An Ode to Chunky Black Boots

black boots

There are many key moments in my life when a pair of chunky black boots have been my footwear of choice. They’ve seen me through more birthdays than I care to count, graduating high school, taking my first steps inside University (and, a few years later, taking my last steps inside University), nights of endless dancing, concerts, and a funeral. And yes, I’m aware that suddenly sounded like a film title (don’t worry, Hugh Grant won’t be making a sudden appearance).

So, I guess what I’m saying is, we go back a long way, black boots and I. They feel familiar and seem to go with virtually everything I own (not an easy task considering my wardrobe choices!).

black boots

I love how a pair of boots can instantly transform a floral dress and make you feel like a badass – like the kind of princess that rescues herself. And with the right pair of rolled up jeans and a sweater, you’ve got yourself an easy-breezy Sunday ensemble.

Last month, I was invited by the team at Next to visit their uber-glam Shoe Lounge and discover their new season collection to see if I could find my perfect shoes. While I enjoyed discovering their bright sneakers and colour pop pointed flats, these black chunky Chelsea ankle boots immediately won me over.

black boots

With thick soles and androgynous brogue detailing, these boots were sure made for walking (and standing, and dancing…) and before I knew it, they were on my feet!

I think they look great with coloured tights (which is just as well, because it’s not going to be warm enough for bare legs anytime soon!), and I’m looking forward to dressing them up (and down!) even more over the coming months.

black boots

Shoe trends come and go but, if you ask me, chunky black boots are for life! I didn’t exactly fall in love with a new style at Next but I DID rediscover my favourite style of footwear – which is just as good, wouldn’t you say?

Do you have a footwear staple that you go back to again and again? What is your top pick from the new Next collection?



With thanks to the lovely team at Next 

Summertime Blues and Bubblegum Shoes


Now that summer is in full swing, I’ve retired a few of my usual suspects (I’m looking at YOU, 60+ denier tights!) in favour of lighter, brighter pieces. Long may it continue! I’m loving not having to layer up and battle the weather each morning, and being able to show off what I’ve picked out to wear without insisting apologetically to people “it’s under here…somewhere…“.


I don’t know if it’s the sunny skies having an influence on me, but I’m definitely wearing a lot more blue at the moment! Let’s start with this jacket. A total bargain from Zara, this baby blue comes in a super-soft faux leather with slightly cropped sleeves and lapels just dying to be decorated (hello, enamel pins – this is your new home!).


It’s easily one of my favourite buys this year, and I’m even thinking about picking it up in one of its other colourways because I’m throwing this one on over EVERYTHING lately.


One of my all-time favourite looks is a biker-style jacket over a dress, it appeals to the Wanda Woodward in me and I love the juxtaposition of cute and badass that it brings! This dress in particular is a denim fit-and-flare number by Oasis at House of Fraser – and yep, it’s blue as well (told you!).


The material on this frock is lovely and light, making it an ideal dress for warmer weather. It’s sleeveless with generous pockets (YES!), and it can also be worn layered over a tee, pinafore-style for a slightly different look. I’ll be trying it out over a stripy long sleeved tee when the chilly days kick back in again.

With a blue jacket and denim dress, it was important for me to inject a pop of something bold and contrasting (I think blue acessories might have just tipped me into the wrong side of crazy, dontcha think?!) to pep things up a bit…


I think we have a winner! These pink Karl Lagerfeld x Melissa flats from Spartoo UK are pretty much my dream shoes, you guys. Bright pink? Check! Comfy (they’re made entirely of rubber so they feel so soft and ready to dance in!)? Check! Just a little bit kitsch? They’re wearing giant black sunglasses a la Karl so…Check! You know you’ve found a special pair of shoes when they can throw shade all on their own, right?


Not only do these cuties have the same vibrant colour as bubblegum, but they smell like bubblegum too! That might sound a bit bizarre but (hopefully!) anyone that’s ever owned a pair of shoes by Melissa will know what I mean! Also, since they’re made of rubber it means that a little summer shower isn’t going to ruin them (and in Glasgow, a bit of rain is never too far away!).


I was feeling all kinds of summer ready when I wore this outfit recently, and decided to accessorise with a peach flower crown from one of my latest Crown and Glory subscription boxes, and my new Kate Spade Beware of Sharks clutch. This girl loves a statement bag!


I’m looking forward to spending my summer dressed in denim and bubblegum, wondering if there really IS a cure for the summertime blues.

Have you found yourself dressing in a particular colour more often than usual lately? And what are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

With love, flowers and endless sunny days,



Weekend Wear: Two of Hearts


On Friday night we went to The Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen for dinner. It’s one of these really great local places that never disappoints and I always enjoy my visits. It’s got a great atmosphere – somewhere between stylish and laid-back and the staff are super friendly, rocking a smile and a pair of Vans. For Friday’s visit to The Lansdowne I wore this Topshop dress – I got it for my birthday last year and have worn it a few times before. I love everything about it – the cut, the bold colour and, of course, the cheekily placed hearts! Plus, the material is very light (actually a little too light if a car whizzes past too quickly, haha!) so it was a pleasure to wear it out on such a balmy evening.

Clearly last weekend’s leg baring did not end in disaster and I took it up a notch this time by wearing (for the first time EVER) heels with my bare legs. I’ve overheard girls talking this week about not wanting to bare their legs without tanning them first, but I must say it’s never really crossed my mind. I’m sure my moonbeam stems will make even the palest legs look a bit bronzed though (maybe I should make myself available for a small fee to come and stand next to you if you have pin paranoia…). I wore these Irregular Choice stars n’ stripes heels and felt the ‘Wonder Woman’ effect of having such kick-ass shoes on as I walked strutted into The Lansdowne.

Jewellery-wise, I kept things very simple and wore a couple of rings by Thomas Sabo and Topshop. Never one to go outside without something on my head, I chose a black cat ears Alice band by Diva. Purr-fect (sorry, couldn’t resist).

While walking to and from the restaurant I wore my favourite new sunglasses – my tortoiseshell Dickies cat eye frames. I love that this sunny weather has given me so many opportunities to rock my sunglasses – I buy so many pairs and grab any opportunity to wear them!

We had a lovely meal and it was fun to get all dressed up and go out with The Boy and the family – the perfect start to the weekend.

What did you wear this weekend? What did you get up to? Have you ever felt the ‘Wonder Woman’ effect from a pair of shoes?