From Dumbo to Bambi: Trying My First Ever Lash Lift


There are some beauty treatments that are flash-in-the pan fads – a must-try for everyone for a few months until they are swiftly forgotten about. Remember THOSE weird fish tank pedicures? Exactly.

Others though, have much more staying power, and it’s usually because they seem a lot more reasonable AND the results tend to speak for themselves. Lash lifts are a perfect example of the latter, and have quickly become one of the most popular ways in which we choose to treat ourselves in the last couple of years.

I am someone with long, but poker straight eyelashes – “like an elephant”, one MUA explained…helpfully. And hey, I like to think that I’m at least a cute Disney-esque elephant, like Dumbo. So, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit curious to see how a lash lift might look on me.

When I found out that Melissa, the girlboss behind The Beauty Business and in-house beauty therapist at Pixie Hair & Beauty offered Elleebana lash lift treatments (designed to curl the lashes semi-permanently) I was keen to arrange an appointment and see what all the fuss was about.

lash lift

 Could my lashes REALLY go from Dumbo to Bambi? There was only one way to find out…

Some of you might already be aware of Pixie Hair & Beauty, or you may remember them from the time I got my makeup done at the salon (see more about that here!). The Beauty Business within Pixie offers a wide range of treatments, but  their most popular is currently the eyelash lift.

Why so popular? I asked at my pre-treatment patch test (which comes as standard, FYI). Melissa explained that it’s all down to the results, which open up the eyes and leave lashes curled and all a-flutter. For a gallery of amazing before-and-after shots, head over to @thebeautybusinessglasgow Instagram page!

A week later, I arrived for my appointment, which took place in a serene little room, away from the buzz of the salon floor. So, what does the treatment actually involve, then? Well, first off I have to report how little effort was required on my end – in fact all that I needed to do was lie down and close my eyes!

A solution is applied to the eyelashes which adds length, volume, curl and dimension and then a complimentary tint is applied for further definition. There’s no glue or extensions involved – no muss, no fuss (also, no pain or discomfort I might add)! This is all about making your natural lashes stand out on their own without adding falsies.

As an animated speaker, the hardest part for me was probably staying still for long enough when it was required (whoops!).

lash lift

So just under an hour later I was good to go, with some top aftercare advice from Melissa. Avoid getting my lashes wet for the first day, and whatever you do, DON’T feed them after midnight! OK, I made that last bit up, but you really do need to keep them dry for a wee while so that the solution can work its final piece of magic and continue to fan out the lashes.

I am completely in love with the result, and definitely feel more like Bambi than Dumbo now! The £35 treatment lasts up to ten weeks, and it’s been just over 3 weeks since my appointment. My favourite part is when people ask me about the mascara they think I’m wearing, but the truth is I’ve not had to wear any! I think I’ve worn mascara twice since the treatment, as my eyelashes already have the volume and curl that I’d be after. Also, I feel like my eyes look more ‘awake’ overall if you know what I mean?

Having now tried a lash lift for myself, I can honestly say that I believe the hype. This treatment is a game changer and I’ve genuinely been raving about  it to anyone I’ve met up with in the last few weeks! If you’re looking to give your eyelashes a little va-va-voom, this is worth checking out and Melissa at The Beauty Business is just the gal for the job. Knowledgeable, experienced and friendly, shel sure knows her way around a set of peepers!

I’m already thinking about booking a second appointment after this set wears off – just in time for Christmas parties.

Have you ever tried a lash lift? Do your eyelashes remind you of a Disney character?




First image by Blue Waves Prints on Etsy 


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