Beauty Hit List: December & January 2017

beauty hit list

Welcome to the first Beauty Hit List of the year! It feels like forever since I last shared a round-up of my favourite cosmetic crushes with you guys, so I’ve been really looking forward to this one.

Today I’m sharing some of the products that have been (literally!) saving my skin each day, seeing me through New Year celebrations in style and keeping my locks in check. So let’s dive in and take a peek, shall we?

beauty hit list

Ultra Facial Balm by Kiehl’s

It’s no secret by now that I’m a huge lover of Kiehl’s products, and I’ve gushed about their Ultra Facial Cream previously, due to its ability to keep my dry skin feeling super hydrated. Their Ultra Facial Balm takes this to a whole new level and it’s been my go-to for emergency levels of flakiness this winter!

Kiehl’s call this their ‘ultimate hydration blanket’, which is actually better than any description that I could come up with. It FEELS like a blanket in that it is soothing and comforting and makes the dry, rough skin I get around my nose and hairline feel soft and smooth instantly. It’s also non-greasy so, even though I slather my face in it some days, I don’t look like I have, hurrah!

beauty hit list

Glitter pots by Sara Hill

Fact: glitter makes everything better. It just does, OK? If you agree, then you’re in good company and I highly recommend checking out Sara Hill’s range of glitter for grown-ups ASAP! These pots of loose glitter look perfect pressed on top of a cream eyeshadow, twinkling under the lower lashes or worn over lipstick for a dramatic (and fabulous!) look. To be honest, the beauty of these cruelty-free glitters is in how versatile they are, and they are so much fun to play with.

I wore some during New Year’s Eve in a geometric-inspired shape (go big or go home, eh?) using some of Sara Hill’s glitter fix to hold it in place. There are 12 dazzling shades to choose from (you can see Queen P and Royal Purple above) – next on my shopping list is the irridescent Crystal Tits glitter because I think it’ll be a must-have for my Vegas trip…

beauty hit list

i-illuminise Liquid Illuminiser by New CID Cosmetics

My name is Lynsay and I am officially a highlighter convert – and you can thank this i-illuminise by New CID Cosmetics for that. Inside this shiny silver tube is a liquid highlighter that has the most gorgeous, pearlescent glow. I’ve been wearing it buffed into my cheekbones, brow bones, my cupid’s bow, the tip of my nose (not all at once I might add!)…did I say ‘convert’ because I clearly meant to say ADDICT!

The dewy finish along with the brush on applicator makes it a easy to add a bit of shimmer to your every day make up look and build up as much of a highlight as you like. It’s been in my makeup bag every day since December.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D at Debenhams

The day that Kat Von D makeup stopped being a Sephora exclusive and became available at our very own Debenhams in the UK, I swear you could hear a Mexican wave-like squeal of delight if you listened hard enough! Of all the Kat Von D products I’ve tried over the years, the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are, in my opinion, the best. Non-drying, extremely pigmented and in a range of lust-worthy shades, the liquid lipsticks last up to an impressive 24 hours – making them perfect for nights out.

Backstage Bambi was previously my weapon of choice, but I’ve recently tried out Bauhau5 (pictured above), and love its bold berry hue – the perfect pop of colour on a grey January day.

beauty hit list

Damage Remedy Split End Repair by Aveda

Sometimes post-party season hair needs some TLC and luckily Aveda have the perfect range to help out! This Split End Repair treatment from Aveda’s Damage Remedy collection is just the thing to repair hair that has split and also to prevent new damage forming. I’ve been smoothing the cream into my hair after it’s been washed, dried and styled so it can do its thing while I’m out and about. Also, unlike some treatments I’ve tried, as well as making my hair look a lot healthier, it smells AMAZING. If you see me swishing my hair around any time soon, this is why!

beauty hit list

So these have made my Beauty Hit List this month, but what about you? Any new obsessions from the world of cosmetics that you’re raving about? I love hearing about what you’ve discovered lately as well as your old faithfuls so be sure to give me shout below or on Twitter so I can check ’em out!




This post contains some PR samples but all views, sparkle addictions and hair swishing are on me

The Power of Mood Changing Makeup


One of the things I love most about makeup is its unique ability to radically alter my mood. Whether it’s a slick of fuchsia lipstick before a meeting for extra confidence or long, curly lashes on date night, there’s no denying that there’s a direct link between the way we feel and what we choose to wear on our faces.

Lately, I’ve been really into wearing a bold pop of colour on my eyelids, there’s something about it that just makes me feel uplifted!

Mood Changing Makeup 1

I’d been looking for some bright, punchy colours to dress up my peepers, and fell in love with some of Sara Hill’s eyeshadow pans at first sight.

Last month, Sara Hill launched Mood Changing Makeup in a range of shades designed to “celebrate expression and transformation”, from calming blues to mellow yellows and beyond.


My favourite colour of the range is Drama Queen (far left), a shimmering aqua made for mermaids. On its own, it’s bright enough to make a statement, but layered with glitter and a ton of attitude…well, that’s your Saturday night look nailed!


I also can’t get enough of Goldilocks, which as you can see, is a glorious rich burnt gold. The super pigmented formula means that I don’t need to layer it on for hours, and the colour really stands out against my pale skin.

And my mood when I wear these two shades? When I wear bright colours I feel like the best version of myself – cheerful and optimistic – and that goes for my eye makeup too!

From the range of eyeshadow pans (which if you ask me, is like a pretty pick n’ mix for beauty junkies!), I’ve also been trying Moonbeam (AKA the sparkling silver that all Ziggy Stardust fans need in their makeup bags) and Ice Malted, a cool metallic beige.


These colours were a little softer, and a bit more muted compared to the first two. Ideal to wear with some graphic eyeliner and a statement lip, or on their own for a more relaxed look.

You can pick out a pan to suit your mood, or build your own palette with a rainbow of eyeshadows from the collection – because you never know when you might fancy reaching for a burst of your favourite colour! You can see the full collection here.

Have you tried the Mood Changing Makeup from Sara Hill? How does wearing your favourite colour make you feel?

Living colourfully,



Beauty Hit List: March & April 2016


It’s time for another Beauty Hit List! I can’t believe that two whole months have passed since the last time I talked about the lotions and potions that are getting my heart all a-flutter, and I’m excited to share my latest beauty picks with you. These are the products that I’ve been using and keeping handy lately, rounded up and ready for us to take a look at. Are you ready? Let’s do this…

The POREfessional Face Primer by Benefit

Here’s the thing about primer: before I used it myself, I was REALLY skeptical. I was convinced that it was one of those products that didn’t really do anything and that it was probably a step in your makeup routine that wouldn’t make a difference. That was until I started using primer myself, and I stand corrected! This pro balm from Benefit does everything that a good primer should – it smooths my skin, minimizes the appearance of pores and helps my make up to glide on (and stay put!). Oh, and of course (being Benefit!) the packaging is adorable!

Velvet Sheer Foundation by Sara Hill 

Ah, the angst of being a pale girl with a ghostly complexion! It’s tough to find a foundation that matches my skintone at the best of times, but to find one that also delivers skin-conditioning goodness and antioxidant protection? Needles and haystacks spring to mind. Which is exactly why I rejoiced when I tried out Velvet Sheer Foundation, developed here in Glasgow by Sara Hill. The lightweight formula means that I can custom-build my coverage, and know that my skin is getting some TLC at the same time. And my shade of choice is Linen (that’s one step lighter than Porcelain, just FYI!).

Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in Aura by Urban Decay

When I first seen this sugary sweet pink highlighter, it was love at first sight! The formula is so light and easy to work with, I can gently blend it to bring a subtle glow to my cheeks or build it up when I can’t get enough of the iridescent shimmer (which is often!). This is a new release from Urban Decay, and I can see it sticking around in my day-to-day make up bag for a long time!

Shampure Dry Shampoo by Aveda

Whether you need to refresh your locks or just enjoy the extra texture, dry shampoo is a bathroom cabinet must-have for so many of us. For me, it’s a little of both! If I need to revive my hair for an extra day, I will always reach for dry shampoo and Aveda’s Shampure has quickly become my new favourite. Instead of coming out in that weird aerosol mist (that I ALWAYS end up inhaling by accident!), this is easily dispensed in powder form – meaning I can squeeze out the right amount into my hands and massage it into my hair directly. This is going to be a saviour on holiday, I just know it…

Lip Magic by Charlotte Tilbury 

First off, Charlotte Tilbury makes beautiful products. I just want to put that out there. Like, the kind of delicious design that make you want to just hand over your bank card and wave a white flag in surrender! Lip Magic is an anti-aging balm for the lips, promising to protect, strengthen and regenerate the skin. It’s also packed with natural ingredients to help encourage youthful-looking lips, such as vitamin E, Propolis and shea butter. I’ve been using it more as a moisturising base for my lipstick, taking advantage of its ability to smooth and treat my lips before applying a bold colour for the perfect pout.

So this is my current beauty hit list, but tell me about yours! Have you used any of these goodies? Is there something you’d recommend I try?

With love, shimmering cheekbones and kissable lips,