Digging for Treasure at Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market

Glasgow VintageGlasgow is no stranger to a vintage market or five – in fact, I’ve been writing about local events like Granny Would Be Proud and Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair almost as long as I have been blogging. If you’re a long-term reader (thank you!), you’ll know I get a huge kick out of rummaging the racks and digging for treasure!

So, when a new market comes along it needs to stand out from the crowd, am I right? Otherwise it might get lost in the sea of thrifting events that are held regularly all over the city.

When I first heard about the Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market back in January, the plans made me sit up and pay attention. And not only that, I made sure to mark the date in my diary so I could go along to the inaugural market day and check it out!

Recently, I headed for the Barras Art and Design centre – an awesome indoor space that I don’t visit as often as I would like – on a Sunday morning to see what the Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market was all about.

Since the market is going to be a monthly event, I thought it might be handy to share a few details about it. Whether you made it along to the first one or not, here are a few reasons to visit on 26th March…

Glasgow Vintage

  1. Interior gems! Yes, the market has plenty of vintage fashion but what REALLY sets the Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market apart is the plethora of homeware and interior bargains that you can browse. From one-off decorative pieces (I was banned from bringing home a certain kitsch pink cat ornament but believe me, I was sorely tempted!) to Habiib’s gorgeous selection of curated 20th Century furniture (pictured above – hubba hubba!), you’ll be kitting out your pad with retro pieces in no time.
  2. Local brands! In amongst the pre-loved and upcycled goodies, the market is also showcasing some emerging homegrown talent. At the last event I spied pop-up pampering for gents from Primo barbers and loved picking up some illustrated paper goodies from Hux Loves Honey. I’m looking forward to seeing who will be appearing at the next event.
  3. Food, glorious food! The BAad centre isn’t just a venue, it’s also home to A’Challtainn – a Scottish seafood restaurant and bar. All that shopping is bound to make you hungry, so why not make a day of it and grab some lunch too? If seafood isn’t your bag, you can find lots of other options close by. After we cruised the market last month, we headed over to Drygate for a bite to eat; just a hop, skip and a jump away!

Bonus tip: even though I haven’t officially listed it, it would be wrong to tell you about the Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market and not casually mention all of the cute dogs in attendance! So, if you love pooches, you’re going to have a field day (I know I did).

Sound good? The next Glasgow Vintage & Flea Market takes place at BAaD (54 Calton Entry) on Sunday 26th March. Be sure to keep up to date with the market and their upcoming events over on Facebook.

Do you love digging for vintage treasure? What about cooing over adorable pups?



A Vintage-inspired Day on the Town


There are some traditions that are so good, you keep them up forever. When I was little, my mum used to take me to see a pantomime around Christmas, and it was always such a special time of year that I looked forward to. A day out in the city with a nip in the air and all of the Christmas decorations lighting up the streets just feels more magical somehow!


Now that I’m a bit (ahem!) older, it’s a tradition that I still like to keep up. As well as all the fun of the pantomime (which is a tradition in itself – panto shows have been going strong for 300 years now!), it’s also a good excuse to get all dressed up and go out for some dinner before the performance. Not that I need an excuse…


In honour of vintage shows and, of course, the traditional theatre buildings themselves echoing a bygone era, I decided to go for a retro look on our recent trip to the pantomime!


As well as keeping my bangs and length in check, I can always rely on the babes at BLOW to coif my hair into something awesome for a special occasion. A wash, a blow dry and some vintage-inspired waves later, I was feeling flapper-girl fabulous (and I was in and out in an hour – how’s that for service?!).


Some of you might remember Love Ur Look from when I twirled my way around Cabana Bay resort last summer in one of their pink 1950s throwback frocks. For my day out, I wore another one of their dresses – the Blue Apple Shirt Dress. This piece is a lot better suited to this time of year – it looks great with or without tights and the longer sleeves and thicker material feel nice and cosy.

I love the cut of this dress – the exaggerated shape of the nipped in waist and flared skirt feel very feminine and it’s so easy to wear. It was the perfect accompaniment to my vintage waves and I’m looking forward to seeing how I can style it again in Spring… something tells me maybe with a cute cardigan and fruit-inspired accessories.


The little cream Knightsbridge bag is from Marc B’s latest collection. The quilted design makes it feel pretty timeless, so it’s ideal for accessorising all fashion decades!

Finally, I took inspiration from all of my old-school silver screen heroines and kept warm in a faux fur jacket. I’m not sure if Marilyn would have worn a marshmallow-pink fur to a Hollywood party, but to be fair she didn’t have a TK Maxx back then, right? If you’ve been catching my Instagram posts lately, you’ll probably recognise this jacket – it’s been a hot favourite of mine this season.


Getting dolled up is half the fun of going out if you ask me, and I just loved going for a vintage-inspired look to celebrate one of my favourite traditions. Oh, and the pantomime was brilliant (Cinderella at The King’s, if you’re wondering!) – I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Do you have any traditions that you like to keep up? Have you tried a retro look lately?




Thanks to BLOW and Love Ur Look for helping me bring my vintage-inspired style to life!

5 Places to Visit in Finnieston


One of the things I love most about Glasgow is that there are so many neighbourhoods jam-packed with things to see and do. The kind of areas you could easily spend an afternoon in, on any day of the week, and not get bored.

Finnieston is one of those neighbourhoods. Filled with independent businesses and just a hop, skip and a jump from the river, it’s the perfect place to get lost in for a little while (not LITERALLY, of course – it is pretty much a straight line!).

Today I’m sharing five places to visit in Finnieston, so feel free to bookmark this if you need inspiration for your next day off (or your next trip to Glasgow if you’re from out of town!)…

The Lunch Spot

If there’s one thing Finnieston isn’t short of, it’s places to grab a bite to eat. From light bites at Piece to slap-up meals at The Gannet, there’s really something for everyone. Lately though, my lunchtime hankerings just can’t get enough of Seb & Mili, an awesome cafe and bakery at 1122 Argyle Street. Once you get over the glorious smell of just-out-the-oven bread (if that’s at all possible), you can order from a delicious menu of sandwiches, salads and brunch items.

My absolute favourite lunch dish here is the watermelon, feta & mint salad with a freshly-baked brioche muffin on the side (or maybe it’s the other way around…?). Also worth noting: Seb & Mili can fix you up with a picnic of goodies if you’re hitting the park for the day – well, it IS just around the corner!


Digging for Treasure 

For me, a day out in most areas means sniffing out a good vintage shop to dig around, and Bunker 1026 is one of Finnieston’s finest for upcycled furniture and antique homeware.

You’ll find everything from recliners to record players in this gem of a store on – you guessed it – Argyle Street (told you it was practically a straight line!). Happy hunting!

The Hair Paradise

This surely isn’t the first time you’ve found me talking about #BLOW’s Finnieston salon, and with a brand new Shawlands branch flinging open its doors last Saturday, this Glasgow-born company just keeps going from strength to strength. If you’re in the area and looking to get pampered or brave a bold restyle, you’ve found the right place.

As well as creative colour work and the bounciest blowdrys around, #BLOW are also known for their uber-stylish decor. Next time you’re cruising along Argyle Street be sure to check out their Clueless-themed window display by I’ll Be Your Mirror, it’s way existential.


The Stylish Showroom 

Keep walking up the street and you’ll find IOLLA, a contemporary glasses company dedicated to changing the way we shop for spectacles. You can find a whole list of reasons to pay this lovely team a visit here, but trust me when I say you WILL fall in love with their frames!

I don’t wear glasses myself, but IOLLA have enough pairs of gorgeous sunnies to keep me coming back for more. Plus, they have so many selfie props and mirrors in the showroom that you’ll stop playing coy and start to play dress up in no time.


The Sweetest Treats 

Does it get any better than doughnuts and coffee? Well, how about small-batch doughnuts in a dreamy selection of seasonal flavours (pistachio and hibiscus, anyone?) and locally brewed coffee? Oh yeah.

Tantrum Doughnuts finally opened their own place at Christmas time last year after their number of insanely popular pop-up events had foodies all over Glasgow going ga-ga for their gooey treats. You can find them at 35 Old Dumbarton Road making their doughnuts fresh on the premises and generally being awesome (THAT BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE THOUGH!).

So there you have it! Five of my current favourite places to visit in Finnieston and do you know what the best part is? They’re all local indie businesses doing things their own way and showing others that it can be done!

Have you spent an afternoon in Finnieston? Where are your favourite places to visit?

With love, swishy hair and a full tummy,