In Need of Some TLC? Win a Luxury Spa Treatment at James Dun’s House Glasgow!

james dun's house glasgow

Have you heard the news? I’m starting the week with a rather lovely giveaway over on Instagram and, just in case you missed it, I wanted to share the details here!

James Dun’s House Glasgow is a one of my favourite places to go to recharge. Their luxurious underground spa is stocked with gorgeous, cruelty-free Aveda products and it’s so relaxing – you’d never know that it was located next to the hustle and bustle of George Square!

It’s been my go-to place for massages since my very first visit, and I pop back regularly so that my back, neck and shoulders enjoy a little TLC. I always leave feeling like a shiny new penny and smelling like rosemary & mint (my essential oil of choice every time!).

So, what’s all this about a giveaway? Well, I’m teaming up with James Dun’s House Glasgow so that one of you lucky lot will win a 60 minute spa treatment with them!

To enter, you’ll need to head over to my Instagram profile and find today’s picture (Psst! It’s the same as the picture at the top of this post!). Then all you have to do is like the photo, leave a comment and make sure you’re following both me and James Dun’s House Glasgow  (@jdhglasgow) on Instagram. Simple!

A winner will be announced this Sunday (1st October 2017) at 6pm so keep your eyes peeled! Good luck…

My Ten Skincare Commandments


Skincare woes. Let’s be honest here, I’ve had quite a few! Though in recent years, I’m happy to admit, I’ve been getting much better at looking after my skin and really paying attention to what works for me. At this time of year though, what with the drop in temperatures, cranked up central heating and post-party season fatigue, my routine could still do with an extra helping hand!

So, what’s a gal to do? Well, recently, I spent the afternoon at Debenhams St Enoch Centre and picked up some tips to take me through January and beyond. As well as browsing the range of luxury skincare brands at the beauty hall, I also made an appointment with the in-store Clarins Spa for a chat with one of their therapists. After almost napping during my super relaxing facial treatment (there’s something intoxicating about a dark room, a vibrating chair and being submerged in the aroma of essential oils on a Friday afternoon, I tell you!), I received a full diagnosis of my skin’s needs.


Bare-faced and armed with a few new product reccomendations, I started to think about the simple steps I could take to help keep my skin in tip-top shape. The small things that make a big difference. While cruising on the escalator, I pledged to myself that I would make an effort to stick to these steps and couldn’t help but laugh when I realised there were ten of them! A theme was forming. I COULDN’T RESIST, you guys.

Want to hear my ten skincare commandments for the new year? Read on…

Thou shalt always take thy makeup off (even at 3am!). Oh, that’s right. I don’t care if it’s chips and cheese time, mama – don’t forget to remove that face before you fall into bed with your shoes on. Make it an easy job with the Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine herbs. At 400ml, it’ll last you ages too.

Thou shalt exfoliate, but not too much. Apparently you can have too much of a good thing – and that includes exfoliating! At my appointment, I discovered that you can over-exfoliate, which isn’t great for your skin as it’s not given time to repair itself. Yikes! 3 times a week is PLENTY, so take note.


Thou shalt never forget to wear SPF all year round. This old chestnut? You betcha. Incorporating sun protection into your daily skincare is so important, even I knew this one. I’ve been giving the Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution a whirl and it’s ideal for city living (even when it’s still ‘taps oan’ weather). It’s light, non-greasy AND sits perfectly under makeup. No more excuses!

Thou shalt perk up thy tired eyes. Sometimes we don’t get that eight-plus hours sleep that we know we’re meant to have (and SOMETIMES that has a link to commandment 1, yes?), so that’s when we need to fake it ’til we make it! A Perfect World For Eyes by Origins helps to diminish dastardly dark circles and do a little firming and toning around the eye area too.

Thou shalt open thy mind to advice from experts. The way I see it, unless you’re some kind of skincare guru, you never really know it all. I’ve had the same face for 31 years now, but I STILL enjoy getting a second opinion on what I’m using and how often. The beauty hall at Debenhams is bursting with consultants who know their stuff and I promise they don’t bite! Plus if you DO pick up something new while you’re there, you can rack up some points by swiping your St Enoch Rewards card!


Thou shalt avoid dry, cracked lips. Ah, that creamy, dreamy, matte-effect liquid lipstick you’ve been eyeing up. It’s finally yours! But you know what it doesn’t look so creamy and dreamy on top of? Flaky, dry lips! In fact, it looks a bit scaly and gross. Avoid disaster by picking up an ultra-conditioning lip balm – this one by Burt’s Bees, enriched with Kokum butter, is perfect.

Thou shalt boost, when boosting is necessary. I’m not talking about hurrying to catch that bus (though you can if you wish!). No, I’m talking about a skin booster. Clarins have recently released 3 new Skin Boosters in highly-concentrated formulas to target skin that is in need of some TLC. I picked up the Detox booster which is ideal for combatting pollution, overeating (ahem, there was no cheese left in M&S at Christmas because I ATE IT ALL) and late nights.

Thou shalt stay hydrated (from the inside out!). Invest in a good moisturiser and drink lots of water! And extra water on top of that just for good measure. It’s that simple.

Thou shalt wear a mask. If your skin is extra thirsty (see above), extra tired, extra freaking out, or just generally throwing in the towel, it’s time for a mask. That leftover one from Halloween isn’t going to cut it though so, instead, why not comfort your poor face with a cream, gel, clay or hilarious (and coincidentaly, almost Halloween-like) sheet mask? The HydraQuench range from Clarins offers intensive care for dehydrated skin in the form of a cream mask – my dried-out winter skin is rejoicing!


Thou shalt not underestimate a cheeky 2-for-1. Well, a 2-in-1, to be exact. If you’re a busy bee, why make time to cleanse AND exfoliate when you have a  product that’ll do both for you at once? The Pep-Start range from Clinque includes this nifty 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser, freeing up more time and more space on your bathroom shelf.

I hope this list helps any of you looking to kick-start your skin routine this year! Are you going to try any of these out? Do you have any tips (or if you’re feeling as chatty as me, a list of commandments!) to share? Let me know!



This post was made possible thanks to the awesome folk at St Enoch and Debenhams 

Beauty Hit List: May & June 2016


Happy hump day, friends! It’s time for another edition of my Beauty Hit List, and a chance for me to talk about some awesome new products to get excited about, along with what’s been gracing my face over the last two months. Whether you’re a makeup junkie or just looking to update your bathroom shelves, you’re in the right place…


Benefit Brow Collection

If you’ve been following my adventures over on Twitter, you might know that I spent last Wednesday getting an introduction to the new Brow Collection from Benefit (while posing in a bowler hat or two!). With existing products like Gimme Brow and Brow-Zings already solving brow dilemmas, the team at Benefit have revamped and EXPANDED their range, with a product to now tackle every kind of brow woe imaginable.

Patchy brows? Over-plucked brows? Don’t-know-where-to-start brows? Don’t sweat it! There are now 9 (yup!) tools to choose from, and having had the opportunity to test each of them last week, they could not be easier to use. In fact, Goof Proof brow pencil is just that – filling and shaping made simple and ideal for popping in your makeup bag. My other favourite is the Ka-Brow! cream-gel brow colour, the first of its kind for Benefit and a guaranteed best-seller. This new collection has already hit the beauty counters, so we can all wave buh-bye to dodgy brow days!


Skin Care from PURE Spa & Beauty 

I love going for facials, but sometimes (OK, most times!) turning up in your pyjamas is kind of considered a faux pas! This is where pampering at home comes in and finding the right products to create that luxurious experience at home is half the battle.

So when PURE Spa & Beauty recently released their skincare range, I was interested to see if this leading spa brand could translate its expertise into take-home products. This vegan and animal-friendly line consists of two facial oils, an eye serum, a cleansing oil and a facial spritz. In other words, everything you need to create a relaxing treatment at home with the same quality of products used in the spas themselves (this range will be actually be introduced into PURE’s treatments).

So far I am loving the PURE Clean & Glow cleansing oil, which does a wonderful job of gently removing makeup and hydrating my skin. The PURE Regenerate & Boost Eye Serum contains a specialist blend of antioxidant ingredients, and is designed to renew and revitalise the area around the eyes. At 30, I’m starting to take more care of this area in particular, and this is an easy product to work into my evening routine (PS: the smooth consistency feels divine!).


KIKO Milano arrives in Glasgow 

Last month, Glasgow’s Buchanan Street rolled out the purple carpet and prepped the balloons as KIKO Milano arrived with a bang! With their own stand-alone boutique now on the Style Mile, getting our hands on the budget-friendly makeup brand has never been easier.

Lately, I’ve been trying out a few of their lip products, starting with the Mirage Lip Stylo. As well as being the kind of bold red that suits most skintones (this is shade 05), what I love most about this lipstick is the formula which goes onto the lips super soft and smooth, giving a light sheen. It’s almost like a pigmented lip balm! The rose gold packaging also makes it a pretty addition to dressing tables everywhere.

The Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks pencil is a lot thicker and matte in comparison. I haven’t tried using this on my cheeks as yet, but the creamy texture and handy pencil shape makes this easy to use and I love the colour payoff on my lips. This deep pink is shade 104.

I guess my Beauty Hit List LITERALLY covers brows, lips and everything in between this time around, huh? But I also want to know about the products that are making you swoon these days – anything new I should investigate? Or do you have tried-and-tested favourites you simply can’t live without? Let me know!

With love,