A Picnic in the Park

IMG_4283 One of my favourite things about summer is eating al fresco. There’s just something really relaxing about getting together with people, organising some food and throwing down a blanket under a big tree… or a beach… or… well, you get the idea!

So when the gang at Krispy Kreme recently invited me along to a picnic in the park, celebrating their newest openings in Glasgow, I was only too happy to join in the fun.


First things first though: if I’m going to a picnic, you know that I am all about dressing in theme! I’d been saving this vivid gingham dress for a suitably kitsch occasion – and, if you ask me, gingham and picnics go together like doughnuts and sprinkles. I picked this up in the Lindy Bop sale about a month ago – £12 well spent…


When thinking about accessories, it really was a case of ‘go big or go home’, and I decided my oversized watermelon necklace by SWANK wasn’t enough. I carried my usual essentials in my all-time favourite bag by Kate Spade which is (you guessed it!) ALSO watermelon themed!


Arriving on time to a doughnut picnic is essential if you want first choice of the treats, right?  I made sure I popped on this Cora watch by JORD before walking out the door. I love the deep, red-purple colour of the wood and, in case you were wondering, I did get a good choice of doughnuts!

The new Nutty Chocolatta (filled with pure Nutella spread!) is pretty dreamy but my heart will always belong to the melt-in-your mouth classic, original glazed (cue the Homer Simpson-style drooling…).


I got into the spirit of things all too easily and swapped out my hair flower for a Krispy Kreme-themed hat – think I can pull it off?

We were treated to quite a spread in the picturesque surroundings of Pollok Country Park, and I left with a sugar high so powerful that made clearing out the living room cupboard later that day an absolute breeze (I know, I know, I’m living la vida loca you guys)!


You can visit new Krispy Kreme stores and try their new varieties for yourself in Silverburn, Buchanan Galleries and (very soon!) Central Station. Household chore results may vary.

Have you had a picnic in the park this year? Did you dress up? And what’s your favourite kind of doughnut?

Love, sugar kicks and picnic baskets…



Sunny Saturday and Statement Boots


There’s nothing like a sunny Saturday to make you want to put on your glad rags and head into town, am I right?

Last weekend, I decided to do just that, and while I was at it, I took advantage of the nice weather to wear a few new pieces that had been dying for an outing…


The Sunglasses: Glasgow-based glasses designers IOLLA have recently released a line of sunglasses with polarised lenses, in a range of colours and frames.

This rose gold mirrored Inglis pair were the perfect accessory for a walk along the river, as the polarised lenses helped to keep the glare from the sun to a minimum.


The Playsuit: With the rare opportunity of a sunny day, I decided that it was high time I de-tagged my new playsuit and took it out for a spin! I picked up this Archive by Alexa Chung at M&S one in the sale after having my eye on it for quite some time.

This playsuit has delicate slip-style straps and, along with the satin fabric, it reminds me a little of lingerie (great for a night out, but a Saturday down by the Clyde? Not so much!), so I dressed it down for daytime by layering with a white tee and biker jacket.


Also, note to self: wearing a playsuit sounds really cute until you need to use the bathroom. This is the part I always forget about until it’s too late…


The boots: A couple of weeks back, I discovered the new Marble Effects collection from Dr Martens. As a Docs girl since my schooldays, AND a lover of all things marble, these statement boots were my firm favourite from the new capsule collection (consisting of two pairs of boots, two satchels and two street style-inspired tees).


I absolutely loved stomping around town in these boots, and catching the reflection of the striking white soles throughout the day! I also love how they have toughened up the feminine look of the playsuit.

After hanging out at the water, accidently walking into a VERY busy Pokestop (whoops!) and making friends with a lovely dog called Hugo, we headed for some coffee at Dear Green’s Cafe Project.


Sunshine and damn good coffee – isn’t that what weekends are all about?

What did you get up to this weekend? What are your favourite pieces to wear on a sunny day?



Summertime Blues and Bubblegum Shoes


Now that summer is in full swing, I’ve retired a few of my usual suspects (I’m looking at YOU, 60+ denier tights!) in favour of lighter, brighter pieces. Long may it continue! I’m loving not having to layer up and battle the weather each morning, and being able to show off what I’ve picked out to wear without insisting apologetically to people “it’s under here…somewhere…“.


I don’t know if it’s the sunny skies having an influence on me, but I’m definitely wearing a lot more blue at the moment! Let’s start with this jacket. A total bargain from Zara, this baby blue comes in a super-soft faux leather with slightly cropped sleeves and lapels just dying to be decorated (hello, enamel pins – this is your new home!).


It’s easily one of my favourite buys this year, and I’m even thinking about picking it up in one of its other colourways because I’m throwing this one on over EVERYTHING lately.


One of my all-time favourite looks is a biker-style jacket over a dress, it appeals to the Wanda Woodward in me and I love the juxtaposition of cute and badass that it brings! This dress in particular is a denim fit-and-flare number by Oasis at House of Fraser – and yep, it’s blue as well (told you!).


The material on this frock is lovely and light, making it an ideal dress for warmer weather. It’s sleeveless with generous pockets (YES!), and it can also be worn layered over a tee, pinafore-style for a slightly different look. I’ll be trying it out over a stripy long sleeved tee when the chilly days kick back in again.

With a blue jacket and denim dress, it was important for me to inject a pop of something bold and contrasting (I think blue acessories might have just tipped me into the wrong side of crazy, dontcha think?!) to pep things up a bit…


I think we have a winner! These pink Karl Lagerfeld x Melissa flats from Spartoo UK are pretty much my dream shoes, you guys. Bright pink? Check! Comfy (they’re made entirely of rubber so they feel so soft and ready to dance in!)? Check! Just a little bit kitsch? They’re wearing giant black sunglasses a la Karl so…Check! You know you’ve found a special pair of shoes when they can throw shade all on their own, right?


Not only do these cuties have the same vibrant colour as bubblegum, but they smell like bubblegum too! That might sound a bit bizarre but (hopefully!) anyone that’s ever owned a pair of shoes by Melissa will know what I mean! Also, since they’re made of rubber it means that a little summer shower isn’t going to ruin them (and in Glasgow, a bit of rain is never too far away!).


I was feeling all kinds of summer ready when I wore this outfit recently, and decided to accessorise with a peach flower crown from one of my latest Crown and Glory subscription boxes, and my new Kate Spade Beware of Sharks clutch. This girl loves a statement bag!


I’m looking forward to spending my summer dressed in denim and bubblegum, wondering if there really IS a cure for the summertime blues.

Have you found yourself dressing in a particular colour more often than usual lately? And what are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

With love, flowers and endless sunny days,