Veganuary in Glasgow: The Places to Check Out

veganuary in glasgow

A new year gives everyone the chance to try new things and keep an open mind so, when the subject of Veganuary started popping up on my social media feeds about a month ago, I was happy to see that it had started to gather a lot of excitement. As a lot of you will know, I went meat-free nearly two years ago (check out my Veggie Diaries blog series for more on that!) and, even though I am not strictly vegan, a lot of the food that I eat is.

But what is Veganuary? By going vegan for the month of January (see what they did there?), a lot of people are challenging themselves to live a cruelty-free lifestyle and eat plant-based meals for the month. There are many reasons for people to try it out – it could be to see if they find any health or nutritional benefits, it could be to to reduce animal and environmental impacts, or it might be part of a wider new year’s resolution.

Whatever the reason. thousands of people have decided to give Veganuary a go and of course the main topic of conversation is food! Specifically, what to eat and where to eat.

The ‘what to eat’ part is easy, as thanks to countless cookbooks and Pinterest it really couldn’t be easier to pick out something to make at home. As for ‘where to eat’, there are actually a lot of places in Glasgow that cater to a vegan diet. In fact, we seem to be spoiled for choice these days! I thought that it might be handy to give you guys a quick shortlist of where to grab something yummy if you’re out on the town and sticking to your Veganuary challenge…

Saramago Cafe Bar at CCA

Where: Sauchiehall Street

Must-try dish: The beetroot & portobello mushroom bourguignon served with olive oil mash and french beans. Bon appetit! 

veganuary in glasgow


Where: Ingram Street

Must-try dish: The freshly-made salads, which can vary slightly from day to day but are always packed with tasty ingredients like miso courgette zoodles, carrot, pesto pasta and sesame. Like having a rainbow on your plate!


Where: Renfield Lane

Must-try dish: It’s a tie! I highly recommend The Old Italian sandwich on foccacia AND the cashew & cauliflower cheese gnocchi.


Where: Kings Court

Must-try dish: For me, it really doesn’t get any better than the beetroot & kale pizza – the garlic ‘cheese’ swirled on top is super creamy and the sun-blushed tomatoes, dill, capers and red onion pack a punch.

These are just a few of the cafes and bars in Glasgow offering awesome vegan options – though I must admit that they are my current favourites! Whether you’re trying Veganuary on for size or if you just love good food, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy them.

What are some of your favourite meat-free meals? Are you trying anything new this January?

Here’s to new challenges and ALWAYS leaving room for dessert…


(Both photos from my Instagram page)


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