5 Easy Ways to Green It Up

IMG_7859 Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can make a big difference. On a personal level, for example, adding something new into your diet might make you feel more energetic, or switching up your lip colour to fire-engine red on the odd day might make you feel like a total powerhouse (FYI, I’ve tried and can happily say that they worked for me and I felt the benefit on both counts!).

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the day-to-day things that have the power to make a difference on a wider level. The simple actions that can benefit the environment, not to mention support independent businesses. If you’ve been reading here a while, you’ll know by now that I am a huge believer in shopping locally, but something I wanted to spend some time focusing on today is a few easy (and inexpensive!) ways we can all be a little greener.

Some of these things you might be doing already (seriously, that’s how effortless they are!) and others you might decide to start working into your daily routine. Either way, I hope you enjoy this quick n’ easy guide! Here are 5 easy ways to green it up in 2016…

You should totes carry a bag

Sorry, I really couldn’t resist that one! This gal loves an obvious pun, eh? But seriously, I’ve accumulated a LOT of tote bags over the years, so I have no excuse to leave a canvas bag at home.

A reusable tote rolls up into such a teeny-tiny object that it’s super easy to pop into your handbag or pocket, and reduce the need for extra plastic and paper bags while out shopping.

Eat Greener

…and I don’t necessarily mean fill your plate with kale (though you COULD – and if you have any good recipes let me know!). What I’m getting at is eating food that is in season, and avoiding food waste. On average, one fifth of the food that we buy ends up being thrown out, which can easily be avoided with some planning.

Using up leftovers is one way to avoid waste – and I’m constantly finding new recipes over on Pinterest to make sure we use up as much as we can!


Ditch the to-go cups!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love grabbing a coffee while you’re out and about (and with so many amazing indie coffee houses in the city, it’s never been easier – or tastier!). We live in a culture where the disposable to-go cup has become an accessory of choice, which is pretty believable when you think about the number of coffees served per day!

Globally, one million disposable drinks cups are sent to landfill EVERY MINUTE. I don’t know about you, but that stat was enough to make me choke on my mid-morning Americano! I’ve started carrying a reusable KeepCup to enjoy my cup of Joe on the go, and haven’t looked back. As a barista-standard cup, it’s designed to fit under machines and can be washed and re-used again and again.

These boots were made for walkin’

Walking instead of driving or taking public transport has a number of benefits – it can help you de-stress, clear your head and get some exercise. Oh, and it’s free!

Getting out for a walk can also help you re-discover your neighbourhood or find some new hidden gems, so why not be a tourist in your own town? Switching up short journeys to travelling on foot will also help to reduce emissions and damage to the environment.

Support your local thrift store

As well as snapping up a bargain, buying from second-hand shops helps the environment by stopping perfectly wearable items from going to landfill and giving them the chance to be worn and loved again.

One of my favourite outfits from a while back was picked up after a morning’s rummaging at Glad Rags Thrift – and I’ve found many a pretty dress on their rails since then!

It’s also almost that time of year when a lot of us choose to spring clean our homes, so make sure anything you don’t want to hang on to gets dropped off at your local thrift store. And if it’s really not usable any more, a little bit of research will show what recycling schemes are available in your area.

I’ll be doing everything I can to help #greenitup this year, and you can find more information and ideas over on the Greener Scotland site.

Do you have any green tips to share? And are you able to resist a terrible pun better than I can?