Self Care Sessions: Setting Challenges at The Color Run


In my Self Care Sessions, you’ll find me sharing the ways that I’ve been investing time and care in myself, just in case any of you guys have been feeling the pressure and are looking for ways to balance things a bit better too! You can check out my last post here!

There’s a lot to be said about setting personal goals – challenging yourself in a positive and healthy way. Some people try to read a certain number of books within the year, whereas others decide they want to learn how to bake. Above all, it’s about deciding to do something, anything you choose, and seeing it through!

At the start of the year I signed up to take part in The Color Run, also known as ‘the world’s happiest 5K. Now, full (unsurprising!) disclosure: I am not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination but I have been taking steps to be more active and, seeing as The Color Run involves running (or dancing, or skipping or moving in any manner you like, really!) through the city while being pelted with a rainbow of powder paint, I felt like it would be an enjoyable way to set myself a new goal.


The Color Run is all about promoting positivity and not taking things too seriously, which made it sound like the right 5K for me!

So, after signing up, a few months passed and I kind of forgot all about it. It wasn’t until the runner’s pack arrived on my doorstep that I suddenly remembered: Girl, you’ve got a 5K in two weeks.You best get reacquainted with that treadmill!  

I’d asked Elaine to come and run with me and, with my gal pal Kate signing up to the event a little while after that, I felt even more motivated to be participating as part of a team.

As well as taking place in Glasgow, The Color Run events visit cities around the world. Looking on Instagram, I could see that the Brisbane run was happening on the same day as ours – search #thecolorrun if you’re curious!


I thought that getting up early on a Sunday to go and exercise was going to be tough but, the truth is, I bounced out of bed and couldn’t wait to see the girls before travelling to the start line. On arrival, we headed to the warm up area, where there were lots of excited faces and activities taking place with the event’s sponsors. 4000 people had turned up to run and the atmosphere was amazing.

One of the events themes was Tropicolor, with giant inflatable pineapples, hawaiian skirts and fruity puns a-plenty. I put my sweatband on and got into the sporty spirit right away. Eat your heart out, Mr Motivator…


We set off and decided to dance our way through each zone. By the time we reached Merchant City, there were crowds of encouraging passers-by giving us a big wave and a thumbs-up.

The route of the 5K was a great snapshot of the city – starting along the River Clyde before heading up through the city centre, Merchant City and the Saltmarket. Every so often we travelled through designated Colour Zones where we were covered in powder paint before continuing on our route.

I love that it did not feel like a competitive race – it was more about having fun and getting a bit messy. OK, a LOT messy! And after we crossed the finish line, it was time to celebrate at the after party.


This was one of my favourite parts of the whole day as everyone was in really good spirits. At 15 minute intervals there was a massive countdown before a ‘colour drop’ – where a rainbow of coloured power was launched into the air and floated down onto the crowd as we danced. Sunday funday at its best!

As well as having a ton of fun, I was really proud of myself for completing the 5K and sticking to my guns with this one. It would have been easy to switch off my alarm and roll over, but I felt really positive about setting a challenge and pushing myself to try something new. I’d definitely sign up for The Color Run again – maybe I’ll see you there?

With running shoes and yellows, pinks and blues…



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  1. You look awesome and you did so well!
    I loved doing the Colour Me Rad 5K last year, although it rained and didn’t look quite as colourful and impressive as you did afterwards, we were more a sludgy mess.

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