Why It’s OK to Take Time Out (Really!)


Last Wednesday was the busiest day I’ve had in a long time. I whizzed around like a living, breathing version of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon, skipping lunch to cram in as much as I possibly could with every passing hour. Phew!

Do you ever have days like that?

I was so grateful that at the end of all the running around, I trotted onto a train with my beau and headed north to the country for a few days to do a whole lotta nothin’! Getting away to the peace and quiet was utter bliss, and it’s amazing what a difference a little downtime makes. Not that you need to travel to a different location to relax of course, but our trip got me thinking about rest and revival in general – and why it’s OK to take time out and hit that reset button!

We live in the age of multi-tasking, of trying to spin all of the plates and achieve our dreams. It’s a positive and exciting time, and I love seeing so much energy and enthusiasm all around me! But ‘relaxation’ is not a dirty word my friends – I found that I felt much more focused and at ease after a few days off.

Here’s what I did…


I Got Outside

Walks in the fresh air, taking in the incredible scenery and feeding the ducks – I don’t spend entire days outside too often so when I do it really is a simple pleasure! Finding places where the only sound is the wind does something special to the soul, I swear.

I Switched Off 

So much of our time is spent absorbing what other people are doing, saying, wearing…is it any wonder that we find it difficult to pull away from that and just focus on ourselves a little bit? While I was away I was happy to do just that.


I Pampered Myself 

Before we headed into the wilderness, I made sure to pack some LUSH treats so that I could indulge in long, lazy baths. I also gave my hair some TLC with this OSMO Effects Detoxify shampoo. After the festive party season ended, it’s been a godsend and helped to strengthen and soften my poor locks!

I Enjoyed the Little Things

A hot drink and reading a magazine or two from cover to cover – it’s not the most active way to spend a couple of hours, but it felt good!

I Felt Inspired

I stopped thinking and just enjoyed being where I was. My mind was clear and refreshed, and soon thoughts and ideas came flooding through. Proof that inspiration will strike when you’re least expecting it!

The bottom line is, feeling overworked and overwhelmed can happen to us all – especially when we try to do so much. What’s important is taking time to revive yourself too – it’s much better to go forth and kick ass on a full tank, am I right?! I am definitely going to take time out more often – especially since all of the above can be done at home just as easily (even visiting the ducks!).

How often do you take time out? What’s your favourite way to hit your reset button?

Feeling refreshed and raring to go,

Miss West End Girl x


Friday Hi-Fives: Something Magical About Snow


It’s snowing! As I write today’s hi-fives, I’m sitting by my window and huge white clumps of fluffy snow are falling past, silently hitting the ground outside. I think there is something magical about snow – it stops people in their tracks and encourages a sense of delight that never quite leaves us after childhood, don’t you think?

The city in this weather is also beautiful – the buildings look dusted with icing sugar and the warm glow of the coffee shops look even more enticing than usual. I hope this snowy break lasts a little while…

So, how has your week been? Mine seems to have gone by in a flash! I mean that in the best way possible! During all that whizzing around I squeezed in a couple of awesome dinners – at the start of the week it was off to Dumping Monkey on Dumbarton Road for round two (I don’t mean to be obvious, but the dumplings are AMAZING!) and it was just as yummy as the first time. Last night Gary and I hit The Raven for some barbecue delights – we ate our body weight in slow-cooked meats and sweet potato fries and loved every minute!

Now as we head into the weekend, let’s wrap up warm and celebrate this week’s hi-fives:

Link Love

The Godiva girls give us the lowdown on caring for vintage threads

I can’t get enough of this outfit post by Kristina. Best EVER!

All of Ladybird Likes’ Say Something Nice collection is perfection but this necklace is like my mantra on a pink banner!

Judith shares her day of crafting and how she made a cute DIY cake stand

26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks – making life easier, one hairstyle at a time


Also Making Me Smile

Hangs and girly chatter at Citizen M

Rainbow popcorn candy chip cookies

Putting pictures up on the walls – finally!

Mittens with faces on them

“Hey everyone…” Prince at the Golden Globes looking like a space age icon, hooray!


Whether you throw on your wellies and go prancin’ in the snow, or decide to stay cosied up this weekend, have a wonderful time! Tell me – who and what gets you hi-fiving today?

Super love,

Miss West End Girl x



The Rainy Day List: 10 Things to Do When the Weather Sucks!

Rainy Day 2

Over the last few weeks, have you got out of bed, walked over to the window and sighed? Maybe even shook your head? Or even found yourself exclaiming “Oh COME ON, weather!”? I wouldn’t blame you for a moment if you did all of the above at some point lately!

Hearing the wind howl and the rain batter off of the windows morning after morning is enough to make most people run for cover and I’ve certainly thought twice about leaving the house while the storms rage on. This has to be the most wet, wild January I can remember for a long time and it got me thinking about fun, productive ways to spend a rainy day.

With this in mind, today I’m sharing 10 things to do when the weather sucks! This is a list you can refer to all year around when a stormy day has foiled your plans and you just want to hang out at home – let’s dive right in…

1. Invent a new smoothie

Grab whatever fruit and veggies you have to hand and give ’em a whizz! You might just create a delicious concoction that you decide you can’t live without!

2. Clear out your wardrobe

Has it been a long time coming? Rifle through your racks and channel your inner Monica Geller! Having an organised, clear space is much better for coming up with outfit ideas and your local thrift shop will be happy to take your unwanted items off your hands later.

3. Re-read your favourite book

Snuggle under the duvet with a mug of hot chocolate and revisit the pages of your favourite book. I’ve found that some of my favourites are even better the third or fourth time around…

4. Give yourself a fly manicure or pedicure

There’s nothing like a little pampering to take your mind off the awful weather and help you relax, and hanging out at home gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment with some fun nail art too.

Rainy Day 1

5. Write a letter

You could write a note to a friend letting them know how awesome they are – talk about sunshine on a rainy day! Or, you could write a letter to your future self – seal it in an envelope and open it again in ten years time!

6. Watch a musical and sing along – LOUD!

This one is something that I enjoy doing whether it’s raining or not, but it has increased spirit-lifting properties when it’s totally miserable outside! Singin’ In The Rain, anyone?

7. Teach yourself a cute vintage hairstyle

With a little help from YouTube and some time in front of the mirror, perfect those pincurls you’ve always been meaning to get around to. It’s always fun to learn something new and you’ll have a new ‘do to try out when it stops raining.

8. Have an indoor picnic

If there are two (or more!) of you, make some snacks and sandwiches and enjoy them together. For the full ‘picnic’ experience, sit on a blanket and talk for hours – you won’t even need to worry about ants!

9. Be a DIY fashionista

You could customise something you’ve fallen out of love with and bring it back to life, or create something from scratch like this easy-peasy vintage-inspired fascinator. Let your creative (and stylish!) self run wild!

10. Make an amazing playlist

I love coming up with themed playlists for just about everything – I think it’s high time I made one to beat the bad weather blues, will you join me?

I hope you’ll give some of these activities a go the next time you’re spending a rainy day at home! Remember – just because the weather sucks doesn’t mean your day has to! If you have any other suggestions to add to the list don’t forget to let me know…

I’m laughing at clouds, 

Miss West End Girl x