mirror until the end – but I knew a ‘big reveal’ would be much more fun.


Even though I couldn’t see the progress, Dale was great at explaining what she was doing and the products she chose. She told me that she selected a bronze colour for my eye make up, based on my love of vibrant colours (well, I was dressed in bright yellow) and, she explained, because that colour was a good match for blue eyes. My lip colour was a velvety nude – not what I would usually pick for myself, but I was very excited to see what it would look like!

I had some strip lashes applied as a final touch, and then it was time for me to see my finished look. What can I say? I LOVED IT. It was a huge step away from my usual makeup style, but it really opened my eyes (no pun intended!)! to other colours and techniques that would still work on me.


I felt like a new woman after having my make up done at Pixie Hair and Beauty, and needless to say I walked out of the salon with a few new ideas to try at home (as well as a little more wiggle in my walk!). I couldn’t recommend Dale’s make up skills enough, and I can see myself booking with her again for special occasions, or as a treat to myself. You can check out more information about the salon, and find booking information here!

Have you visited Pixie Hair and Beauty? What is your make up comfort zone?

With love, lipstick and lashes,



Thank you to the lovely team at Pixie Hair and Beauty 


Power Brows with High Definition


Eyebrows are a funny thing. Sure, they have sat just under my fringe for my whole life, but they are the one part of my make-up routine that up until a few years ago, I completely overlooked. Don’t get me wrong, I would tweeze them to keep them in check (and to keep me from resembling Wolverine, obviously…) but I never really considered them to be part of my look and would just kind of ignore them. Nowadays, I’m never without a trusty brow product (or two!) in my make-up bag to keep my brows looking full and neat.

It’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve realised the sweet feeling of newly-cut bangs and a fresh set of brows. Talk about a power couple! I adore the bang n’ brow combo so much that I make sure that I know just where to go in town to get my eyebrows looking and feeling on point.


When High Definition’s Brow Academy and salon opened their doors a year ago, I fell in love with their signature eyebrow treatments. I went along to their uber-sleek monochrome salon last week to chat about their first anniversary. Oh, and have my brows whipped into shape while I was there, of course!

With thousands of students trained in Glasgow alone, a branding makeover and a some shiny new cosmetics to show off, High Definition (AKA HD Brows) have plenty to shout about. Their make-up products are packaged in a bold, minimalist style which is echoed in the décor of the salon itself, with its beautiful high ceilings and trademark liquorice-striped walls. I tried out a few of their products on my visit and they have a killer collection that just keeps expanding. My only complaint would be that the lip colours (currently only in glosses) are too light for my own taste – however, a little bird told me that High Definition have 12 new beautifully pigmented lipsticks in the works. You know this gal loves a statement lip! Watch this space…


My brow treatment was carried out by Brett – who had some of the best eyebrows I’ve EVER seen, so I knew I was in good hands! Brett had changed careers from being a high-flier in IT to working with High Definition as an elite stylist and spoke so passionately about treating his clients. It’s always amazing to meet someone that genuinely loves their job and puts the customer’s experience first.

So, what does the brow treatment involve? Firstly it’s a totally bespoke service – so there’s no ‘one brow fits all’ approach here. After all, everyone’s faces are different shapes and sizes, so why wouldn’t their eyebrows be?

After a consultation, my brows were colour matched and tinted. This step helped make sure any patchy areas of my eyebrows were filled in before the next stage – waxing! Not as painful as you might think, and a way to achieve a long-lasting result. I was then threaded and plucked to make sure any light and stray hairs were completely removed. The finishing touch was to add some of High Definition’s make-up to ease any redness the waxing might have caused.


I couldn’t be happier with my finished brows, which look full and natural (without being overbearing). The perfect match for my micro fringe, and ever since my appointment I haven’t needed to use make-up on my brows. If it’s anything like my last treatment with High Definition, I probably won’t need to do that for a couple of weeks!

It’s awesome to see a local salon and beauty academy going from strength to strength, and to see the national brand itself continue to expand. Be sure to pay High Definition a visit on West Regent Street if you’re looking for a brow treatment that goes the extra mile, or if you fancy a look at their latest make-up launches.

Have you ever visited High Definition? Do you love a bang n’ brow combo too?

With #browsonfleek…



Thanks to High Definition for my power brows!