10 Things To Do In Spring

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Hola, friends! After what has felt like the Longest Winter Ever (seriously, though!!), Spring is FINALLY here! There are baby animals everywhere, fresh fruits and veggies in the markets and I even seen someone in sandals the other day!

I thought about the best way we could celebrate the arrival of longer, lighter days, warm breezes and the abundance of colour that is all around us – and you know something? I couldn’t think of just one thing. I am so happy to be peeling off the layers (and layers) of sweaters that I have spent the last 5 months bundled up in, that I think we need to jump into this new season with a bang! What do you think?

So, having given this some thought, I’ve put together a little checklist of fun ways to get into the swing of things and I hope that you’ll join me!

Today I’m sharing 10 things to do in Spring. Let’s hop to it…

1. Get a pastel coloured manicure – feel inspired by Easter eggs, fluffy chicks and cheery Springtime hues

2. Eat lunch al fresco – whether it’s a long, lazy lunch on the grass or just dining outside your favourite cafe

3. Brighten up your day with a bunch of your favourite blooms

4. Make Rice Krispy cakes! You don’t need to be a master in the kitchen for these treats to go down a storm

Summer Sunglasses 1 (1)

5. Spend time at the park. Bring along a blanket and a book, or make a day of it with your friends

6. Re-organise your space – they don’t call it ‘Spring Cleaning’ for nothin’, you guys

7. Plan a road trip! Where do YOU want to visit this Summer? Make a list and get cracking

8. Invent a Spring smoothie

9. Update your wardrobe and clear out the junk you no longer use (don’t forget to donate!)

10. Take a photo of the sunset and post it to Instagram

These are just a few of the ways I’ll be celebrating the arrival of Spring – how about you? Do you have any must-do’s that you think we should add to the list? Let me know!

With flowers, sunny hours and Springtime showers,

Miss West End Girl x


Three Ways To Wear… A Denim Shirt Dress


At this time of year (particularly in Scotland!) the weather doesn’t seem to know what to do with itself. Take this week for example – it’s now Wednesday and already this week I’ve seen rain, sleet, snow, hailstones and sunshine (and usually in VERY quick succession), yikes!

With such an unpredictable climate, there’s never been a better time to style the kinds of pieces that can be worn in oodles of ways – items that are easy to wear, versatile and perfect for layering. Unsurprisingly, denim is an ideal fabric for this time of year – it’s hard wearing and looks awesome! So when New Look challenged me to style a piece from their Denim collection in three different ways, I couldn’t wait to show you guys how to get the most out of this wardrobe staple.

I picked out a cute button-up denim shirt dress and soon I was putting together my first look…


Look 1: Eye Of The Tiger

I love the dark wash of this dress but I couldn’t resist brightening up my outfit with some pops of colour! I was feeling very inspired by a striking piece of street art in the city centre that I had stumbled across, featuring a giant tiger that made me immediately reach for Terry, my Tatty Devine tiger necklace and my Dr Martens lace-up shoes. I like how smart the button-up style looks and was VERY grateful for the long sleeves since it was a particularly windy day (brr!).

I also wore some knee-high socks from American Apparel and topped the whole thing off with a hair accessory by my favourites, Crown and Glory. Orange you glad that I did?!


Look 2: Brunchin’ Blouse

On a weekend brunch date, it’s nice to keep things (relatively!) casual. I decided to re-style the dress as a shirt, and roll up the sleeves a little (inspired by Rosie the Riveter!). I’m wearing it here with a polka dot skirt by Tommy Hilfiger and a scarf by Scottish design talent Karen Mabon in my hair.

A pick n’ mix of jewellery by Vivienne Westwood, Lucky Dip Club, Cheap Frills, Jolly Good and Bloody Mary Metal is my favourite way to accessorise for brunch (aside from the very necessary poached eggs, that is!) and I’m using my Kate Spade bag to carry my essentials.

This might be my favourite look of all three – but let’s take a look at the third before we make up our minds…


Look 3: Sweater Weather

I’ll be honest, the weather was so awful on this day that going outside was a very silly idea! When I’m mooching around indoors, a shirt dress is a pretty solid choice and this time I decided to up the comfort level by layering a sweater on top of the dress (this one is by Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo). I can’t get enough of the little hands with the red fingernails on the design – so much so that I decided to throw on my trusty bowler hat and a slick of red lipstick to match!

I decided to keep the collar and cuffs exposed because I really like the contrast against the black sweater. A pair of comfy leopard print sneakers by Vans & spectacles necklace by Betsey Johnson were the finishing touches and meant I was good to go (just in case the rain stopped!).

After taking on this style challenge, I’ll be thinking about how I can switch up other pieces in my wardrobe too! Do you have any go-to items that you like to style in different ways? How would you rock this denim shirt dress?

Don’t forget you can check out New Look’s full Denim collection here!

Come rain or shine,

Miss West End Girl x


With thanks to New Look


Blog Your Colour

Blog Your Colour 8One thing that gets me really excited about the warmer, brighter days arriving is that we start to see more and more colour re-emerge all around us. This can be seen just about everywhere – from the cherry blossoms on the trees, yellow daffodils popping up from the ground and of course, injections of sunny shades in our wardrobes!

It got me thinking about the powerful impact that colour has – it can trigger memories, make us feel empowered and even affect our mood. My favourite colour is pink – from flamingo to fuchsia – and I always feel more like myself if I’m wearing it (too good to be saved just for Wednesdays, right?!). It is without a doubt, my power colour!

Blog Your Colour 6

I’ve been reading a little bit about colour psychology and learned that, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive colour, inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay. I’m definitely a glass-half-full kinda gal, maybe that’s why I feel such a strong connection to this shade?

Blog Your Colour 7

Recently, Buchanan Galleries got in touch to see if I would like join them in celebrating all things colourful in a project called Blog Your Colour. At the moment, the shopping centre is jumping into Spring with a big, bright bang – and helping people get ready for a new season! I am a huge believer in living life in full technicolour, so this invitation was right up my street.

I was challenged to create an outfit around my own favourite colour, using pieces from Buchanan Galleries’ range of over 90 stores. And with each retailer bursting with vivid, sunny collections, it was certainly a challenge that I was excited to get cracking on!

Blog Your Colour 3

By now you can probably guess that it didn’t take me too long to decide on a colour to build my outfit around! Being a huge fan of a fancy frock, I set out to find the perfect pink dress to be the foundation of my Blog Your Colour ensemble. I INSTANTLY fell in love with this pink lace trim skater dress from Oasis (psst, it comes in blue too…)! With its sweetheart shape and layers of tulle underneath, it fits like a dream and it’s great for twirling in – I do think all dresses need to pass the ‘twirl test’, don’t you?

Although Springtime calls for less layers, I think a light jacket is a still must-have item at this time of year. A cute denim jacket is versatile and can be thrown over just about anything. I picked up this distressed-effect one from H&M, and love the rose-gold hardware. I’ve already started to customise it a little – because I always reckon denim jackets practically scream for patches and pins, and can be switched up in a matter of a few simple steps.

Blog Your Colour 4

So, with the dress and jacket nailed, I was ready to find accessories to complete my colourful Spring look! Being a huge fan of headpieces, I couldn’t resist this floral crown from Claire’s. As well as having beautiful tones of pink and blue, it also has a tiny green bird nestled in it! How Portlandia!! I immediately knew it was the one for me.

Blog Your Colour 1

While in Claire’s I spied an OTT pink ring pop-style ring. It was the most awesomely kitsch item I’d seen all day (and much more practical than wearing a real candy ring!), and that was really all the persuading I needed…

Blog Your Colour 2I tracked down a pair of shoes that were made for a Spring stroll! These silver ballet flats from Next are super comfortable and will complement just about any power colour you decide to dress in this season. I finished with a bold pink lip stain from Bourjois at Boots.

At the weekend, the sun was shining and I couldn’t wait to take a trip to the park with Gary in my new colourful get-up! Wearing pink always makes me feel amazing, and this outfit was no exception! We joined many other people who had decided to spend the morning at the park, enjoying the first weekend of Spring. Bliss!

Blog Your Colour 5

If you fancy adding a splash of your favourite colour into your wardrobe this Spring, Buchanan Galleries are offering a £5 gift card when you spend £50 between the 23rd of March (that’s TODAY, you guys!) and the 27th of March – see here for the full scoop on how to Shop In Colour!

Are you embracing bright shades in your wardrobe this Spring? What’s YOUR power colour?

Pink, ’cause you are so very…

Miss West End Girl x


All Photography by Gary at Trouble With Film